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Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age

John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle

"Uakle and Sculle] are not into breast-beating or finger-pointing. Their mission, in this meticulously detailed study of the origins and growth of fast-food chains in the 20th century, is to understand the reasons such enterprises succeeded or failed, how the automobile affected the architectural subculture of the urban fringe, and what kinds of people have succeeded in the cutthroat business of persuading motorists to stop for a Whopper and a Super-Size order of fries... But enough nostalgia. Jakle and Sculle offer a refreshing draft of realism. "--Karal Ann Marling, New York Times Book Review

The Road and American Culture Drake Hokanson, Series Editor, and George F. Thompson, Series Director

$34.95 hardcover

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Title Annotation:Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age
Publication:Business History Review
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 22, 2000
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