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RUTHIN, Tues, Apr 16 Remarks: Increased entry of spring lambs and good quality about. Strong lambs topped at 364.7ppk to return a very good average of 275.9ppk.

Good hogget numbers forward with good demand. Medium weights at a premium with a number of heavier hoggs about.

Another excellent cull ewe trade with good entry.

Spring Lambs: 327 entries, to 364.7, av 275.9; Lights to 240.8, av 240.8; Standards to 241.9, av 240.6; Mediums to 364.7, av 279; Heavys to 350, av 275.9; Overs to 278.7, av 252.3. Prime hoggets: 1,975 entries, av 196.2; Lights to 217.2, av 184.2; Standards to 241, av 199.2; Mediums to 235.4, av 203.5; Heavys to 228.3, av 189.1; Overs to 186.8, av 165.3. Cull sheep: 640 entries, av PS56.71; Tex ewes to PS105; Suffewes to PS84; Tex rams to PS130; Lleyn rams to PS62; Char ewes to PS70; Char ram to PS130; Belt ewes to PS88; Welsh ewes to PS58; Welsh rams to PS55. Prime cattle: 3 entries. Heifers to 233 (PS1,232.25), av 231.2.

Top prices: Lambs (ppk) -AG & MT Davies, Llys; Lambs (PS140ph) -A Handley & Partners, Oaktree Farm; Hoggets (ppk) -GO Roberts, Dolfeurig; Hoggets (PS110ph) -JD Pierce, Bryn Deunydd; Cull sheep -JO Griffith, Ty'n Rhos; Prime cattle -HJ & FJ Williams, Maes Gadfa. GAERWEN, Tues, Apr 16 Remarks: Store cattle met a brisk trade, up on last week. OTMs were also strong, with a keen demand for cows & calves too.

Store cattle: 325 entries. Steers: Overall av PS815; 12m Char to PS770; 18m Char to PS1,100; 24m Char to PS1,240; 12m Lim to PS1,040; 18m Lim to PS1,090; 24m Lim to PS1,230; 12m BB to PS850; 18m BB to PS920; 24m BB to PS1,160; 12m Sim to PS845; 24m Sim to PS1,100; 12m Hfd to PS815; 18m Hfd to PS925; 24m Hfd to PS1,040; 18m Fries to PS750; 24m Fries to PS835; 18m AA to PS840; 24m AA to PS980; 24m WB to PS1,030; 18m Shorthorn to PS1,085. Heifers: Overall av PS875; 12m Char to PS900; 18m Char to PS1,050; 24m Char to PS1,200; 12m Lim to PS810; 18m Lim to PS950; 24m Lim to PS1,290; 12m BB to PS600; 18m BB to PS920; 24m BB to PS1,025; 12m Sim to PS730; 24m Sim to PS1,200; 12m Hfd to PS510; 18m Hfd to PS815; 24m Hfd to PS970; 18m Fries to PS400; 18m AA to PS920; 24m WB to PS860. OTM: 31 entries, av 113; Best cows 120-151; Other cows 70-115. Cows & calves: 5 entries, PS950-PS1,360, av PS1,090. Top prices: Steers (PS1,240) -JE & M Hughes, Hafodty, Rhydwyn, Caergybi; Heifers (PS1,290) -RW Hughes, Nant Heilyn, Llangoed; OTM (ppk & PS1,032ph) -T Ponsonby, Bwlch Y Fen Bentir, Tyn Lon; Cow & calves -TGP Owen, Merddyn Gwyn Mawr, Pentraeth; Stock bull (PS1,066) -AE Williams, Cae Mawr, Rhiwlas.

MOLD, Mon, Apr 15 Remarks: A pleasing show of lambs, with some excellent quality on show. A large show of beef met another firm trade.

Fewer cows about with another outstanding trade.

Easter prize sale: Judge -Daniel Morris, Butcher, Denbigh. Spring lambs: Singles -J & AJ Davies, Trelan, Cilcain to 353 (PS127). Pairs -J & AJ Davies, to 339 (PS129). Pen -J & AJ Davies, to 350 (PS133). All were bought by the judge, Daniel Morris, for his Denbigh shop. Top price heifer: AS & GD Jennings, Convent Farm, Pantasaph, 610kg to 231 (PS1,409) to CJ's Butchers, Mold. Top price steer: GW & S Jones, Cae Goronwy, Llansannan, 600kg to 224 (PS1,344) to Emyr Williams for Field Fresh Ltd. Top price bull: D Roberts, Cornel y Cae, Lloc, 635kg to 220 (PS1,397) to GP Jones, Wrexham, for Najib & Son, Derby.

