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FCT[R], detoxes, retoxes, benefits and harm.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot befooled."

Nobel Laureate in physics, Richard P. Feynman, PhD

As the land of naturopathic detoxification has been flourishing with the abundant recipes, there have been many conflicting observations concerning the reality of their promised benefits

The reality is that an actual process of detoxification is not as simple as its recipes are presented to medical professionals and public.

Conflicting Evidence of the Actual Benefits of Detoxes

* A woman in her 30s, following only a three-day colon detox, has remained very ill, into her 50s, until the end result of the detox had been actually detoxed through FCT.

* A man, who could well relate to the formally correct science behind mercury detoxing substance by being a professional chemist, proceeded to ingest it for almost a year. For just as long, he suffered from neurological, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal problems, and fatigue.

* A detox of mercury and other toxic metals for a young woman was administered intravenously (IV) by a notorious detox-expert doctor. Following this, she remained so weak and dizzy that she could barely walk.

* After intravenous detox for mercury by autism doctor, the autistic boy has developed neurological disorder, which the detoxing doctor, as usual, could neither explain nor correct. FCT did both.

* A woman, who was treated with oral and IV detoxes by an integrative Lyme doctor for severe headaches and other health problems, reported: "My headache became 10 times worse and the brain felt as if covered by bricks. After another IV, the headache felt slightly better, but the body 100 times worse. My organs felt torn apart, scratching day and night, as a cat sitting inside. This went on for six weeks, I was so weak and traumatized.... But I remember taking your drops for mercury and metals, years ago, and that was like a miracle, so many symptoms went away and I felt so much better."

* Speaking of mercury, in spite of a replacement of silver amalgam fillings and detoxification being sound recommendations, per se, yet scientific literature also reports that a good percentage have developed multiple chemical sensitivities. Over the years, my eyeball stats of clinical responses of this group have roughly been: 1/3 better, 1/3 worse, or 1/3 the same. This is instead of 100% better, if the detoxification prior and after the replacement is conducted properly.

* Mr. K, after years of being extremely ill and starting to make very good progress on FCT, has surprisingly quit, being lured by a detox program which, instead of some simple drops, offered the 'big guns' - many pills and IVs. Yet, soon after, the prodigal son returned and shared his sobering detox lesson. The displayed inventory of the 'real stuff' from an integrative MD looked to me more like detonating devices, some being of more concern than others. This was a homeopathic set of bottles, each consisting of dozens of remedies that recommended detox in impressive looking stages, I, II, etc., and targets such as matrix, i.e., no less than cellular matrix and other impressive sites. The end result was severe electromagnetic sensitivity to driving a car, using GPS, cellphone, computer, and fluorescent lighting which, in our severely polluted electromagnetic world, are everywhere. Also: brain fog, palpitations, and insomnia at night, worsening of energy level and musculoskeletal pains.

* Mr. B didn't even have any 'unclean' thing placed in his mouth or vein and was doing a detox through just electric foot bath. Yet, in the course of this mission, he developed an inexplicable, severe urinary infection, lasting for a month and not extinguished by an antibiotic. He was left with constant urinary urgency, until treated with FCT.

* His wife, likewise, did not attempt to detox through a needle or by dropping things in her stomach. Following a significant reduction in her sinus congestion after FCT session, she finished the job by squishing oil in her mouth to pull some toxins out. Which exactly? Who knows. Following this, she ended up with constant pains in her ear and throat.

* Skipping another 100 cases and finishing this section with Mrs. D, perhaps the most dramatic detox 'champion', who used the most nonviolent form of detox, imaginable. This was only some soak bath powder, whose ingredients, as practically 100% of all detoxing substances were nontoxic, per se, to my eye and general energetic testing. Yet, even before the bath session was over, Mrs. D began experiencing strange and rapidly progressing neurological symptoms. Hours after, she had to be hospitalized for three weeks, attended by 14 specialists and diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder, transverse myelitis. Following this and countless tests and very aggressive treatments, she was discharged home on a very high dose of prednisone, and even higher hospital bill of $293,000, with more bills pending! Yet, she was still in poor shape, with dramatic improvement after the first treatment with FCT for $600 and change.

Why Are Such Bad Things Happening to Such Good People and Their Detoxes?

