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FHWA Awards Transtec HIPERPAY Project.

FHWA awarded Transtec a research project to extend the abilities of HIPERPAV. HIPERPAV will soon be able to predict the long-term performance of jointed concrete pavements based on early-age behavior conditions and traffic loading. The project also includes adding a continuously reinforced concrete pavement module.

HIPERPAV is a Windows(r)-based computer program that provides guidance on the design and construction of concrete pavement. Transtec originally developed HIPERPAV while working on a previous project to address potential problems that occur during the first several days after concrete placement and that affect the long-term performance of concrete paving projects.

In this new project, a new technical advisory panel consisting of experts in the design and construction of concrete pavements will be selected to provide guidance during development and implementation.
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Publication:Public Roads
Date:Sep 1, 2000
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