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FCC Approves PulseLINK Ultra Wideband Technology For Commercial Use; Government Ruling Opens Entirely New Territory for Wireless Industry With Technology Reaching Unmatched Data Rates on an Inexpensive Chip.

SAN DIEGO -- At the Federal Communications Commission's Open Meeting today, the first Report and Order to provide for commercial approval of a new wireless technology called Ultra Wideband (UWB) was issued. The long-awaited approval paves the way for PulseLINK, a leading innovator in the development of UWB technologies, to bring its revolutionary wireless applications to market.

States Bruce Watkins, President and COO of San Diego-based PulseLINK, "The FCC's approval is a benchmark validation that recognizes the significant gains UWB can bring to public benefit." Fundamentally different in operation than any existing form of wireless communications insomuch as it does not use a frequency carrier, UWB technology promises unmatched wireless data rates, better signal penetration through walls and obstacles and ultra-precise geographic positioning using extremely low power on relatively inexpensive architectures.

In the approval ruling this morning, the FCC highlighted the "wonderful benefits for public safety and communications" and approved the "exciting technology." It also spoke of "American people rewarded with a new technology" and cited that UWB is "destined to play an important role in America's communications landscape." The technology was further described as a "potentially market breaking technology."

Used by the military under the cloak of secrecy and black projects for more than twenty years, Ultra Wideband was particularly well suited for highly secure communications and only became declassified in the last decade. In addition to providing a solution to the increasing problem of spectrum allocation, benefits cited by the FCC and others include advanced broadband wireless communications as well as precise positioning and radar capable of penetrating walls and obstacles for uses such as search and rescue.

Applications of PulseLINK's technology made possible under the approval include wireless high definition digital video networking and Local Area Networks for home and office between devices such as computers, cell phones, PDA's and other mobile handheld products, digital television and entertainment systems, cable and satellite set top boxes, security systems and virtually all consumer electronics and appliances that would benefit from wireless connectivity.

Unique to UWB is that it delivers broadband wireless communications without using an RF Carrier for its signal. Instead, data is transmitted using time and amplitude modulated pulses of less than one nanosecond in duration. UWB can peacefully co-exist with carrier frequency uses without interference, and by reusing RF spectrum it opens vast communications possibilities to ease the growing bandwidth crunch. The technology currently can deliver hundreds of megabits of wireless data, with theoretical capacity in the Gigabit range. The broad spectral nature of UWB pulses also allows these wireless communications to penetrate walls and obstacles better than existing technologies that are based on narrow bands of carrier frequency, and the extremely short timing between UWB pulses can provide positional accuracy on UWB devices to within one-centimeter resolution.

FCC Commissioners stated that today's approval represented a very conservative first step, acknowledging that the initial ruling may be over protective and that additional review and possible expansion of the approval would occur over the next six to twelve months. The current ruling is intentionally at the extreme end of what the FCC's engineers believe is necessary. Appropriate expansions to the ruling are planned to be phased in with some sense of urgency so that U.S. companies, such as PulseLINK, can maintain their current dominant technical lead in the space on an international basis.

PulseLINK, a private Delaware Corporation, is located in San Diego, California. In May, 2001, PulseLINK acquired the Intellectual Property and assets of another leading company in the Ultra Wideband field, Fantasma Networks, Inc., a spinout of Paul Allen's Interval Research. Today, PulseLINK owns over forty patents issued and pending, domestic and internationally, positioned to enable wireless broadband connectivity and interoperability between dissimilar devices with reliability and Quality of Service for UWB environments. For more information, please visit the PulseLINK web site at .


Contact: Laurie Watkins of PulseLINK, +1-858-454-3804,

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Date:Feb 14, 2002
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