Prime cattle: 139 entries. Highlights: Top 10 beef av 221.10 (PS1,433); Top 20 beef av 216.75 (PS1,396); Top 30 beef av 211.77 (PS1,364). U30m hfrs: Hvy Cont to 231 (PS1,409), av 205.83; Med Cont to 220, av 197.85; Lgt Cont to 224, av 203.29; Hvy native to 201 (PS1,276), av 174.89; Med native to 194, av 183.20; Lgt native to 146. U30m strs: Hvy Cont to 213 (PS1,431), av 196.50; Med Cont to 224, av 201.54; Lgt Cont to 224, av 224; Hvy native to 196 (PS1,350), av 187.13; Med native to 204, av 177.71; Lgt native to 180, av 176.67; Hvy Fries to 170; Med Fries to 176, av 168.20; Lgt Fries to 182. U30 bulls: Hvy Cont 216 (PS1,458), av 190.75; Med Cont to 220, av 207.50; Lgt Cont 201, av 186.50; Hvy native to 170; Med native to 172; Lgt native to 160; Med Fries to 130, av 125.80. 30-36m hfrs: Hvy Cont to 180, av 175; Med Cont to 178; Hvy native to 115; Med native to 160, av 153.50; Lgt native to 125, av 125. 30-36m strs: Hvy Cont to 194 (PS1,425), av 187.67; Med Cont to 190, av 179.86; Hvy native to 186 (PS1,311); Med native to 182; Hvy Fries to 139; Med Fries to 110; Lgt Fries to 105. O36m hfrs: Hvy Cont to 194 (PS1,488), av 172.80; Med Cont to 143; Lgt Cont to 142; Hvy native to 154; Med native to 149. O36m strs: Hvy Fries to 156, av 129.50; Med Fries to 125, av 124. Cull cows: 56 entries. 6yo Lim to 194 (PS1,484); 4yo Lim to 180 (PS1,125); 12yo Lim cow to 170 (PS1,232); 4yo BB to 159 (PS1,049); Top 8 beef av 155 (PS1,087); Overall beef av 135.70; Hols/Fries cows to 129 (PS1,012); BB/Fries to 122 (PS910); Hols to 120 (PS852); BB/Hols to 120 (PS849); MRI to 118 (PS808); BS to 118 (PS737); Fries to 116 (PS846); Top 10 dairy av 119 (PS850); Overall dairy av 107.40. Cull bulls: 1 entry, av 301.70; BB/Fries to 109. Lambs: 76 entries. Standards to 353, av 310.20; Mediums to 350, av 278.50; Heavys to 246, av 243.50. Hoggets: 106 entries, av 202.40; Standards to 211, av 200.50; Mediums to 207, av 203.60; Heavys to 190, av 185.80. Ewes: 31 entries, av PS62.35; Ewes to PS79; Rams to PS80.

WELSHPOOL, Mon, Apr 15 Remarks: A greatly increased number of spring lambs on offer, with 56 vendors, which sold to a slower trade than in recent weeks. Keen bidding for the better meated, handier weight lambs.

Heavier weight lambs continue to be the most difficult to sell, with lighter lambs being in greater demand due to the lack of these types in the hoggets.

In the spring lamb show, the champion pen were five 35.5kg lambs from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm. These were bought for PS120 (338ppk) by Rikki Lloyd Butchers, Welshpool.

Mr Tomlinson also consigned the reserve champion pen with his 45kg lambs selling to PS118 (262ppk).

The champion Suffolk lambs from L & PA Morris & Sons, Mount Farm, weighed 40kg and sold to PS103.50 (259ppk).

A very large entry of hoggets sold for slightly less than last week. Heavier hoggs generally went for PS95 to PS100, with better quality tups selling well.

Strong demand still for small, lighter hoggs but there was a slightly slower trade for mid-range export weight hoggs (40-48kg). With hogg supply exceeding the Easter demand, lower prices were expected this week.

Solid trade for an increased entry of cull ewes. The overall average was down PS3.80 on last week but the ewes were not as strong as last week. Good meated Welsh ewes still sold to a terrific trade, with the best reaching PS77.50.

