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FBiH employers to file lawsuit claiming damages caused by tunnel reconstruction.

The Management Board of the of the Association of Employers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at its last session held at the beginning of this week discussed the problems with the damages the economy of BiH has suffered due to prolonged reconstruction of the Vranduk tunnel and potential consequences of the announced reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel.

At the session of the FBiH Employers' Association Board of Directors, it was pointed out that the reconstruction of the Vranduk tunnel, which began in autumn last year, has already caused enormous damage to the BiH economy, and some estimates show that the damage to the economy and population amounts to about a million KM per day.

It was also said that due to the inexistence of normal and timely communication, certain companies have been forced to shut off parts of the company located in other cities and let go of their employees.

Members of the Management Board pointed out that someone has to bear responsibility for the damage that has occurred, especially if the investor and the contractors did not provide an adequate alternative route in due time.

Namely, this route, which should be used as an alternative, has not been previously rehabilitated and prepared to be used by cargo and other motor vehicles, so it cannot be used.

The alternative route is being reconstructed simultaneously with the reconstruction of the Vranduk tunnel which is unacceptable.

The biggest responsibility for the major damages that threaten the safety of traffic on the alternative route falls on the Public Enterprise the FBiH Roads because they did not coordinate its preparation in due time to secure undisturbed passenger and freight traffic.

They also underline as questionable the length of deadlines for carrying out reconstruction works on the Vranduk tunnel, as the duration is 18 months, especially given the fact that it is the main road communication and the main economic link between north and south.

Due to all of the said above, the employers have decided to ask the Association to initiate a procedure for compensation of damages against the FBiH Roads on their behalf.

Considering that the reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel on the M17 main road has also been announced, also on one of the key roads in BiH, the Employers' Association warns the Government of FBiH and the FBiH Roads that the works on the reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel cannot start before the works on reconstruction of the Vranduk tunnel have been completed.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Jul 25, 2019
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