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FASHION: Stylish spirits; Christina Cole and Jemima Rooper, the glamorous stars of Sky One's spooky new drama Hex, tell us about lesbian ghosts and snogging in their undies...

Byline: Words: Jenny Cockle.

Christina Cole, 23, from Oxfordshire, plays Cassie (above, centre):

`Everyone's calling Hex the UK version of Buffy, which is great because I love Buffy. I wouldn't dare say I was the new Sarah Michelle Gellar, but if this show is half as successful, that would be fantastic. It's more of a chick flick - it's about two adolescent girls growing up in a haunted boarding school.

I'm a bit superstitious and I have a ritual of things I go through before auditions, but I wasn't worried about doing a spooky show like this. Jemima and I play best friends, although her character is a lesbian with a crush on me. At the start of the series, my character Cassie is quite an introvert and a bit nerdy, so she wears thick-knit cardigans. But then she becomes more confident and has more of a hippy-surfer style. At one point, she becomes possessed, and wears some really sexy outfits. There were a few underwear scenes I wasn't too comfortable with. Jemima and I had to do some lesbian kissing scenes, so we were both going, "Can you keep on that side so my cellulite doesn't show?" It was very funny.

I love clothes, particularly from All Saints. I don't have enough money to be a shopaholic, but I wish I did. I love the cropped tweed trousers from this shoot - I'd definitely wear those. But normally I'm not quite as "hippy chic" as this.

As an actress, you do feel under pressure to look good, so I go to the gym to keep in shape. I've never done any modelling before. I've been told I'm too curvy and, to be honest, I do have a bum. Like any girl, I have fat and ugly days. My boyfriend Mark is always going, "Oh shut up! Your bum doesn't look too big in that!"'

Jemima Rooper, 22, from west London, plays Thelma:

`I'd worked with the producers of Hex before, on Channel 4's As If. A year ago, I got a call saying they had the perfect character for me. I was so excited, then I got the script and discovered I'd be playing a lesbian ghost. Nice one, guys! It was weird playing my death scene - I get stabbed in the first episode. The worst part was when my dead body was dragged out of a lake. The water was freezing and I had to lie still which was impossible, as my body was convulsing. Unfortunately I died in a lacy party dress so I couldn't wear a wetsuit underneath.

But Thelma is a lovely character. She's very comfortable with herself and has her own identity. Her style is a bit wacky and off-the-wall. My costumes are nearly all red and black. I have a great PVC coat with black and white polka dots, and little red dresses. I also wear spotted wellies in a couple of scenes. I wouldn't wear that kind of stuff myself, but it's fun to wear it on screen. I also had to have a weird haircut - short on one side and long on the other.

For myself, I like vintage stuff. I love the clothes on today's shoot, although I'm not usually this well co-ordinated.'

Hex starts tonight at 9pm on Sky One

Christina (left) wears: top, pounds 45, Warehouse; skirt, pounds 29, Zara; faux-fur jacket, pounds 39.99, River Island

Jemima (right) wears: dress, pounds 35, Per Una at Marks & Spencer; scarf, pounds 18.99, and bracelet, pounds 8, both Accessorize

For where to buy, see p70


Fashion: Charlotte Adsett, assisted by: AJ Foronda. Photography: Chloe Mallett. Hair: Melissa Brown using Paul Mitchell. Make-up: Lica Fensome using Bobbi Brown. Christina (left) wears; dress, pounds 34.99, River Island; jeans, pounds 25,
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 17, 2004
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