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Rise & gall; Taoiseach paves way for ministers to take [euro]2k rise. Sep 25, 2020 420
Ireland's [euro]885m lottery punt; Hopefuls splurge fortune on draws & scratch cards. Sep 24, 2020 336
Jobs forecast looking bright; Met Eireann bid for EU hub move. Sep 23, 2020 239
SF vow to build 20,000 homes; [euro]2.8bn housing plans unveiled. Sep 22, 2020 361
Leo: It's 3-DAY; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: ON THE CUSP OF FURTHER RESTRICTIONS Dublin on brink of new lockdown... Kids'sport & gatherings to be culled... Now other counties are on high alert. Sep 17, 2020 1104
Mums bring bully battle to the Dail; TDs moved as appeal made for law to fight cyber thugs. Sep 17, 2020 513
GANGLAND BOSSES TO FACE LIFE IN JAIL FOR ORDERING HITS; Justice Minister to bring in new law over murder plots. Sep 17, 2020 597
It's chaos & confusion; coronavirus pandemic: drama IN THE DAIL AS PLAN IS LAUNCHED; Cabinet restricted after Health Minister becomes ill >>>>Opposition hits out at 5-level lockdown proposal. Sep 16, 2020 1348
Capital punishment; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FRESH BLOW FOR SUFFERING PUBLICANS; Dublin bars told they can't open next week; City'ssoaring infection rates forces measure. Sep 15, 2020 555
CLASS ACTS; Harris praises pupils after 'rotten' final year 54,000 students get offer in CAO first round. Sep 12, 2020 759
FRIDAY 11.09.2020 See EU in court; European leaders threaten to sue UK over Agreement Bill. Sep 11, 2020 394
Residents of nursing homes 'afraid and isolated'. Sep 11, 2020 166
KNOCKED D BACK; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FEARS FRIDAY 11.09.2020 OVER THE REOPENING OF PUBS Health chiefs concerned over rising infections Nervous wait for publicans as decision delayed. Sep 11, 2020 777
Insurance price RIP-OFFS; Call for State to clamp down on firms overcharging customers. Sep 10, 2020 425
Harris called 'emeritus health minister' in Donnelly jibe. Sep 10, 2020 178
LEYEN DOWN THE LAW; EU chief not satisfied with Hogan's account Trade boss future inbalance after scandal. Aug 25, 2020 862
Government in the rough; SENIOR POLITICIANS ACCUSED OFhypocrisy after 'golfgate'>>>>Taoiseach slams EU chief Hogan's reply >>>>Covid rule breaking event sparks anger from Martinto the scandal. Aug 22, 2020 878
TOTALLY BUNKERS; 6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR SATURDAY 22.08.2020 CORONAVIRUS GOLFGATE: INSIDE the infamous vip night out SATURDAY 22.08.2020 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 7>>>>Ministers, senators and judges tucked into posh grub>>>>Members facing anger for breaking Covid rules House Hotel in Clifden. Aug 22, 2020 641
Government in the rough; IRISH POLITICIANS ACCUSED OF HYPOCRISY AFTER 'GOLFGATE'; Taoiseach slams EU chief Hogan's reply to the scandal; Covid rule breaking event sparks anger in Republic. Aug 22, 2020 879
TAKE MORE CARE; Call for changes at homes Reforms needed in sector Minister backs guidance. Aug 20, 2020 624
A PUBLIC WARNING; Bars receive a lifeline.. but further measures in place New rules in play after 3-hour Cabinet meeting Gardai given powers to shut down businesses. Aug 19, 2020 947
Minister 'missing' over crisis. Aug 19, 2020 296
[euro]5million gone with the wind.. State blamed for wasting taxpayer cash over EU fine. Aug 18, 2020 456
40 MEAT WORKERS LIVING IN ONE HOME; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FEARS>>Dail committee's told of shock staff conditions>>Carpooling & sharing beds rife within industry. Aug 14, 2020 802
THE [euro]17M DOGS; Robbie and canine crew nose how to fight crime. Aug 13, 2020 323
Minister slammed for not banning 'bonkers' co-living; Fianna Fail's O'Brien railed against idea in Opposition ROLE O'Brien. Aug 12, 2020 298
No mercy FOR Midlands; coronavirus pandemic.: RECENT SURGES LEAD TO DRASTIC MOVES>>Martin announces three-county lockdown >>>>Move needed to fight 'merciless' bug. Aug 8, 2020 716
You're just winging it; coronavirus pandemic: sinn fein slams green list farce >>Handling of 'reckless' policy cack-handed claims Mary Lou >>Confusion as Martin says Govt advice still not to travel. Jul 23, 2020 693
TDs salute tragic smear test blunder victim Ruth. Jul 22, 2020 180
Green list snub to visitors from US and Britain. Jul 18, 2020 272
Missed cancer checks alarm. Jul 18, 2020 303
Minister extends eviction ban and rent freeze; ..but SF say it's a 'shambles' & call for more clarity. Jul 17, 2020 412
[euro]3.2m Seanad bill ..for 6 days' work; Senators claim travel & room costs >>>>But lockdown hit commute and hotels. Jul 13, 2020 591
Luas [euro]2.5k for no face mask; Six months in jail or hefty fine for failing to co-operate>>Confusion over who will police issue on bus and rail. Jul 11, 2020 523
