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FEEL THE PAIN; The new code that will make Mike really suffer.



PS2 HHHHINICE gimmick - invent a new system of showing facial damage to boxers and call it Polymorphic And Interpretive Node mapping, so that you get the acronym PAIN.

Cool. Cooler, certainly, than Edible Anamorphic Resolution, the system they should have developed, so that Mad Mike could have had the full ... er ... bite to it.

This isn't Tyson's video game debut. That was in Punch-Out for the NES, which was so good that games starring the heavyweight have been trying to punch its weight ever since.

Codemasters tried last year with a Playstation version, which fell in Round One.

This is the re-match, with Codemasters having trained hard to make sure this PS2 version wins, even if it's only on points.

What you get is, of course, PAIN, which lets you punch Mike's head in and see the damage. The measure of a great fighter, of course, is who he fights and, thanks to the franchising, Iron Mike will have 16 generic heavyweights, including Larry Holmes, Tim Witherspoon, Francois Botha, Hasim Rahman and others.

Yes, you've guessed it - art imitates life and the one opponent Mike won't be meeting here is Lennox Lewis.

There are 20 official venues and part of the new Codemasters training is that the company realised its previous version simply lacked beef.

This time out, it has lots more going for it, including the ability to simply stick it in the console and start fighting, right down to the advanced gameplay techniques for the more skilled of console players.

You start by choosing one of the six initially unlocked boxers or by creating your own. The create-a-boxer tool is fairly extensive, from physical characteristics to trunks, shoes and more.

Prize money is awarded for winning fights and you use it, bizarrely, to buy better punches - or tattoos, trunks and shoes

There's also a speed boxing mode that can be unlocked, as well as a tournament for up to eight players.

But, disappointingly, you can't bite ears off.

More medals


IT'S been expectantly awaited, but the follow up to the Medal of Honor (or Honour if you are from the side of the Atlantic that can spell) on PS2 is closer still.

Before console-bashers get all hyper, they should know that this isn't a straight port of the excellent Allied Assault for the PC - news that will come as a relief to PC gamers who also have a PS2.

So, if console gamers don't get the now infamously-tough Normandy landing scene, what's in Frontline to compensate for the loss of that beach party?

In this story, Our hero and his troops attempt to steal the HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi weapon that it could turn the tide of World War Two.

You travel on 15 assignments over five missions based on real events that occurred during World War II. You won't miss Omaha beach when you rescue a captured OSS operative from a Nazi-held Dutch manorhouse, stow away on a speeding Nazi armoured train and even get rid of the explosives on Nijmegen Bridge during the Arnhem landings. It was a first-class idea not to port Allied Assault, but to make a new one.

This uses the full power of PS2 to display a fully- developed 3D world with 300 variations of civilians and nasty Nazis, detailed faces and lip synching and intelligent AI.

Well worth getting for your PS2, even if you'be just shelled out for the PC version. Out around May.



ONE of the better strategy games of last year, Tropico took the familiar city-management-simulation genre and hurled Che Guevara into the middle of it.

Tropico: Paradise Island adds new features to the original, mainly reflecting the reality that is tourism. There are more types of hotels and attractions and even more types of tourists in Paradise Island, which also fills in some gaps from the original by introducing new edicts, buildings - and more cha-cha music.

Cunningly disguised as a director's cut, Paradise Island is a patch with attitude - construction is faster and cancelling buildings now refunds the full price.

Plus, more buildings can be rotated, support graphs are shown before you must decide whether or not to hold elections.

All good stuff to make the original better yet.on the PS21.


Grand Theft Auto III

2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

3. WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It

4. World Rally Championship

5. OO7:Agent Under Fire 6. Pro Evolution Soccer

7. FIFA 2002

8. Gran Turismo 3

9. Crash Bandicoot - Wrath Of Cortex

10. Silent Hill 2



THIS should have been a Dreamcast game, but since Sega gave up the console ghost and decided to make games for other people, this is now a PS2 one.

Unsurprisingly, it is very like Sega's last title, Space Channel 5 and is the story of a virus-plagued cyberspace.

You essentially play as a hacker who has entered the computer world to fight through area after area, eliminating the virus and restoring cyberspace to its previous state of digital beauty.

The game plays like other Sega shooters, such as Panzer Dragoon or Planet Harriers. You float through the level at a set speed and course, controlling a targeting reticule that can lock on to up to eight enemies at once.

Each main level ends in a spectacular boss fight and the environments are suitably other-worldly and suitably graphic-heavy to test the PlayStation 2.


Stuck? Email and sort it



DELETING A SAVED GAME - Hold L + R + Select + Start + A + B and Power on the Gameboy system. Keep the buttons held until you are prompted to delete the existing game.

99 LIVES - Go to world 3-3, to the room with the pots that shoot out red shy-guys. Go up on to the top platform and pull out the shell, carry it to the bottom and throw it into the pit there. Wait for all the shy-guys to come in and get hit by the shell. The best character to use for this cheat is Peach.

IN-GAME RESET - While playing a game, press Select + Start + A + B.



START the game by editing the desktop shortcut. Open it and go to Properties. Add:+set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 to the end of the existing line and hit Apply, then Okay. Start the game with it and then, during a single-player game, press (tilde) and type any of the following:

GOD MODE - dog.


HEALTH - fullheal.


PlayStation 2

RETRO SHIPS - Select 'Extras' at the main menu, then select 'Cheats'. After that, enter X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X.

FAST SHIPS - As above, but enter Square, X, X, X,Triangle. Features unlocked - As above, but enter X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

UNLIMITED WEAPONS - As above, entering Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square.

UNLIMITED SHIELDS - As above, using Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square.


PlayStation 2

CURSE OF THE CURSE - When you are Imhotep and find the Curse Of Death, do not bother wasting life using the curse on any end-of-level Bosses. It does not work on them.
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