The main principle of detoxes stem exactly from the same flaw, as toward all chronic diseases, as I have emphasized in Lyme Disease and Petri Dish Mentality and other FCT media, petri-dish mentality, itself. This mentality has been in the very core of our medicine over 100 years, with meager benefits, but epidemics of chronic diseases, absent cures, and plenty of harm. As in the actual petri dish, it considers and markets just two main players: either bug or something else and drug to kill it or fix it. While such logic seems formally correct, as bugs or any bad things require treatments, but somehow this petri dish science has completely ignored the main theatre of these actions - the human body, itself - with its many complexities involved. Even worse, for pharmaceutical-based mentality, conventional and alternative, neglecting numerous complexities in each individual patient body, including its environment and lifestyle, is not an oversight but a necessity. It is because that if these neglected factors are considered, it automatically opens a such bad can of worms that the mentality cannot handle. The 'worms' particularly concern detoxifying agents too, which come into contact with highly toxic and volatile poisons in the body. Using a simple identical example, this is no different than removing external poisons from our dwellings: asbestos or lead or mercury containing paints, where the whole row of precautions is undertaken to protect the entire environment and its dwellers. Yet, when many dozens of toxins are being stirred up by detoxes inside of our bodies, with hundreds of organs and tissues being exposed to these, no precautions are being taken! Other 'worms' looking for answers include safe or effective dose for an individual, other toxic agents being inadvertently stirred up by a detoxifier, and capacity of excretory and detoxifying organs ofthat person to handle mobilized toxic substances dumped in the systemic circulation.

Concerning cellular matrix, mitochondria, liposomes, or bad detoxifying gene and detox stages, how does one know exactly, or by what reliable tests, where these detoxes or 'healing nutrients' exactly go? Also, how are they supposed to know in what stages to do this? As I presented in my November 2016 seminar on the subject of real complexities of chronic diseases, it is impossible to know, using these methods and their lab tests. Also, certain detoxifying agents form new complexes, particularly with metals, which can be injurious to the brain. Yet, practically none of the detoxes can penetrate well the blood-brain barrier to remove toxic agents from the brain. Also, as often the case, the excretory and detoxifying organs, being too weak to handle mobilized toxins, become injured in the process, leading to dam-like effect with the mobilized toxins, being redistributed to other organs. This was forewarned by the ultimate science of poisons, toxicology. How do these lab tests and their based treatments address another important issue in toxicology - key toxin - or the one that even if undetected, or measures as low in 'normal' range, can actually block other toxins from being properly detoxified and excreted?

Another million-dollar question for the petri-dishers is how exactly do they protect patients who are being internally flooded by mobilized toxic metals from turning them into living antennas, as these metals are known to react to horrendously high electromagnetic fields in our daily environment? This radiation onslaught is omnipresent and inescapable from homes to offices, schools and stores, cars and shopping malls, use of computers, TV, and !Phones. While FCT has been stressing this issue over decades, based on the findings of bioresonance testing, some more recent studies have confirmed higher excretion rates of toxic metals in the low EM F environment than in high, as our residences or offices. What Mr. K has described was the result of his detox complication that turned his head into EMF receiving antenna.

Concerning detoxification and another petri-dish chemical manipulation through so-called 'healthy' alkaline diet and products, the recent scientific discovery states that cells actually need acid environment to excrete their metabolic waste. Otherwise, they become clogged up and damaged by them. So, the things ain't as simple as presented by petri dish enthusiasts or a notorious St. Patrick's Day parade cheer kiss me, I'm Irish - because when we try to kiss one 'Irish' in medicine, we'd better be ready to face the consequences of kissing the entire parade. Ouch.

Perhaps, some of these proponents have either already seen the actual fruit of their labors or just want to add more inventory to their plate; but they added recipes with lowering doses of mercury and other toxic metals as 'better' ones. But 'better' faces exactly the same questions, which they still can't answer, because toxicology deems biochemical lab tests as unable to determine the presence of poisons where it actually counts, in the internal organs themselves. Since this remains unknown, how can one possibly tell which detox treatment is detoxifying or retoxifying? Toxicology 'reassures' us that organs can be only analyzed at post mortem exams. Sorry if this is a little too late, but this is the actual reality. So, in the face of all of the aforementioned issues in the absence of a more timely testing, 'better' detoxifying agents boil down to launching an impressive high-tech weaponry based on poor intelligence, which constitutes the very basis for infamous friendly fire.

