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FDA Clears Cantel Medical Disinfectant for Use in Kidney Dialysis Applications.

M2 PHARMA-January 16, 2015-FDA Clears Cantel Medical Disinfectant for Use in Kidney Dialysis Applications


US-based infection prevention and control specialist Cantel Medical Corp.'s (NYSE: CMN) Mar Cor Purification, Inc. subsidiary has been given 510(k) clearance (K133724) from the FDA for Minncare HD high level disinfectant for use in hemodialysis applications.

Cantel said that the Minncare HD is first water system disinfectant granted a medical device clearance for these applications.

Minncare HD disinfectant is a proprietary blend of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide and is completely biodegradable allowing for easy disposal and reducing environmental impact.

The non-medical device version, Minncare Cold Sterilant, is used as a water system disinfection in a range of markets and applications.

Minncare HD disinfectant was developed to address the need for a validated water system disinfectant that is both safe and effective. After developing an effective protocol with the FDA, Mar Cor said it conducted testing to validate product performance and safety.

Together with Minncare HD disinfectant, Mar Cor will offer validated test strips for testing strength and to verify that there are no residuals following a disinfection procedure. Both products will be available in early February 2015.

Mar Cor Purification is a water purification company and said it is the largest supplier of dialysis medical water systems in North America.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:Jan 16, 2015
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