Spring lamb show: Judge -S Smith. Lambs up to 36kg: 1) C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; 2) NC & AGM Davies, Penysir; 3) MJ Davies, Caerafon. Lambs over 36.5kg: 1) C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; 2) ET Greenow, Gorffwysfa; 3) EG & AW Pugh, Cefn. Lambs sired by a Suffram: 1) L & PA Morris & Sons, Mount Farm; 2) Delves & Co, Craven Centre. Lambs sired by a Char ram: 1) JA Gwalchmai, Minffordd; 2 & 3) DS Jerman, Gwernau.

OTM: 22 entries, av 127.21; OTM cows (13) to 172 (PS1468.80), av 126.69 (PS891.90); 48-72m cows (3) to 155 (PS1,402.7), av 132.92 (PS882.59); U72m bulls (1) to 137 (PS1,331.64). Prime lambs: 854 entries. Lights (53) to 259, av 255.35; Standards (368) to 338, av 257.57; Mediums (367) to 262, av 242.7; Heavys (62) to 239, av 217.9. Hoggets: 4685 entries, to 233 (PS110), av 233; Lights (185) to 216, av 200.66; Standards (633) to 230, av 210.40; Mediums (1697) to 233, av 211.91; Heavys (1111) to 227, av 196.04. Cull ewes: 2,332 entries, av PS64.45; Tex to PS146; Char to PS109; Suffto PS102.50; Mule to PS80.50; Romney to PS77.50; Welsh to PS77.50; Beulah to PS70; Speckled to PS63; Cull rams (54) to PS111, av PS68.43. Couples: 300+ entries, av PS121.76 (PS49.59pl); Tex x singles to PS242; Tex x doubles av PS84pl; Suffsingles to PS142, doubles to PS217; Mule singles to PS158, doubles to PS178; Welsh singles to PS101, doubles to PS119; Speck singles to PS70, doubles to PS140.

Top prices: OTM (ph) -Roberts & Jones, Parc; OTM (ppk) -CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall; Lambs -C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; Hoggets (ppk) -F Cornes, Lythwood Farm; Hoggets (ph) -RA Davies, Llwynderw; Cull ewes -EL Evans & Co, Green Farm; Couples -Miss S Jones, Arbenning.

GAERWEN, Mon, Apr 15 Remarks: Couples sold to an easier trade.

Couples: 120 entries. Singles: Overall av PS85; Suffto PS132; Tex to PS120; Lleyn to PS120; XBred to PS118; Easy to PS118; Wilt to PS116; Zwart to PS110; Mule to PS106; Welsh to PS75. Doubles: Overall av PS100; Char to PS188; Jacob to PS168; Suffto PS154; Zwart to PS144; Belt to PS144; Mule to PS120; Speck to PS92; Welsh to PS76. Top prices: Singles -TJ Jones, Wern Farm, Porthmadog; Doubles -HF Owen, Glanrafon, Llanedwen.

ST ASAPH, Sat, Apr 13 Remarks: Hoggets a touch easier with a top price of PS89.

Hoggets: 141 entries. Super-Superlights to PS20, av 108.11; Superlights to 165 (PS40.50), av 161.67; Lights to 186 (PS53), av 182.52; Standards to 188 (PS61), av 165.88; Mediums to 189 (PS85), av 142.9; Heavys to 187 (PS89), av 155.1; Overs to PS80, av 145.45. Old ewes: 17 entries. Ewes to PS60, av PS49.44; Rams to PS35. Couples: 318 entries. Mule doubles to PS165, singles to PS98; Suffolk doubles to PS110, singles to PS102; Lleyn doubles to PS145; HalfBred doubles to PS112; XBred doubles to PS85, singles to PS130; Welsh doubles to PS88, singles to PS96; Speck doubles to PS98, singles to PS85; Herdwick doubles to PS70, singles to PS75; Badger doubles to PS68, singles to PS75; Tex singles to PS130; Beulah singles to PS85; Dorset singles to PS88.

