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FFP's new print investment.

FFP is adding to an already impressive portfolio of flexographic presses with a brand new 8-colour Windmoeller and Hoelscher MIraflex. The multi-million pound investment also includes a complete solvent distillation plant, allowing FFP to offer the flexibility and responsiveness that their customers expect while reducing solvent usage and environmental impact.

The impetus for the new investment has come from increased market demand. In uncertain economic times, companies have recognised the importance of guaranteeing continuity of supply by purchasing from well-established and reliable suppliers, and FFP has been able to win substantial new business with a number of major food brands. The new press will allow FFP to continue to offer customers the excellent print quality and flexibility that they have come to expect while at the same time giving FFP room for further sales expansion.

The Miraflex press as specified by FFP includes a range of advanced features, including automatic wash-up, ink viscosity control, impression and register setting, all of which lead to quick and efficient set up and changeover. The extensive use of carbon fibre leads to the lightness and rigidity needed for consistent, high quality print. FFP have even specified a 42" video monitor so that the full width of the print web can be checked simultaneously.

As part of FFP's investment, new solvent distillation equipment means that 90% of the solvent used in the print process is regenerated to be used again; supporting FFP's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and building on the environmental standard ISO 14001 achieved earlier this year.

Contact FFP Packaging Solutions on tel 01604 798600 or visit

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The new SL 90 rotary modular labeller is equipped with modules for applying pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels or cold-glue labels on all kinds of packaging, both round and irregularly shaped, with fast changeover times and great freedom in layout design.

What makes the SL 90 such a unique machine on the market is its core: the carousel and the parts involved in transferring the containers (starwheels and screw feed) have no gears and no contact The highly innovative aspect lies in the fact that the drive requires almost no maintenance and normal wear due to contact between drive gears is completely eliminated. This is possible thanks to linear motor drive technology and direct motor drives.

For machine access and cleaning the procedures are fast and simple and the Sidel pneumatically-assisted guards can open independently. Moreover, the SL 90's hygienic design makes it particularly suitable for labelling sensitive products, such as beer.

The SL 90 is ideal for highspeed and very high-speed production and can label up to 60,000 bph (both self-adhesive and cold-glue labels).

High performances are also guaranteed by the high degree of automation both at central level and in the peripheral modules.

Its performance has been optimized thanks to the use of the above mentioned direct motor drives which minimize energy consumption. The highly ergonomic design and easy access drastically reduce cleaning and maintenance times.

Contact Sidel on tel +33 232 858048 or visit

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