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 JACKSON, Wis., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- John A. Wundrock, R.Ph.,

president and CEO of Wisconsin Pharmacal Co. Inc. (NASDAQ: WPCI) (WPC) announced today that the REALITY female condom has been launched in the United Kingdom under the name Femidom(R) by Chartex International, Plc, a British health care company which owns the worldwide rights to the product.
 To mark the product's launch in the United Kingdom, a presentation of scientific papers was made to the UK's leading family planning professionals invited to a meeting of the Forum for Sexual Health and Family Planning of the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London today (9/28/92). Femidom(R) is now available throughout the United Kingdom in pharmacies, grocery stores and Family Planning Clinics. The product was approved and launched in Switzerland in February of this year where approximately 45 percent of the women who have used Femidom(R) say they will continue to use it. Femidom(R) is expected to become widely available throughout Europe over the next six months.
 In January 1992, the REALITY female condom was recommended for approval unanimously by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Advisory Panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contingent upon the completion of a pregnancy efficacy study and the provision of certain other data. Those materials were submitted to the FDA in July. Wisconsin Pharmacal is hopeful the FDA will act promptly in concluding its review and permitting REALITY to be made available to women in the United States.
 Once the REALITY female condom is approved in the United States by the FDA, it will be marketed and distributed by the Wisconsin Pharmacal Co. or a corporate partner, under a license from Chartex. If REALITY were on the market today, it would be the first new product marketed to help prevent the spread of AIDS since the epidemic began more than 10 years ago that is under the woman's control. REALITY is also designed to provide protection against unintended pregnancy.
 REALITY is a soft, thin polyurethane sheath with two flexible rings. One ring, which lies inside the sheath at its closed end, serves as an insertion device and holds it in place so that it fits over the cervix much like a diaphragm. The other ring forms the external edge of the sheath and remains outside the vagina. Once inserted, the sheath covers the cervix, lines the vaginal canal and extends out over the labia. REALITY has the advantage that it is controlled by the woman and can be inserted by the woman minutes or hours prior to sexual intercourse. Once approved by the FDA, REALITY should be available over the counter; no prescription will be necessary.
 To date, REALITY has been clinically tested at 71 medical centers, hospitals and clinics in 10 countries worldwide. These tests have involved more than 1,700 couples and over 30,000 uses of the barrier device. One major study -- the pregnancy use-effectiveness study -- was sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Family Health International (FHI) and the Contraceptive Research and Development Program (CONRAD).
 Wisconsin Pharmacal is a small, rapidly growing Wisconsin-based company that develops and markets innovative consumer health care and household products.
 -0- 9/28/92
 /CONTACT: John A. Wundrock, 414-677-4121, president and CEO, of Wisconsin Pharmacal Co.; or Dr. Mary Ann Leeper, 312-280-8541, senior vice president, development, of REALITY(R) Production Information/
 (WPCI) CO: Wisconsin Pharmacal Co. Inc. ST: Wisconsin IN: MTC SU: PDT

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Date:Sep 28, 1992

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