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IN TV's The X Files, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully examine UFO reports for the FBI. The real-life FBI have always officially denied they have any involvement with sightings of extra-terrestrials.

But British author Nicholas Redfern has uncovered a staggering THREE THOUSAND previously classified documents which prove that the FBI have been investigating aliens since the 1940s. Nicholas, from Walsall, West Midlands, said: "People will consider my book too fantastic for words. Indeed, much of it is incredible. But every single report is based on genuine FBI documentation."

In this exclusive adaptation of Nicholas' book The FBI Files, JOHN EARLS reveals:

The gruesome animal experimentation carried out by aliens.

How the FBI pursue anyone who believes they have seen aliens.

How UFOs have been sighted near The White House.

The genuine Men In Black whose job it is to separate witnesses' stories into fact and fiction.

The mysterious green fireballs which have defied explanation for 50 years. It's the most astonishing alien account ever - and it's all real...

For 30 years it appears that rural America has played host to an uninvited and unwelcome guest. In gruesome experiments, blood, bodily organs, fluids and glands have been removed from animals with disturbing speed and precision, giving every impression that a superior technology - far exceeding that of mankind's current knowledge of science - is at work.

All the evidence suggests that North America has in its midst a silent and deadly breed of extra-terrestrial which is literally harvesting cattle on a massive scale - and the authorities are fully aware of what is taking place.

Even more shocking is that, when the aliens grew bored of experimenting with cattle, they started mutilating humans. When he heard rumours of mutilated humans, Los Angeles police investigator-turned-journalist Don Ecker was told by a contact at the FBI's Washington head office: "Someone is sitting on something as big as Hell. If we were smart we'd simply leave this issue alone."

In 1989, New York medical examiner Bill Knell informed Ecker that several local morgues had been raided in the middle of the night.

Fresh corpses had been mutilated. In a manner disturbingly similar to how cattle were mutilated, people's eyes, thyroids, genitals, stomachs and facial parts had been removed.

Knell claimed: "The morgues wasted no time in puttting the mutilations under wraps and away from the public."

By that time the FBI were already well aware of the cattle mutilations. They first expressed an interest in 1973 - seven years after the first recorded case. That was in Colorado. Later cases occurred in Nebraska, Idaho, Missouri, New York and Arizona. In all the cases, UFOs were spotted at the same time as the attacks by witnesses who had no idea what was happening to the livestock.

In May 1973, Judy Doraty was driving home in Houston, Texas, with her family when they saw what they swear were aliens in the process of mutilating a calf.

Judy described a pale beam of yellow light in which a small brown and white calf was being taken up into a craft.

"Then I was in the craft itself," said Judy. "I saw the calf have pieces of itself cut off: the tongue, the sex organs, the eyes..."

When a hypnotherapist from the University of Wyoming asked Judy if there was anyone around her, Judy replied: "Two little men." They were about four feet tall; grey creatures with large egg-shaped heads. Former CIA pilot John Lear claims that the extra-terrestrials responsible for the cattle mutilations have a genetic disorder which has destroyed their digestive system. In order to sustain themselves, they use an enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from animal tissue. This tissue can only be found in cattle - and humans.

In 1978, officers in New Mexico - at State Senator Harrison Schmitt's request - investigated 15 cases dating back three years.

Police officer Gabe Valdez, in charge of investigating the mutilations, had told Schmitt of one particularly startling case from rancher Manuel Gomez on April 24.

The mutilation seemed standard - none of the three-year-old cow's blood was found at the site, despite having its tongue, rectum and udder removed.

But there were marks which gave the impression that some form of aerial object had landed before carrying out the grisly attack.

Valdez wrote: "A suspected aircraft had landed twice, leaving three pod marks 14 inches in diameter positioned in a triangular shape.

"Emanating from the two landings were smaller triangular-shaped tripods 28 inches apart and four inches in diameter. Investigations showed that these small tripods had followed the cow for approximately 600 metres.

"Tracks of the cow showed where she had struggled and fallen. The small tripod tracks were all around the cow. Other evidence showed that grass around the tripods, as they followed the cow, had been scorched. A yellow oily substance was located in two places under the small tripods. Our lab was unable to detect the content of the substance.

"A sample of this substance was submitted to a private lab and they were also unable to analyze the substance due to the fact it disappeared or disintegrated.

