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FDA Allows Texas-Based SeliCor, Inc. to Market Pain Relief Invention; SeliCor to Team With NASA Spacesuit Maker and the Navy to Produce a New Device For Pain Therapy Including Therapy Associated With Osteoarthritis, Joint Pain & Soft Tissue Trauma.

AUSTIN, Texas -- SeliCor, Inc., an Austin-based medical device manufacturer, has been issued clearance by the Food and Drug Administration to offer an advanced therapeutic system for pain relief. The company has entered into an exclusive license agreement for the patented technology with the United States Naval Health Research Center.

In conjunction with NASA spacesuit maker ILC-Dover and the Department of the Navy, SeliCor has designed form-fitting garments for pain management therapy. "We have coined this new delivery system SeliThermic Warming and will introduce it as a new palliative first step in pain management for soft tissue injuries and joint contractures," said Michael Shefman, founder and CEO of SeliCor. "Our device will assist in keeping workers on the job and can also function as an effective therapeutic warm-up treatment for athletes. We are excited to introduce SeliThermic Warming to the mainstream medical market and look forward to helping millions of people with our technology."

SeliCor's garments combine traditional radio-frequency (RF) diathermy, a widely accepted means of delivering therapeutic warming, with an all-new mode of delivery. The garment/antenna is connected by a specially designed control cable to a low power RF generator about the size and weight of a portable radio. The device is safe, effective and is covered under most insurance plans and Medicare. The 20 minute treatment is simple to administer and provides the deep tissue warming required to meet FDA therapeutic standards instantly without overheating the skin.

"Recently I have been using the SeliTherm device to manage arthritic pain in my hand caused from an injury several years ago. The results have been quite favorable," said San Antonio SeliCor patient Patricia Pruitt. "A 20 minute treatment renders me pain free for several days, and the level of pain in my hand between treatments has also been greatly reduced. I plan to increase the number of weekly sessions to 3-4 in hopes to eventually eliminate the pain."

Currently two garments are available for use: the hand/wrist/elbow garment and the ankle/knee garment. These garments heat the tissue and muscles from within, thus reducing risk of injury and improving pain relief. All prior RF-diathermy devices were large, non-portable, expensive and required the assistance of a trained technician. Non-diathermic methods (such as heating pads) can burn the skin before they warm the "deep" target tissue and cannot efficiently administer the deep heat range of therapeutic warming required by FDA standards (less than 40 degrees C is considered non-therapeutic). The SeliThermic Warming System addresses and resolves all previous pain management therapy complications by providing a safe, quick, effective treatment that is easily used and transportable.

"This remarkable new SeliThermic Warming system is truly a breakthrough in the clinical management of pain," said Dr. James Giordano, the company's pain management consultant and Director of Research at Houston's Moody Health Center. "I believe that radio-frequency diathermy is and should continue to be an important therapeutic modality and the SeliTherm system will make diathermic therapy available to a much wider range of patients than ever before."

SeliThermic Warming serves the mega markets of sports & occupational therapy, as well as numerous other pain-related specialties. Some specific illnesses and injuries indicated for treatment are: osteoarthritis, muscle spasm and joint stiffness. Ongoing studies are examining the role of SeliThermic warming in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and Raynaud's Disease.

SeliThermic Warming can also help enhance deep vasodilation (that may increase blood flow), decrease tissue viscosity and assist in resolution of certain inflammatory conditions. Additionally, the garments can be used as an adjunctive warm-up method for athletes.

SeliCor, Inc., founded in 2001, is currently working with ILC-Dover to develop other SeliTherm garments. SeliTherm Warming therapy is presently available by prescription. More information can be found on-line at: .
 Contact: Michael Shefman

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Date:Oct 17, 2002
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