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FBI Laboratory Publications. (Focus on Technology).

The FBI Laboratory's Forensic Science Information Resource System staff writes, edits, and publishes information to foster communication between international forensic scientists; to provide forensic science information to law enforcement, crime scene investigators, legislators, and the general public; and to promote the work of the personnel in the FBI Laboratory.

Three of the publications include the Handbook of Forensic Services, Forensic Science Communications, and the FBI Laboratory 2000. These publications may be viewed on the FBI Web site ( Between April 1, 2001, and June 30, 2001, Forensic Science Communications received 13,176 visits while the Handbook of Forensic Services incurred 27,675 visits. The FBI Laboratory 2000 has had 7,670 visits since it was uploaded on May 29, 2001.

Handbook of Forensic Services

The Handbook of Forensic Services (formerly the Handbook of Forensic Sciences) was rewritten and published in 1999. The purpose of the Handbook is to provide guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods of collecting and preserving evidence and to describe the forensic examinations performed by the FBI Laboratory.

The Handbook is divided into five sections.

1) "Introduction" details the availability of the laboratory services, which include forensic examinations of evidence and expert witness testimonies.

2) "Evidence Submission" lists the procedures required to request evidence examinations and to package and ship evidence to the laboratory.

3) "Examinations" describes the types of evidence examinations provided and specific evidence collection and preservation techniques.

4) "Crime Scene Safety" provides familiarity of the hazards, safety precautions, and safe work practices. This section also provides training on applying these principles.

5) "Crime Scene Search" outlines the steps necessary to process a crime scene.

The Handbook is available in--

* a pocket-sized paper format;

* a CD-ROM format; and

* an on-line format that may be viewed on the FBI Web site at

Copies of the paper and CD-ROM versions of the Handbook of Forensic Services may be purchased by referencing number S/N 027-001-00080-7 and contacting the Superintendent of Documents at--

U.S. Government Printing Office

P.O. Box 371954

Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954

Telephone: 202-512-1800; Fax: 202-512-2250

Web site:

Forensic Science Communications

Forensic Science Communications (FSC) is an online, peer-reviewed forensic science journal published quarterly by FBI Laboratory personnel. This journal is a means of communication between forensic scientists, permitting information of value and interest to be rapidly disseminated among scientists and other interested persons.

FSC may be viewed free on-line at To receive notification when quarterly issues of FSC are posted, contact the staff by e-mail at

The July 2001 issue of FSC contains four research articles, guidelines for two scientific working groups, an update of FBI forensic training, lists of meetings and employment opportunities, and a links feature. Instructions for submitting manuscripts may be viewed at http.//

Submissions to FSC may be in the following forms:

* "Letter to the Editor": A brief communication presenting new technical information, discussing a previously published paper, or requesting information.

* "Review Article": A basic introduction and overview of new scientific methods and areas of forensic research or interest.

* "Research Paper or Feature Article": An in-depth discussion of current methods and specific aspects of various procedures or instrumentation.

* "Technical Article": A step-by-step description of specific analytical procedures, detailing the materials and methods used and evaluating the results.

* "Technical Note or Case Report": A new application of an existing technique or instructive findings in an unusual case.

* "Book Review": A summary and analysis of a book or publication.

* "Meetings and Job Opportunities Sections": Information about professional meetings and job opportunities in forensic science may be submitted to the staff by e-mail at for posting in FSC.

Manuscripts and other information relating to the journal may be sent to:

Dr. Dwight E. Adams, Editor

Forensic Science Communications

Federal Bureau of Investigation

J. Edgar Hoover Building, Room 3865

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20535-0001

Fax: 202-324-4323


FBI Laboratory 2000

The FBI Laboratory's report for the year 2000 highlights several laboratory initiatives and outlines a vision to guide future efforts to provide the broadest range of scientific and technical services to the law enforcement community. As with any summary, however, this report presents merely a glimpse of the laboratory's full range of capabilities and the accomplishments of its dedicated staff. The FBI Laboratory 2000 may be viewed on-line at

Ms. Wade works as a managing editor for the Forensic Science Training Unit of the Laboratory Division at FBI Headquarters in Washingon, D.C.
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