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FEA Meshing.

Algor, Inc.'s one-step assembly meshing generates unstructured finite element analysis (FEA) meshes quickly. Engineers can obtain a finite element mesh for complex CAD assemblies with one button click and no need for transitional mesh refinement. The mesh engines create quality meshes on the first pass because they build solid 'brick" (8 or 20 node) or hybrid meshes (combines bricks on model surface with tetrahedra inside) inward from a quadrilateral surface mesh. Because brick and hybrid meshes can represent complex geometry with fewer nodes than tetrahedral meshes at the same accuracy level, analyses for brick and hybrid meshes process faster than tetrahedra. Engineers who prefer to exercise greater control over the meshing process still have the option of generating surface and solid meshes in separate processes or modifying the default mesh settings. One-step, tetrahedral (4 or 10 node) meshing also is available.
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Title Annotation:Algor Inc. product produces finite element analysis meshes
Comment:FEA Meshing.(Algor Inc. product produces finite element analysis meshes)
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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