A CONFLICT O OF INTEREST; Profiteer' banks slammed over virus mortgage breaks>>Taoiseach says he'll haul in finance chiefs on rip-off row. Jul 9, 2020 548
kelly's heroes; Labour leader and his team ready for positive opposition. Jul 8, 2020 402
Donnelly is appy with downloads. Jul 8, 2020 367
I can bar you from opening; Taoiseach's warning after 'worrying' scenes at weekend; July 20 date 'under review' reveals minister. Jul 7, 2020 546
HOLS ON HOLD; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: MAJOR BLOW FOR TOURISM TRADE; Foreigntravel ban is extended until July 20; Publication of safe countries list postponed. Jul 7, 2020 744
Bankers deceived ministers over Covid mortgage interest.. Sinn Fein hits out at extra charges. Jul 7, 2020 373
SCHOOLS NOT OUT; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: MARTIN VOWS EDUCATION A TOP PRIORITY; Taoiseach pledges to get ALL kids back in September; Union warns it won't be safe for teachers or pupils. Jul 3, 2020 735
Mary Lou's crew; SF leader unveils reshuffled frontbench with aim of 'holding the Government to account'. Jul 3, 2020 409
439,000 to register for job benefits by July 13. Jul 2, 2020 290
NOT WEST PLEASED II; Leaders fail to fill rural deficit in the carve-up of junior minister jobs. Jul 2, 2020 651
Don't show your nose in Mayo, Micheal; TAOISEACH WARNED OVER SNUB 'Ridiculous' omission of deputy Calleary angers Fianna Fail TDs. Jun 30, 2020 487
Deal gets thumbs up >> >> SATURDAY 27.06.2020 FIANNA FAIL, FINE GAEL AND SATURDAY 27.06.2020 GREENS FORM GOVERNMENT>>Martin set to be elected new Taoiseach>>Grassroots of three parties back coalition. Jun 27, 2020 1055
Green Party phone canvas bids boost for Government. Jun 26, 2020 227
Give deal the Green light; Leader urges his divided party members to back agreement. Jun 25, 2020 776
SICKENING SCANDAL.. Ireland has world's highest infection rate for health staff Union leader tells Dail panel colleagues feeling 'abandoned'. Jun 24, 2020 623
TAKE OFF; Taoiseach to scrap quarantine for countries with low Covid-19 rates Taskforce says ditch traveller quarantine now. Jun 24, 2020 371
Leaders get it over the line.. PARTIES ON THE VERGE OF DEAL FOR COALITION GOVERNMENT Agreement in place 4 months after the election Members still to have their say and may vote against it Sinn Fein blasts move as not what the public wants. Jun 15, 2020 872
School back BYEND of August; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: BOOST AS IRISH PUPILS SET TO RETURN>>Varadkar wants all kids in class despite distancing rules>>But McHugh says guidelines would restrict levels of children. Jun 13, 2020 714
Virus won't bug off for at least another 3 years; TDs told of seasonal illness.. but we will not need more lockdowns>>WHO envoy in masks appeal as eight further deaths take toll to 1,703. Jun 12, 2020 757
This is going to take a great deal of time; Coalition talks close to agreement.. but work still to be done. Jun 11, 2020 941
Get 2 families to share a house.. put some bunk beds in the sitting room.. 2 sets in each bedroom.. charge [euro]100 for a dog.. Kerching! LANDLORDS CHIEF ON HOW TO MAKE [euro]5,000 A MONTHFury over Doyle's TikTok video. Jun 10, 2020 511
CLOSING IN ON A DEAL.. Agreement is looking likely by end of week. Jun 10, 2020 367
THE ONLY WAY IS SUP; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: ROAD TO NORMALITY GETS SHORTER>>Pubs that serve food get go-ahead to open on June 29>>Rest of country's bars can welcome punters 3wks later. Jun 6, 2020 784
Racism is not only in the US, we have it here too... Leo urges solidarity in emotional Dail speech. Jun 5, 2020 298
PARTIES CLOSE IN ON DEAL TO RUN IRELAND; But Friday deadline set to be missed. Jun 4, 2020 158
NO HOLS THIS YEAR; Public urged to follow Government advice but TDs slam cautious approach for getting back to normality. Jun 3, 2020 575
Ross to tell all in new book for Xmas; Controversial ousted TD signs publishing deal. Jun 1, 2020 476
WE'RE BACK TO SCHOOL IN AUGUST; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: LEO GETS PUPILS LEARNING AGAINTaoiseach says return will be on a phased basis. May 30, 2020 822
SF's [euro]230k Dublin homes plan. May 30, 2020 213
Covid cash slash fears; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: DEALING WITH AFTERMATH OF LOCKDOWN Taoiseach's 'set to cut the C-19 payment' Labour TD claims no fund in budget plan. May 28, 2020 731
Staying the distance; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: BATTLE ON THE EASING OF RESTRICTIONS Two-metre gap must remain says top medical officer Ministers press for a reduction to boost businesses. May 28, 2020 537
