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FCT[R] and the Brain: With an Approach Like This, Who Needs Neurotransmitters and Pills?

"I agree 1000% with your article on dysfunctional medicine. I have questioned its lack of results for 23 years. Only FCT has provided a logical explanation to illness and tools to bring healing to patients. I thank you." Michael Corey, DC (Tustin, California).

As the epidemics of anxiety, depression, insomnia, OCD, addictions and all other brain disorders continue to skyrocket and consume even children and teens, the failed "scientific" approach toward them remains unfazed. It is based on chemical pharmaceutical medicine (CPM) with its always "logical" tests and treatments of targets that have something to do with disease. In brain disorders these are neurotransmitters. In conventional medicine, the treatments are drugs, in alternative, interesting substances. Yet, as both of these carry zero preventative and curative capacity and often fail, some "progressive" approaches such as integrative psychiatry, functional psychiatry and the like have been redressing this stillborn CPM in a different clothing. Surely, for brain chemistry one cannot find a more impressive target than neurotransmitters with their sophisticated lab profiles promising "better" treatments. Based on these and other nonspecific, wasteful tests, the claim package also includes "underlying causes" and "the root cause of the symptoms." (1) The same reference source presents an answer to "What is Functional Psychiatry" in which Dr. Mark Hyman, medical director at the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, defines functional medicine as "...the future of conventional medicine--available now."

Sorry for spoiling the party but as far as an esteemed piece of real estate such as Cleveland Clinic validating any medicine... it itself represents a complete failure in reversals of chronic diseases, like CPM worldwide. And the happy idea of continuing to endure conventional medicine--even of the future--is enough to cause suicidal depression. The piece was a virtual infomercial between Dr. Hyman and an interviewed integrative psychiatry professor with an exchange of flattery as between a priest and a choir, with the inspiring claims of delivering root causes and "individualized treatment to a unique person." While suggesting a healthy diet for brain disorders may sound innovative, the great Hippocrates said this more than 20 centuries ago.

Concerning the idea of individual neurotransmitter assessments and treatments, like virtually all good ideas in CPM, this makes a lot of sense until one starts poking it a bit. Like all science-based speculations, it contains an element of truth where neurotransmitters do participate in all of the major functions in the brain from mood to sleep, memory and learning, addictions and neurological functions. There are between 30 and 100 neurotransmitters, formally registered, with 10 of these carrying out 99% of all brain-related functions. Among these the major and better--known groups--GABA, serotonin, dopamine and glutamate--have been targeted by pharmaceutical and alternative manufacturers. However, even as thousands of research papers in psychiatry and neurology impress their importance, their real value as the primary root or cause of disease is marginal to none. This can be better understood through the concepts of this nasty discipline--philosophy of science --whose major purpose is to preclude scientists from corrupting science or doctors medicine. Knowing well that scientists tend to fool through using fancy verbiage, or as noted by ingenious Hahnemann through "learned prating" in medicine, philosophy of science strips fancy prating down to meat and potatoes language by displaying similar logistics through simple examples from our ordinary life. By comparing this multibillion-dollar fancy neurotransmitter science to a simple example of a criminal using a computer to send malicious signals or messages to commit wire fraud, we can obviously conclude that neither signals nor neurotransmitters in our case, which are called messengers in neuroscience, nor computers are the real criminals and arresting them can't solve cybercrimes. The solution must come from neutralizing the criminals who program computers with criminal information. In our case computers are brain zones that were invaded by criminal or pathological information, which comes from our environment in the way of toxicological, infectious, and electromagnetic agents.

Once the integrity of brain zones has been compromised so has their receptors through which they must properly respond to messengers and messages, themselves, which they produce; any affective, mental, and neurological disorder follows the same general principle that operates with all somatic diseases where messengers (enzymes, hormones, immune regulators and others) become distorted and/or misinterpreted by organ receptors. That is why FCT (Field Control Therapy) primarily focuses only on the organs and their reasons or causes for producing distorted messages and applies this from head to toe diseases.

While this general focus has been confirmed by thousands of texts in neuroscience, referring to the brain zones as the sources of neurotransmitters and even to toxicological, infectious, and electromagnetic morbid agents that distort these zones, narrow CPM training precludes integrative and functional psychiatrists and neurologists from determining exact malfunctioned brain zones, their invaders, and effective treatments. FCT has overcome this key obstacle through body energy diagnosis and treatment, as based on physics--namely, through bioresonance testing that noninvasively tunes into any part of the brain and other organs to determine their malfunction and causes. This is followed by homeopathic-energetic remedies that stimulate the repair of malfunctioned brain zones and their release of the elicited invaders.

