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FEATHERED FIEND BUSTED MY NOSE; NEDS WITH WINGS BIRDS STRIKE AGAIN DJ is latest victim of vicious gulls our councils can't touch.


A FRIGHTENED DJ was left covered in blood with a suspected broken nose after a seagull attacked him as he walked to work.

Gary Robinson, 44, is the latest victim of a series of gull attacks across Scotland.

Councils can't cull the birds because they are protected by law.

Gary was on his way to work at Wave 102 in Dundee at 5.30am when the screaming gull swooped down on him without warning.

"It was divebombing me," he said. "I've never experienced anything like it."

nothing hands wasn't It came " Desperate to get away, Gary tripped and fell on his face. A passing police car took him to Ninewells Hospital, where his wounds were stitched.

GARY Gary has had to take time off to recover from the attack and admits he's now nervous every time he sees a gull.

He added: "I didn't have anything in my hands. I wasn't eating anything. It just came out of the blue. It's pretty frightening when it happens."

Gulls are more likely to attack humans during the nesting season, which runs from April to August.

Office worker Cathie Kelly, 59, told in March how a gull flew at her face and tried to attack her last June after she left her office in Greenock to get some lunch.

She said she tripped and hurt herself as she fled. She is suing the owners of the building where the gull was nesting but they deny responsibility.

Residents in Newhaven, Edinburgh, told last month how they have to use umbrellas to fend off gulls. And Aberdeen City Council revealed in May that there were 18 gull attacks in the city in 2013, with three people hurt.

The council had 1100 complaints in three years about the birds. But they said: "The herring gull has the highest possible conservation status. We are extremely limited in any action we can take to control the population."

I'd nothing in my hands and I wasn't eating. It just came out of the blue VICTIM GARY


MENACE But the gulls, not their victims, are protected

SCARRED AND SCARED Gary admits that the sight of a herring gull now makes him nervous

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 18, 2014
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