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FEATURE/Top 5 Reasons Why Humor Plays an Important Role in the Workplace.

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Comedian/Humor Consultant's New Book, "Funny Works! 52 Ways to Have

More Fun at Work," Encourages Professionals to Lighten Up!

Claire Berger, comedian and CEO of humor consulting firm FunnyWorks, Inc. (, explains why now more than ever, humor is a valuable and essential, yet often untapped resource, for companies.

People often shy away from bringing humor into their workplace for fear of looking foolish or unproductive. According to Berger, the effect is just the opposite. Her new book, "Funny Works! 52 Ways to Have More Fun at Work" (Seven Locks Press), offers innovative ideas to ease stress, increase productivity and bring joy back into the work environment.

Top Five Reasons Humor Belongs in the Workplace:

1. Stress Buster -- Laughter is medically proven to release

physical and emotional stress. A good belly laugh aerobically

exercises every large muscle in your body and you don't have

to wear spandex, which takes the concept of business casual

way too far anyway.

2. Improves Work Environment -- Unexpected fun brings unexpected

results. When workers fear a pink slip and instead receive a

permission slip to have fun, outlooks and attitudes improve.

3. Reconnects Co-Workers -- Humor enhances interpersonal

relationships. Cubicle walls crumble when people relate to

each other with a renewed sense of humor. Ask any sales

man/woman -- laughter is the most effective sales tool they've

got. Management appear much more human when the laughter and

sense of fun starts at the top.

4. Increases Productivity -- Happy employees are productive

employees. Cold cash incentives are nice, but most

professionals will tell you a positive, joyful work

environment also holds an important appeal.

5. Fuels Creativity -- Freedom to think "outside" the box often

produces profitable results. When you are allowed to bring

your inner child to work, productive fun is guaranteed to


"Funny Works! 52 Ways to Have More Fun at Work" is available at and bookstores nationwide.

About FunnyWorks, Inc.

Founded in 1999 by acclaimed comedian Claire Berger, the company's goal is to help corporate America tap into its greatest resource -- humor. From seminars to human resources to collateral material, "productive humor" can ease stress, motivate employees, increase productivity and more effectively reach target audiences. Visit, 877-50-FUNNY.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 6, 2002
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