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 Fax Resource Network Fax Supports Windows And DOS Users Site-wide
 WAKEFIELD, N.H., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Resource Partners, Inc. announces the most powerful and sophisticated network fax system so far, boasting advanced features, transparent operation and very competitive pricing. It offers site-wide Windows and DOS users easy single-instance and broadcast faxing, and works over any server-based or peer-to-peer network; it also works with Windows word processors to perform merge faxing. Standard configurations support up to 32 fax lines and custom configurations can support hundreds, by far more than anything in its category. It allows both manual and automatic routing, forwarding and (plain paper) printing of incoming faxes. It saves "archives" of incoming and outgoing faxes; pages from these archives can readily combine into new faxes. It supports page annotations, completely custom cover pages and more. New Fax Resource(TM) Network Fax software is available starting at $1,295 (for 250 users, plus $1,000 per additional 250-user license increments; all prices suggested US resale at participating certified resellers or direct; reseller inquiries invited). ISA fax hardware cards (one needed per line) are each $995. It also supports up to four off-the-shelf Class-2 modem cards (ask about certification for specific models) per server. A working model of the software (sans hardware, so it just "pretends" to send and receive) is available at no charge.
 Each Fax Resource Network Fax server can support up to six separate lines; multiple servers combine transparently to support larger line arrays. A user can broadcast a single fax over all lines at once, if circumstances require it, and find the connection results for all calls reported in the system's comprehensive statistical and journal logs. The fax server can be a relatively inexpensive 386SX PC with as little as 1 MB of RAM and a monochrome display.
 Fax Resource Network can route incoming faxes to any combination of locations on the network and outside fax numbers. In addition to default routing instructions, Fax Resource Network allows special routing instructions for each incoming line. It also lets users stipulate special routing instructions for faxes from specific machines, based on the machine's automatic self-identification (CSID); this is where a fax machine owner generally records the name or number of a fax machine that appears on the top of transmitted pages.
 Merge faxing is one of the most-demanded, least-delivered abilities of network fax services, and a strength of Fax Resource Network. Just as merge printing creates multiple versions of a page, each customized to a single addressee, merge faxing works with most Windows word processing software to create custom pages that each invisibly embed a fax number. As a result, it automatically faxes each custom letter to its addressee.
 Fax Resource Network also has one of the most advanced fax file viewer/editor/annotators in the category. It can insert or remove pages, add text notes in any available size and font, blank out sensitive material, paste bitmap graphics from other applications via the Windows clipboard and more. It can store, print, route or fax, the resulting file. And it works with any saved outgoing or incoming fax file. Also, users can create custom cover pages; the full page (not just the top, as with some such features in competing products) is editable.
 For additional information contact Resource Partners, Inc., Meadow Street, Box 689, Wakefield, NH 03872; 603-522-9500; fax: 603-522-9747.
 Fax Resource(TM) is a trademark of Resource Partners, Inc.
 -0- 1/11/94
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Contact Martin Winston, Newstips, Inc., 13993 Sweetbriar Lane, Novelty, OH 44072; 216-338-8400; fax, 216-338-3480.
 Black & white or color photography is available from Resource Partners on request. Reviewers: Please submit letter or electronic mail request/
 /CONTACT: Louise Horton of Resource Partners, Inc., 603-522-9500/

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Date:Jan 11, 1994

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