"Skin samples from the cow analyzed by the State Police Lab and the Medical Examiner's office revealed the skin had been cut with a sharp instrument."

Valdez contacted retired laboratory scientist Dr Howard Burgess to conduct a radiation test - and the results were astounding. All around the tripod marks and in the immediate tracks, the radiation level was found to be twice that of normal.

Officer Valdez therefore concluded: "Radiation findings are deliberately being left at the scene to confuse investigators."

In the three days between Valdez's first visit and his return with Dr Burgess, the tripod had returned.

Valdez's report said: "Tripod marks were found over Gomez's tyre tracks from his original visit to the site. The left ear, which had been intact for my initial visit, had been removed. The tranquilizing drug atropine was found in its blood stream.

"The cow had a three-month-old calf which has not been located since the incident. This appears strange since a small calf normally stays around the mother even when she is dead." Valdez ruled out the mutilations as being the work of either natural predators or a satanic cult.

A four-page report to the FBI's head office in Washington in 1979, from FBI special agent Forrest Putman, made it clear that Valdez's investigations were being taken very seriously.

A 50,000-dollar FBI investigation was launched in April but it left many - including Senator Schmitt - dissatisfied. Four months after launching the inquiry, its director Kenneth Rommel hadn't contacted Valdez, to which Senator Schmitt commented: "That doesn't sound like complete investigating to me."

By the end of July, the FBI's Albuquerque office stated: "Since being instructed to investigate this matter, there have been no new mutilations. In view of this... the Albuquerque office is placing this matter in a closed status."

It added that there had been no factual evidence to suggest the mutilations had been the work of anything other than scavengers. Yet Rommel had refused to investigate the case of rancher Manuel Gomez! An internal memo by FBI agent Forrest Putman said their own investigation, limiting itself to investigating 15 cases, "would be seeking to acheive an almost impossible task".

Did the FBI uncover something so shocking that the public had to be kept in the dark at all costs? After all, if the mutilations were the work of natural predators then why is Kenneth Rommel's 297-page report entirely closed to the public?


IT must be terrifying enough to believe you have seen an extra-terrestrial. But what happens afterwards, when the government gets to hear about people's claims, can be even more unsettling for witnesses.

The FBI has dozens of files on people who claim to have seen aliens. One of the earliest to come to their attention was New Mexico aeronautical engineer Daniel Fry.

On July 4, 1949, Fry claimed he met an advanced alien who "wants

everyone to understand the truth about our existence and how we can spiritually profit from extra-terrestrial contact."

Six years later, following news that Fry was to give a speech to the Detroit Flying Saucer Club, an FBI memo said: "Fry claims saucer clubs have actually received messages from outer space...

"He feels saucers do exist, have been seen by many people and claims he has seen them himself. He feels the purpose of contacts with Earth is limited at this time to preparing people to receive landings from outer space.

"He said the saucers are friendly and that messages received indicate all planets but Earth have contacted outer space. Outer space people consider those on Earth the lowest form of universal existence."

The FBI seem to have taken an August 1954 memo more seriously, as parts of it are still heavily censored.

It refers to an unnamed woman who described seeing two spaceships from which she received messages. The ships were "150 miles wide, 200 miles long and 100 miles in depth...these ships are designated as M-4 and L-11 and they also contain mother ships which measure approximately 150-200 feet in length. `Affa' is the Commander of the M-4 ship from Uranus and `Ponnar' is the Commander of the L-11 ship from Hatann... `Affa' and `Ponnar' are presently working the area of the Pacific Ocean repairing `fault lines' which are in danger of breaking..."

But the most detailed file is that of George Adamski, a leading UFO researcher from the 1950s and '60s. His files date back to 1950 when a censored source told the FBI's San Diego office of a three-mile-high UFO Adamski witnessed.

But the FBI started to thoroughly investigate Adamski after a 1952 memo in which Adamski stated: "If you ask me, they (aliens) have a communist form of government and our American government wouldn't release that kind of information, naturally."

Paranoid about communism at the height of the Cold War, the FBI continued to keep files on Adamski for ten years. One FBI document stated that Adamski was officially considered "a security matter".

In January 1953 the FBI investigated Adamski's claim that he possessed a machine which could "draw UFOs and airplanes down from the sky".

Concerned that the machine - which supposedly worked by cutting magnetic lines of force - would damage American aircraft he asked for a meeting with the FBI. This took place on January 12, 1953. Adamski claimed the machine was the invention of someone who "wasn't entirely loyal", who was himself then investigated.

