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FDA okays four-strain flu shot.

The quadrivalent version of the Fluarix influenza vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the second quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccine approved by the agency.

The FDA approved Fluarix Quadrivalent vaccine for vaccination against seasonal influenza in people aged 3 years and older. Quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccines contain two influenza A and two influenza B strains, instead of trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines' two A strains and one B strain.

The newly approved quadrivalent vaccine contains two strains of type A influenza (A/H1N1 and A/H3N2) and two type B strains, a Yamagata lineage strain and a Victoria lineage strain.

This is second quadrivalent influenza vaccine to be approved by the agency. In February, the FDA approved a quadrivalent version of the FluMist influenza vaccine, the intranasal influenza vaccine manufactured by MedImmune, in people aged 2-49 years.

The Fluarix Quadrivalent vaccine will be available in time for the 20132014 influenza season, manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement. GSK also plans to fulfill orders for the trivalent version of Fluarix, because health care providers typically order influenza vaccine about a year before the next influenza season.

The Fluarix Quadrivalent vaccine has not been approved in any country other than the United States, according to GSK.
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Author:Mechcatie, Elizabeth
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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