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Dear Editor:

Reader Ready To Take Alternate Path

"Timing and the Transitory Nature of Biotech Startups" (The Physician Executive, July/August 2001) by Dr. Kent Bottles is a remarkable description of the alternate career path in medicine that concentrates on contribution and personal growth over longevity in a single position/location. As a person who is currently in transition, I have met many fellow physicians pursuing such an alternate path, yet this path is rarely described and unknown to many in our profession.

Additional kudos to Dr. Bottles for succinctly listing his goals; they emphasize the personal journey and contribution over rank and recognition. I identify very strongly with his set of goals and believe they are at the heart of the alternate career path. I hope we can see more writings at this fundamental level.

Michael Talbert, MD

Dear Readers:

New Peer Review Panel Offers Editorial Advice

As the business of medicine continues its rapid evolution, it is both an honor and a challenge to be the new editor of The Physician Executive. My primary goal is to continue this journal's rich history of providing innovative and meaningful articles on the many tough issues that medical managers face every day.

My background includes more than 15 years in journalism and communications, working as a reporter and editor for newspapers and TV news, and as a writer and editor for a major health insurer. You will notice some changes to The Physician Executive--and the processes used to create it-as I strive incorporate some of your suggestions.

A new, 80-member editorial review panel is now in place to provide peer review for articles and offer advice on topics that will be covered in upcoming issues of The Physician Executive and Click. The review panel includes ACPE members, faculty and other experts involved in 18 specific medical management fields.

Some of the articles are shorter than in the past. This is a change that nearly every publication is going through as readers are bombarded by more information every day. However, that doesn't mean we won't publish longer articles when a topic deserves expanded treatment.

And in this particular issue, it is my pleasure to introduce a new column that's the direct result of ACRE members asking for more basic, practical business advice that they can put to use right away. The column is called "Nuts and Bolts of Business" and is written by David Tarantino, MD, MBA, who manages a 50+ physician multispecialty practice associated with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He is also chief executive officer of a health care management consulting firm in Baltimore, Md.

If there are other changes that you would like to see, or if you have an article you'd like to submit, I urge you to contact me. Most importantly, this is your medical management magazine. I want it to support your needs and help you stay on top of the evolution that's facing the business of health care today.


Bill Steiger, editor

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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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