Based on FCT-cured cases, the latter are toxicological agents (with mercury being their leader), infectious agents, and electromagnetic fields. But what is even more impossible to establish through CPM, neurotransmitter, or any lab tests, is that all of these agents act together in mutually enhancing fashion. This has been confirmed by scientific literature. Furthermore, the agents and their interactions affect many somatic organs too, and their malfunctions further enhance brain pathology from the periphery and vice versa. This turns all of the sophisticated medical specializations on their head. The bottom line, chronic diseases have no borders. In light of this total pathophysiological chaos in which the neurotransmitter-based treatments are processed by confused brain and body receptors, not to mention how these drugs mesh with the other 30-100 neurotransmitters, they end up producing many side effects from impotence to suicides.

In light of CPM's methods and the pathological chaos in chronic diseases, functional psychiatry's and medicine's pledging to find "root causes" represents a scientific impossibility. This is impossible to establish with certainty by any method even bioresonance testing. Even though the test can overcome lab obstacles to determine morbid agents concealed inside the brain and other organs, this can only suggest root causes with a high degree, but not 100% certainty--even when diseases reverse, based on these findings.

The reasons are that, unlike acute diseases where a sudden change in health in AaB linear fashion can be clearly linked to a root cause such as a flu virus, food poisoning, ingesting or inhaling a toxic substance, chronic diseases play through different, very convoluted dynamics. Everything is interconnected, interdependent, acting and changing all at once. This creates thousands of abnormalities: metabolic, nutritional, immune, liver, colon, and others with most of these being secondary to, but not root causes themselves. Even a malfunctioning or mutated gene, per se, may not be a root cause at all since it is impossible to tell whether this is the real cause of illness; other interacting genes compensate for this malfunction; or a "bad" gene is just a red herring and disease is caused by an overlooked metal toxicity or an infection. While many patients have been sentenced to a "justified" suffering from chemical sensitivities or inability to detoxify metals due to a mutated detox gene (ie, MTHFR), some patients have told me that they have that mutation, yet no signs of chemical sensitivity. So, even when not having mutated genes, does it amount to being poisoned with mercury, lead, pesticides, and a myriad of other environmental pollutants? Toxicology has established that we cannot metabolize toxic metals, genes or no genes, and in virtually all of these MTHFR mutations it is not the gene but practitioners' fault for using ineffective treatments to detoxify metals.

Even when the tests detect agents of known high pathogenicity such as mercury and other heavy metals, yeast, or parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections, this does not automatically affirm these as root causes because their mere detection is no guarantee that other causes have not been overlooked. Likewise, when a treatment with chelators, nutrients, complex homeopathies, or sauna for established mercury or other metal toxicity makes a person feel better, this, per se, still does not seal a diagnosis of root cause, since we cannot know what other toxic agents these treatments might have decreased in the process--or that a person suffered more from an unknown infection or EMF sensitivity which have improved thanks to that decrease. Also, establishing root causes deductively --even if following an improvement in symptoms through pharmaceutical treatments, as used in functional and biomedical medicine--is virtually impossible since these represent "hairy" treatments; actions cannot be confined to specific toxins, receptors, proteins, enzymes, infections, organs or tissues.

Our bodies use similar receptors, including for neurotransmitters, and proteins in many different tissues. This is why a former Stanford University pharmaceutical researcher, Bruce Lipton, PhD, stated that side effects of pharmaceuticals are just their natural effects. (2) This further adds to the reasons for side effects of neurotransmitter-based pharmaceuticals. Based on all of these facts, no test has ever stamped any abnormal finding as "root cause" or can prove it as such. Root cause is an interpretational entity by a practitioner with no existing list or book of their identity. The best we can do is to maximally narrow the treatment against a specific morbid agent, as used by FCT through specific homeopathic-energetic remedies, based on bioresonance testing, and avoid using piles of supplements or other treatments in order to avoid a confusion from "what did what?" In cases of a cure, the treated causes were only likely the root ones. In the absence of good progress, another important cause might have been undetected, or a patient lacked compliance or continued to be repoisoned. Since neither functional psychiatry nor medicine has published any documented cured cases, how can one claim which causes are root or speculative? In case I misunderstood something about these speculations, I invite anyone to openly challenge me.

Certainly, if the main task--curing a patient--is accomplished, even without having an inkling of the real physical cause of disease, as through classical homeopathy, psychic or religious healing, so be it. Who needs an infomercial on root cause? Even academic psychiatrists got tired of all of their empty solutions and theories about brain chemistry and call for finally using patients' recovery as the main model for practice. (3) Speaking of classical homeopathy, in the assessment of brain function and health in general, it offers the most comprehensive assessment available in all medicine today.

