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 NEW YORK, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Fax Focus Ltd., a Colorado publisher, announced today the introduction of Auto Point, a new fax information service that lets manufacturers and distributors in the automotive industry quickly and reliably communicate product information, pricing, incentives and promotions to customers or prospects globally.
 Using the latest communications and information technology, Auto Point provides a package of easy-to-use business services designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of the entire automobile industry including the factory, the dealership, the crash market and the aftermarket. These services include: Broadcast Fax transmission in which a single fax is sent simultaneously to many customers or prospects, On-Demand Fax where clients telephone in to request that specific information be faxed back to them, and Auto Point News which provides industry specific information to help manufacturers follow general news and industry related issues.
 The Auto Point Broadcast Fax service was built as a marketing tool for the automotive industry. Broadcast fax can replace direct mail and provide an efficient and cost-effective means for timely distribution of information. The Fax Focus communications system monitors the transmission continuously, immediately notifying Fax Focus staff members if a problem exists, and sending a confirmation to manufacturers of the date and exact time when their information was delivered. Manufacturers can maintain their own distribution list of customers and prospects or they may find it convenient to have Fax Focus staff members maintain the list for them, ensuring the highest levels of security, confidentiality and accuracy. The Fax Focus staff works closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the list of customers and prospects is kept up-to-date.
 The Auto Point On-Demand Fax service is an automated system that allows customers and prospects to dial the Fax Focus number to request specialized information from manufacturers and distributors, such as product specifications, installation instructions, or special promotional information. With business constantly changing, manufacturers need a system that will enable them to keep this information current, Auto Point provides a mechanism for keeping information up-to-date and eliminates the expense of mailing updates out each time there is a change. All information faxed is branded with the manufacturer's or distributor's corporate logo, ensuring maximum market visibility.
 "The Auto Point On-Demand Fax service provides manufacturers with a more cost-effective and timely system to promote products and services than is currently available using direct mail," said Jeanne L'Episcopo, vice president of Fax Focus. She added, "Instead of paying to mail or fax pages and pages of product specifications to every installer they work with, manufacturers can fax a list of products, each with a code number, the installers can dial a toll-free number, enter the product code for the information they want, and within minutes the information is automatically faxed back to them."
 In addition to timely distribution of pricing and promotional information, Auto Point supplies manufacturers and distributors with all the information they need to identify market trends, follow regulatory issues, and make informed decisions. Auto Point News summarizes the latest news affecting the automotive industry and faxes the headlines to manufacturers each day. Full text is easily retrievable for stories of special interest. The service can be entirely customized according to the information in which each customer has an interest, and News Alerts on breaking stories will be faxed throughout the day.
 Auto Point's Executive Briefing provides a customized summary of business news from The Associated Press and other leading news sources, while market monitor lists closing quotes on stocks, bonds, treasuries and other financial indices that the industry watches regularly. Auto Point News also includes weather coverage so that just-in-time manufacturers may plan their schedules accordingly.
 Headquartered in Colorado, Fax Focus Ltd. is a fax-based information publisher, providing specialized information, broadcast and on-demand fax products to the automotive, mortgage and hotel industries.
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