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FCC seeks local views on cable rate regulation.

National League of Cities' Executive Director Don Borut met with the new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Reed Hundt on Thursday, December 16. The Chairman discussed with Borut plans for a series of FCC-sponsored regional hearings to be held in February to inform local officials about cable rate regulation procedures.

This meeting follows closely the Commission's move to extend, from November 15, 1993 to February 15, 1994, the freeze on cable rates subject to regulation under the Cable Act of 1992.

The meeting at the FCC was also attended by representatives from the U.S. Conference of Mayor.s,, the National Association of Counties and Bill Squadron, the president of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors.

He expressed interest in the number of cities that have certified and told Borut that the FCC has recently reorganized its Cable Services Bureau to make it more accessible to local communities.

The rate freeze extension applies to communities who have not certified, or who have certified but have not given notice to their cable operator. The rate freeze does not allow operators to increase average subscriber bills for service and equipment charges subject to regulation. This extension gives communities more time to certify and thus be able to regulate cable rates. Communities who wish to certify must submit form 328 which is available from the FCC.
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Title Annotation:Federal Communications Commission
Author:Woodson, Cara
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 20, 1993
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