Adamski added details of his famous sighting of a 5ft tall alien in a Californian desert.

From March of that year, Adamski gave himself additional trouble when he addressed a California UFO club by saying his speech had been cleared by the FBI and USAF intelligence.

Representatives of both organisations visited Adamski at the cafe he managed, with an FBI report saying he was "severely admonished".

FBI interest then lessened until 1959 when Adamski's tour of New Zealand was heavily monitored. An American Embassy report was also forwarded to the army, navy, air force and CIA. The report concluded that audiences "gave forth a certain amount of incredulous murmuring" at Adamki's tales.

Other than a report ten months later concerned at Adamski's pro-Soviet ideology, that was the end of FBI interest until Adamski's death in 1965.

However, there are also detailed reports on at least three other people who claim to have contacted aliens in FBI files which have since been declassified. George Williamson and Truman Bethurum have several reports in files - but California airfield boss George Van Tassel had a dozen reports starting in November 1954.

Van Tassel's final file, in August 1965, states he is "quite subversive and in conflict with the interests of the United States". Van Tassel died in 1978, broken by the lack of acceptance of his claims of alien contact.


Men In Black, the hit film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, was based on rumours that the FBI have agents who investigate the background of people who claim to have seen aliens. The movie was a comedy but the real men in black seem much more sinister. In 1952, Albert Bender established the UFO society International Flying Saucer Bureau in Connecticut. A year later Bender suddenly disbanded the IFSB. He claimed three men in black suits had mysteriously visited him.

"I'd been overcome with dizziness and went to my bedroom," Bender recalled years later. "I suddenly became aware of three shadowy figures in the room. All of them were dressed in black clothes.

"The faces weren't clear, for their hats hid and shaded them. Feelings of fear left me, then the eyes of all three figures lit up like flashbulbs. It was then I sensed they were telepathically conveying a message to me."

That message, he said, was that the men in black would reveal the true details of UFOs in exchange for his silence. Bender stayed silent for ten years. His experience was the first of hundreds of similar cases. Typically, men in black visit UFO researchers and witnesses. They dress entirely in black except for white shirts, are short and frequently painfully thin with Oriental or Spanish features. Their English is poor.

MIB researcher John Keel was visited in 1963 by what he calls The Cadavers. "They look like they've been dead a long time," says Keel. "Their clothes hang on them, their flesh is pasty white. But we have no idea what these fellows are about. They're very elusive when you approach them."

Even the FBI's own employees are said to have been harassed by these strange men. In August 1972, FBI clerk Patricia Hyde witnessed a strange batlike object flying over Arcadia, Florida.

After starting research into UFOs, Hyde was visited at her flat by an unusual-looking Oriental man. "Miss Hyde," he said. "You will stop investigating flying saucers!"

Patricia was visited several more times before giving up her research - and resigning from the FBI.


ON 19, 20, 26 and 27 July 1952, US Air Force staff witnessed repeated sightings of unknown objects in Washington airspace. Washington is where both The White House and FBI headquarters are located.

A two-page USAF document said: "This incident involved unidentified targets observed on the radar scopes at the Traffic Control Centre, Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base. In addition, visual observations were reported by pilots of commercial and CAA aircraft.

"Pilot Bill Schreve reported that he spotted five objects giving off a light glow ranging from orange to white."

Within hours of the USAF report being completed, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover instructed his USAF liaison N.W. Philcox to see what happened and to ascertain USAF opinions on UFOs in general.

USAF intelligence commander Randall Boyd told Philcox: "The air force has failed to arrive at any satisfactory conclusion in its research regarding numerous flying saucer reports."

Philcox was also told that air intelligence had set up a centre in Ohio devoted to researching UFO reports.

Philcox reported to FBI colleagues: "I was told that two or three per cent of sightings are seen not only by pilots but are corroborated by either a ground-based source or by radar.

"These are the most credible reports and are difficult to explain."

Boyd's bombshell, however, was when he told Philcox: "It's not entirely impossible that the objects sighted may possibly be ships from another planet. Air intelligence is fairly certain that these objects are not ships from another nation in this world."

