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FEEL Golf Grip Co. Launches on Kickstarter.

Dallas, TX, July 11, 2015 --( FEEL Grip Co. produces the Pro-Release Golf Grips and the SBST Reverse Taper Putter Grips.

Top PGA Product of the Year

• The grip has won many awards, including "Top PGA Product of the Year" because immediately you are able to increase your distance and reduce wayward ball flight!

• The well respected PGATour Partners had 130 golfers from all skill levels test this grip, and an amazing 83% saw an immediate increase in distance and control.

• "The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years" by Publinks magazine.

The Pro Release[TM] grip is designed to provide improved performance for the low & mid handicap and prevents the better player from "getting stuck" - creating a more powerful release at impact.

These new game improvement grips allow golfers to fully release the club and generate maximum club-head speed through impact. Immediately increase your distance and reduce your hook or slice with Pro-Release golf grips.

The Pro-Release reverse taper design is thinner at the top with a gradual thickening for the bottom hand. This creates a more natural feel in your hands - similar to the tapered handle of a baseball bat - which allows you to easily grip (not hold) the club with your fingertips - just like the Pros.

The Pro-Release grip translates into a more powerful release at impact, increasing distance, and reducing wayward ball flight.

Feel Grips are USGA and R&A Conforming and fit standard golf shafts.

Features and benefits include:

• Immediate increase in distance, control and accuracy

• Smaller diameter in the top hand allows the grip to fit in your fingers, not your palm

• Shaft end of the grip is thinner allowing for custom wrapping to match unique grip preferences.

"SBST Pistol Putter Grips" Feel has taken ergonomics to the next level. Our years of design, testing and engineering takes this new SBST (Straight Back Straight Through) Pistol Putter Grip straight to the top.

"Reduces wrist breakdown at impact, the #1 cause of missed putts."

Utilizing the decade of knowledge we currently have with the Pro Release grip line, we have have exceeded our expectations with this design. The reverse taper design takes the grip from the palm into your fingers for the proper feel and control. The larger diameter at the bottom allows you full control with your dominant hand, which increases control and accuracy.

The new proprietary elastomer technology makes this grip extremely tacky with zero loss in feel even in humid and wet conditions.

"True Round Seamless Technology backed by a 3 Year Warranty"

The Tour (TR2) Series is our new non-wrapped traditional style tour performance grip. The TR2 Series was designed to better provide a symmetrical gripping surface offering more texture and is similar to a corded grip. Our Tour Series grips are made from a more expensive proprietary industrial grade EPDM elastomer. Traditionally grips get hard and slick over time as a result of salt, moisture, U.V. and ozone exposure. The material in our tour series grip is backed by our guarantee that they won't get hard or slick, nor will they crack, split or absorb moisture. The more aggressive feel along with the proprietary rubber formula make the Tour TR2 Series grip an excellent choice for low to mid handicappers. Contact us today for more details.

Made in the USA

3 Year Warranty

Contact Information:

Feel Grip Co.

Hailey Starks


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Date:Jul 11, 2015
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