However, short of clear, specific emotional and somatic states, for which it has good remedies, its success is not consistent; and other general healing practices work only sporadically in chronic diseases. Most of the examples below of successfully treated brain disorders were based on homeopathic-energetic remedies addressing alleged causes as suggested by bioresonance testing. Prudent environmental and lifestyle guidance such as a healthy diet and reduction of EMF exposure and stress through Memon technology were offered also. It is only through a narrow, specific testing and treatment of potential causes of diseases that FCT has compiled its own database regarding which of these can be considered more, less, or not a root cause at all. Also, the sicker a patient who responded to a remedy, addressing a specific morbid agent, the more likely that the agent was the real cause. This experience serves as a very useful base to lead to a quick, reliable, and low-cost overall assessment and treatment. A few cases were cured through classical homeopathy.

A Case of OCD, Hyperactivity, and Aggression in a "Difficult" Teen

This case is noted for a detailed description by the mother for every FCT specific remedy aimed at a cause or rather multiple causes of pathology. This girl was deemed hopeless by a child psychologist who recommended psychotropic drugs. In an email, dated February 12, 2015, the mother wrote:
I'd like to provide Dr. Yurkovsky with some information/insights about
what I have observed about my daughter Claire during the 5 weeks of
treatment she has just completed. As a whole, I have a witnessed a
dramatic change in her behavior--it was almost immediate. The absence
of certain behaviors have highlighted just how intense they actually
were. Her first drop was Strep A.

The lengthy report thoroughly describes the girl's reaction to each subsequent remedy for Lyme infection, mercury toxicity, and malfunctioning in the brain zone that regulates emotions. The end result is presented in this section.

Her entire being/energy felt altered. Calm.

In short, she has:

* stopped moving/flipping/cartwheeling so often/intensely

* stopped restless activity/starting a new project what seems like every 20 min

* stopped lashing out in frustration

* almost completely stopped fighting with her sister. This is a HUGE change. They started playing together for the first time in months without huge fights

* become much calmer, absolutely more patient, absolutely more cooperative.
The change is dramatic--so much so that I can see in retrospect that
she was in a "frenzy" working up to what felt like some sort of crisis
.... She coincidentally is having a growth spurt; she's taller and very

The mentioned bone spurt often follows when children are treated for worms, as in this case, which also greatly contribute to emotional and mental problems. Worms are often missed by stool tests. Another interesting common observation, reported by the mother, is that many parents get used to their children's pathological behaviors as 'norm,' until they see it ceased. The same holds true for many of our own mental, emotional, and physical disorders

A Case of Cured PANDAS, Tourette's Syndrome, with Hundreds of Daily Tics, Headaches, Fears and Depression.

His mom's testimonial:
Our son, Zane had been diagnosed with PANDAS and seen three
neurologists, including the head of epilepsy at NYU, an immunologist
and infectious disease specialist and two pediatricians before seeing
Dr. Yurkovsky. He also tried fifteen months of antibiotic therapy as
well as essential oils which did not help.

While a patient of Dr. Yurkovsky, no other treatments were used other
than those prescribed by Dr. Yurkovsky, which have led to his complete
healing. The effectiveness of the treatment was dependent on addressing
toxic mold in our attic and basement as well as replacing our oil
burner with a closed end propane unit.

While the aforementioned specialists were relying on his blood tests and were bombarding the only detected Strep A with pharmaceuticals, the boy's brain, according to bioresonance testing was the proverbial toxic dumpster and zoo. It seemed to carry mercury, lead and other toxic metals. Detected infections, besides Strep A, were Lyme, Babesia microti, influenza, helminths, mold, and secondary to prior heavy antibiotic use mutated Strep A, mutated Lyme, and candidiasis. The detailed testimonial is on our website.

Parkinson's Disease and Cognitive Ability

A man in his early 50s came with progressive neurological symptoms of Parkinson's disease for years, fatigue, poor memory, rapid 30-pound weight loss, chocolate, alcohol, and cannabis addiction. In just a few treatments, there was at least an 80% decrease in Parkinson's symptoms, energy and memory were restored, addictions gone, 10 pounds gained, and he looked 5-10 years younger: "My friends and family comment that I look and act much better, healthy. Even my vision is better where I can read now without eye lenses. My overall cognitive ability is much better. My family feels relieved."

Speaking of cognitive ability, I have a number of elderly patients who reported far better memory, word search, even analytical function and creative writing enhanced through just "vacuuming" their brains from poisons. It is the lifetime accumulation of the latter that was the root cause. Not old age, brain plaques and hardening of the arteries "all needing better dementia and Alzheimer drugs and more research."

* "Doctor help! I am having severe head pain, brain fog and anxiety as if I am going out of my mind." One drop of a specific EMF remedy made all these vanished.

* "When I am exposed to computer, or fluorescent light I feel like I disappear. My brain becomes completely shut, I hardly know where and who I am." After FCT treatment "vacuumed" her brain to remove mercury, toxic metals, Lyme and other infections: "I still don't like computer and fluorescent light, but they are no longer a problem, as day and night."

Does Insomnia Really Need More Sleep Studies and Drugs?