On April 6, 1956, an FBI employee known only as Miss Richards told how she saw a UFO while travelling from FBI headquarters to North Carolina. An FBI memo, after Miss Richards' detailed description, stated: "Miss Richards is one of our best employees, and heretofore she has placed little credence in flying saucer stories. Had she and her fiance not both seen the same object, she'd have been inclined to think she was imagining something."

The FBI have never revealed their findings of Richards' encounter...

A 36-page report prepared by the OSI forwarded to the FBI shows that from 1949 to 1950 dozens of similar sightings were recorded throughout New Mexico.

In a still partly censored memo the USAF revealed it had established a number of observation posts in New Mexico to photograph and record the speed, height and nature of the "unusual phenomena" in a 24-hour watch designated Project Twinkle.

On August 23, 1950, FBI assistant director Mickey Ladd received a memo which stated the OSI was still expressing concern in connection with "the continued appearance of unexplained phenomena described as green fireballs, discs and meteors in the vicinity of sensitive installations in New Mexico... Since 1948 there have been approximately 150 observations of such aerial phenomena."

Ladd wrote a memo to J Edgar Hoover on October 9 in response to that memo regarding Project Twinkle's progress.

The memo read: "You will recall the investigation to obtain information concerning these aerial phenomena is the jurisdiction of the Department of the Air Force. They are aware of our jurisdiction in matters relating to espionage, sabotage and internal security.

"We have contacted OSI and requested them to advise us of any developments in connection with these phenomena which would be of interest to us." Ladd added that the USAF investigation "fails to indicate that the sightings involved space ships or missiles from any other planet or country."

Author Nicholas Redfern claims this is in itself curious. The FBI's own meteor expert Dr La Paz was adamant that the fireballs weren't natural phenomena - in the many official Project Twinkle declassified documents, none give any grounds for believing that the fireballs originated within a domestic military project.

Dr La Paz did offer the theory that the fireballs were Russians practising unarmed missiles which - if successful - would then be fitted with atomic warheads.

Yet Redfern asserts that if the USSR had the capability to launch dozens of fully-primed atomic missiles at the USA at speeds of 27,000mph - and those same objects had the ability to remain unseen until they were literally over their targets - then the Cold War would quickly have become much hotter!

The implications of such a vehicle crashing in enemy territory would be incalculable. So if the fireballs were neither natural phenomena nor American or Soviet in origin then what possibilities remain?

Dr La Paz's comments in his five-page memo to the FBI that the fireball sightings dropped at the same time as flying saucer sightings rose leads Redfern to conclude that the phenomena are linked. This is backed by a declassified USAF document of October 28, 1947 that "it's the considered opinion of some elements of the USAF that flying saucers represent interplanetary craft of some kind."

By 1951 it was recommended that Project Twinkle be disbanded because "the gist of the findings are essentially negative".

Yet, as Dr La Paz recognised, many of the reports simply didn't fit in with accepted meteor theory.

Also - as air force sightings in August and September 1950 show - the USAF continued to believe the fireball phenomenon existed.

And incidents almost identical to those in New Mexico still surface throughout the world. So the chances that they're the results of some obscure 1940s governmental project becomes ever more remote. In the mid-1980s, for example, the Indian Point nuclear complex in New York was plagued with visitations from numerous unidentified aerial craft. Many were boomerang or ice-cream cone shaped.

And a British witness, Simon Miller, saw something remarkably similar in Somerset at 7pm on October 17, 1995.

Together with his son and two of his son's friends, they were driving to a village called Mark when Simon saw "a green light" in his windscreen.

"I thought it was a reflection," said Simon. "But after half-a-mile the green light appeared at the rear of us.

"It was shaped like a spinning top and followed us for five miles tracking us along the country road.

"When we stopped at a T-junction the green light also stopped. My son is 15 and his friends are 13 and 14 and they were all hysterical. It finally stopped following us as we approached a well-lit motorway service area."

There is obviously a remarkable similarity between Simon Miller's evidence and those detailed in FBI memos. So, were alien visitors monitoring the USA's prized defence installations? If so, where are they now?

Do they continue to maintain surveillance over us, watching our technology advance? The experiences at Somerset and Indian Point seem to suggest they are...

Adapted from The FBI Files by Nicholas Redfern, published by Simon & Schuster, pounds 16.99. For your chance to read the story in full at a discounted price, order your copy now. Simply send a cheque or postal order for pounds 15.99 made payable to MGN TP292 to the following address: FBI Files Book Offer, TP292, PO Box 27, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 9ZA.

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