THREE-YEAR RECESSION ON THE WAY; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FEARS OF IMPACT ON FRAGILE ECONOMY>>Concern over rising debt>>Financial 'distress' worry. May 27, 2020 638
LEADER OF GREENS IS EAMON TO BE NEXT TANAISTE; Ryan says No2 job is role he'd consider. May 26, 2020 484
Abandoned & isolated.. Boss to tell Dail of 'dismay'>>HSE blasted over protection. May 26, 2020 560
HOL OVER FOR NOW; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: HARRIS RULES OUT SUMMER TRIPS AWAY Foreign travel is 'highly unlikely for health reasons' Flyers face a [euro]2.5k fine for dodging tracking form Ryanair chief executive ridicules the new measures. May 23, 2020 752
STU CAN'T SUE THEM; Government signs off on preventing Leaving Cert legal action against staff. May 22, 2020 575
BILLION [euro]30 to gather things and go yesterday BLACK HOLE; coronavirus pandemic: fears on cost to ireland's economy>>Donohoe warns Dail panel increase in deficit 'inevitable'>>Emergency benefits are 'unaffordable in long term'. May 21, 2020 593
GREEN STALK; Deputy 'considers' bid to oust Ryan from the party leadership. May 21, 2020 506
Harris signs ban on menthol cigarettes; Minister urges smokers to quit. May 20, 2020 304
HERO HSE WORKERS IN LINE OF FIRE; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: DOCS & NURSES FACE ACUTE DANGERS>>Frontline staff make up 31.5% of all infections>>But Holohan tells Dail panel cases are down. May 20, 2020 855
Talks back on after poll spat; FF and FG focus on coalition govt. May 19, 2020 241
MAGIC gives MONDAY; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: PHASEone gets green light>>Leo reveals start of lifting the lockdown>>Face masks advised when out in public>>But Health Minister warns to stay alert. May 16, 2020 966
BLOOD SUCKERS; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FURY AS FINANCE FIRMS TO MAKE A KILLING >>Fatcat bankers set for a [euro]200m return in mortgage breaks >>>>Sinn Fein's Doherty blasts Taoiseach for praising profiteering. May 15, 2020 636
LEO MILKERS JIBE LEAVES SOUR TASTE; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: ANGER OVER TAOISEACH'S COMMENTS; People 'making more' not working; Plan to cut Covid unemployment pay; SF hit back at Varadkar 'pot shots'. May 14, 2020 906
[euro]9.2m-a-year State spend to help stub out smoking; Vaping 'gets people to quit for less'. May 12, 2020 389
Coalition talks to continue next week. May 9, 2020 177
Leaving it up to the students; Pupils can take teacher grades or sit exams. May 9, 2020 449
PAYMENT PROMISE; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: state pledges to support workers [euro]350-a-week scheme will remain 'until staff are back' Country 'going in the right direction' as curve flattens. May 8, 2020 635
Talks begin to reach deal on coalition government. May 8, 2020 190
Leo gaffe over SF's foodbank handout 'PR stunt' Housing Minister does same thing hours beforehand. May 8, 2020 355
Power grab.. parties in talksLeaders meet to discuss who gets top jobs in Government. May 7, 2020 545
DONOHOE 'NO' TO TAX HIKES; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: RAYS OF HOPE AT CHURCH AND IN THE DAIL >>Finance Minister fears crippling economy >>..but he says welfare support must change. May 7, 2020 777
Deal on a new Government by 'end of month' Green leader sets out coalition plan. May 6, 2020 424
Put us on road to recovery; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FIRST OF FIVE EASING PHASES BEGINS MAY 18 >>End of lockdown in sight as Taoiseach tells nation of relief plans >>Builders & gardeners back to work this month.. pubs to reopen in August. May 2, 2020 963
Locks like 2 more weeks; Varadkar to announce exit plan for relaxing restrictions Government rapped over 'failures' on fighting disease. May 1, 2020 702
Green D-Day; Party meeting to determine coalition plans. May 1, 2020 410
Leo has Friday on his mind about a change. Apr 30, 2020 238
Kelly ponders role for Labour in Dail; Party leader sends exploratory letter to FG and FF. Apr 29, 2020 292
120,000 face the chop in restaurants; coronavirus pandemic: fears FOR JOBS AS INDUSTRY ON BRINK >>Hospitality chief calls on State to bring in rescue plan >>Sweden bar owner tells of desperate bid to remain open. Apr 28, 2020 868
Domestic abuse calls up by 20%; Victims told 2km lockdown limit doesn't apply. Apr 28, 2020 295
Our new enemy is complacency; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: STARK WARNING ISSUED BY TAOISEACH. Apr 24, 2020 673
Green light for coalition; >>Party ready to join FG and FF >>>>Ryan sets out six demands. Apr 24, 2020 462
We'll get economy up & running again predicts Donohoe. Apr 23, 2020 419

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