A typical case of a child having difficulty falling asleep and waking up at night was cured by treating his worms with remedies. Another child's insomnia was cured by addressing fossil fuel fumes in the house. A middle-aged woman who was terrorized by repeated adrenaline rush at night awakening her in fear was cured with just one drop of Candida remedy. A postmenopausal woman with insomnia "because of menopause" was cured by a few remedies cleaning her ovaries from mercury and infection. Another postmenopausal woman has solved her insomnia by plugging Memon in her bedroom. Speaking of sleep studies, it is one of the biggest jokes and rip-offs in medicine as to the causes of insomnia. This mere lodging of people overnight is followed by the same sleeping pills.

Do Addictions Need Better Drugs and Rehab Programs?

A woman, addicted to cannabis for 35 years, lost any interest in it after homeopathic energetic cannabis. An FCT practitioner cured his brother, a hard-core heroin addict who had bounced through many rehabs in vain, by cleansing his brain from heroin and other hallucinogens.

Classical Homeopathy in Brain Affections

* A chronic depression for years in a middle-age woman following a divorce. One pellet of Natrum muriaticum, cured.

* "I just can't stop crying. Anytime I hear some sad stories, children or someone hurting, I cry." In the office she was bursting in tears just mentioning this. One pellet of Pulsatilla, cured.

* "Yelling at someone was so easy, I just couldn't wait." Later, "It's amazing but after that little pellet (Staphysagria remedy) I have lost any desire to yell."

* "I have a heavy heart. Anytime I see bad news on TV or in newspapers I get a heavy heart. "Why? I just feel so burdened for the entire world and its problems." One pellet of Carcinosin, cured.

* In spite of having been adopted into a loving family who provided everything, a seven-year-old girl was never happy. She demanded extra attention and was throwing tantrums. A remedy prescribed by a very experienced classical homeopath did not work. Even though she has never verbalized missing her biological mother, as she was adopted from day one, yet bioresonance testing indicated that the corresponding brain zone was traumatized by the separation on a subconscious level and matched it with the right remedy, Ignatia amara. It cured.

* A case of a college campus rape. A very depressed and malfunctioning college student since an assault was cured by one pellet of Natrum muriaticum.

* Suicidal depression cured without Prozac. A young banker with suicidal depression, rages with hitting and destroying furniture and attacking his dad for f...... up his childhood. Aurum metallicum, one pellet, cured.

* A demon turned angel. A normally mild and well-mannered woman would turn vicious at handling even minor disagreements with her husband. She would curse, scream, and deliberately "stick" into him by reminding him of his old mistakes because these still troubled him. It had nothing to do with infidelity; yet he admitted and apologized many times. Afterwards, she would regret it; yet the next argument would release the same demon. One pellet of Hyoscyamus niger cured.

Which exact neurotransmitters became balanced in all of those cured cases? Is it really important?


(1.) Segal J. A blog about functional psychiatry.

(2.) Lipton, Bruce. Biology of Belief. Mountain of Love: 2005.

(3.) Barber M. Recovery as the New Medical Model for Psychiatry. Psychiatric Services. March 2012; 63 (3).

by Savely Yurkovsky, MD

Savely Yurkovsky, MD, is board-certified in internal medicine and board-eligible in cardiovascular medicine who undertook a particular interest in mercury toxicity as both its victim and a clinician managing a busy private practice. Shortly after moving to the US from the former Soviet Union, he received several silver amalgam fillings, which he recognized later as the cause of his mounting health problems. These problems persisted, despite removal of fillings that prompted him to explore various mercury detoxifying approaches: oral, intravenous, homeopathic. After observing their corresponding partial benefits, limitations, and aggravations on himself and his patients, he resorted to bioresonance testing and causative homeopathy, based on relevant knowledge from physics and toxicology, to optimize benefits and safety of the detoxification. The guidance of his physics consultant, the Stanford University materials science Professor William A. Tiller, PhD, was instrumental in enhancing diagnostic ability of bioresonance testing to address the known limitations of lab tests to detect the presence of toxicants in the internal organs. This testing also was used to draw a better comparative capacity between various mercury detoxifying treatments as well as to evolve a safer therapeutic strategy leading to minimize the re-intoxication or dumping effect, which are common to these treatments. It also guided to optimize an unlimited therapeutic potential of homeopathy that has a unique capacity to therapeutically connect with any organ and tissue, via specific signals, as no other treatment can.

His book, Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare--Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine has been endorsed by Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, PhD, of Stanford University and IT Physics Professor George Pugh, PhD. He presented this system at the Combating Bioterrorism Conference in 2005, sponsored by the Office of Homeland Security.

Dr. Yurkovsky founded a teaching organization, SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd., in 1999, which is dedicated to training health practitioners in this biophysical system under the concept of FCT--Field Control Therapy*. He has lectured extensively in the US and Europe.
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