How Can We Avoid this Detox-Retox Gamble and, Perhaps, Put Some of the Existing Detoxes to a Better and Safer Use?

We need a test that can go directly to the very sources of disease--malfunctioning internal organs and tissues - and determine their degree of impairment and the exact causes for this. Fortunately, physics and its tools to explore different and more accessible properties of a system comes to the rescue to yield better answers. In our case, physics offers auspicious opportunities through electromagnetic conductive properties of human organs and tissues, down to DNA level, which can connect us with them. In alternative medicine, one of the tests based on such properties--applied kinesiology--noninvasive and fast, was introduced decades back by Dr. George Goodheart. It is based on the well-known resonance phenomena in physics and belongs to the category of bio-resonance testing. However, because of its unlimited potential and pitfalls, which FCT has taught for years, its findings, choice of treatments, and outcomes vary greatly.

Utilizing the great potential of bio-resonance testing, one can enter through email-like communication with any internal organ to determine exact causes of disease and the corresponding priority in the treatment, its safe effective dose, and frequency of administration. Also, FCT identifies all of the malfunctioning organs and tissues which would need support and protection in order to avoid redistribution of toxins. Likewise, it can suggest if any supporting nutrients might be necessary, the degree of impairment of organs by specific causes, including electromagnetic radiation, and which electromagnetic protective devices are effective or harmful even in the case of unlikely therapeutic aggravations, if these occurred due to an excessive mobilization of toxins, or patient incompliance with a treatment.

The Proposed Therapeutic Measures to Achieve the Goal

Such measures must be confined only to the most malfunctioned organs and their main causes, as based on a state of individual patient and periodic reevaluations. Such a narrow targeting, guided by skillful bio-resonance testing, can be accomplished based on both convincing homeopathic research and documented clinical evidence of such therapeutic agents, carrying specific energies of causative agents and organs. As an example, instead of perusing some high cholesterol numbers, which might serve a beneficial protective effect, we can enter heart arteries directly and, in case of disease, determine their causes. Following this, we can address the findings through their specific homeopathic/ energetic counterparts. Also, instead of detoxing something from the liver, colon, or brain, it is far more effective to determine their exact toxins and address these through their exact counterparts of homeopathic energetics. Proper medical intelligence gathering, as based on bio-resonance testing and its numerous confirmations in practice, has also led to a recognition of a very effective German electromagnetic protective technology, Memon, that is necessary to offset the aforementioned morbid effect of the living EMF antenna. This overall system of strictly targeted bio-energetic detoxification has produced many astounding and documented results in the experience of skilled FCT practitioners, where other methods have failed. In conclusion, with the proper exactness, the less not only becomes more, but safer, too.

Savely Yurkovsky, MD, a pediatrician, internist and cardiologist, has evolved a novel medical model that interfaces important knowledge from biology, medicine, toxicology and physics. Its primary focus is on the most important aspect of chronic diseases - its causes - along with the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic means to address these. This has transformed the often imprecise medical interventions into a far more effective, exact and predictable science. He has founded a teaching organization, SVY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd., which provides training in this medical system under the concept of FCT[R], Field Control Therapy. This concept as medicine of the future was suggested by Professor Emeritus, of Materials Science at Stanford University, William A Tiller, PhD. Dr. Yurkovsky has presented FCT[R] at many professional symposia in both the US and Europe, including the annual Bio-terrorism 2005 conference: "Unified Science & Technology for Reducing Biological Threats & Countering Terrorism" with affiliation to the Homeland Security Office, and Harvard Medical School, among others. Dr. Yurkovsky was nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for "significant contributions to the field of medicine" and "compelling vision for the future of medicine," in 2005. He has authored numerous articles and the book, The Power of Digital Medicine that was endorsed by prominent scientists from MIT, Columbia and Stanford Universities and contributed a chapter on homeopathy to the textbook of Integrative Gastroenterology, edited by the Chief of Integrative Gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins University medical school, Gerard Mullln, MD. Dr. Yurkovsky maintains a private practice in Chappaqua, New York.
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