DOLGELLAU, Fri, Apr 12 Grazing cows: 7 entries. Sal x to PS800; WB to PS692. Breeding bulls: 1 entry. 8yo ped Char to PS1,580. Store cattle: 243 entries. Heifers: 27m Lim x to PS850; 24m Char x to PS1,170; 24m Hfd x to PS910; 22m Char x to PS1,005; 22m WB to PS850; 18m Char x to PS1,155; 18m Sal x to PS942; 18m Lim x to PS1,148; 16m Lim x to PS1,008; 16m Hfd x to PS950; 16m Lim x to PS1,078; 14m Sal x to PS872; 14m Lim x to PS1,085; 12m Char x to PS900; 10m Sim x to PS668. Steers: 24m WB to PS1,172; 24m Sal to PS1,218; 22m WB to PS1,148; 22m Char x to PS1,282; 20m BB x to PS1,100; 20m Sal to PS1,198; 20m Lim x to PS1,090; 18m WB to PS1,010; 18m Lim x to PS1,225; 18m Sal x to PS1,152; 18m Char x to PS1,185; 16m Sal to PS1,158; 16m ped WB to PS1,070; 16m Char x to PS1,100; 16m Lim x to PS1,132; 14m Char x to PS1,142; 12m Sal to PS848; 12m Char x Sal to PS1,175; 12m Hfd x to PS825; 11m Char x to PS1,012. Sheep: 446 entries. Cast ewes: Welsh to PS45; Tex to PS100; Xbred to PS62.40. Rams: Str Welsh to PS72; Welsh to PS57.40; Xbred to PS85; Suffto PS70. Hoggs: Welsh to PS77; Welsh ewe hoggs to PS50.40; Xbred to PS78; Xbred ewe hoggs to PS65. Couples: Welsh singles to PS70, doubles to PS82; Welsh ewe + Xbred singles to PS74; Welsh ewe + Xbred doubles to PS112; Suffewe + Xbred singles to PS95.

MOLD, Fri, Apr 12 Remarks: A record-breaking weekly sale with 632 stores and stirks forward on the day.

A packed ringside meant cattle of all breeds and ages met a solid trade throughout. Dairy cattle met excellent demand with heifers to PS1,780.

Store cattle: 322 entries. Steers: 22m BSH to PS1,165; 21m Sim to PS1,145; 22m Hfd to PS1,140; 22m BB to PS1,130; 22m Lim to PS1,120; 18m Char to PS1,100; 20m Sal to PS1,080; 24m BB/Fries to PS1,080; 23m AA to PS1,035; 23m Hols/Fries to PS950. Heifers: 18m Lim to PS1,085; 22m Sim to PS1,080; 23m BB to PS1,065; 18m Char to PS990; 21m Hfd to PS965; 22m AA to PS960. Stirks: 310 entries. Steers: 15m AA to PS940; 13m Lim to PS850; 12m BB to PS810; 7m Char to PS805; 12m Sim to PS800; 12m Hfd to PS690; 12m BSH to PS665; 11m Hols/Fries to PS565. Heifers: 6m Char to PS720; 10m BB to PS690; 11m Lim to PS685; 11m Sim to PS680; 12m WB to PS655; 11m AA to PS640. Dairy: 32 entries. Cows: Hols/Fries calved hfr to PS1,780; BB/Fries calved hfr to PS1,660; 9m BB/Fries bulling hfrs to PS820. Calves: 75 entries. Char bull to PS350; BB bull to PS345; Lim bull to PS340; Mont bull to PS248; Blonde bull to PS240; Baz bull to PS230; AA bull to PS185; BB/Fries bull to PS88; Hols/Fries bull to PS82; BB hfr to PS340; Lim hfr to PS320; Blonde hfr to PS270; Hfd hfr to PS210.

BEESTON CASTLE, Fri, Apr 11 Calves: 374 entries. BB x bulls to PS373, av PS242.41; BB x hfrs to PS282, av PS140.73; Sim x bulls to PS365, av PS231.75; Sim x hfrs to PS270, av PS160.16; Lim x bulls to PS305, av PS196.22; Lim x hfrs to PS332, av PS201.67; Char x bulls to PS350; Char x hfrs to PS235, av PS156.67; AA x bulls to PS235, av PS110.20; AA x hfrs to PS145, av PS65.21; Hfd x bulls to PS170, av PS123.08; Hfd x hfrs to PS155, av PS112.78; B&W bulls to PS138, av PS53.01. Cull cows: 112 entries, to 161. Beef cattle: 9 entries, to PS1,228. Store cattle: 231 entries. Steers to PS1,170; Heifers to PS1,135. Sheep: Prime lambs to 350, av 243.6; Cull ewes to PS110, av PS82.83.

BALA, Thurs, Apr 11 Hoggets: 186 entries, av 192.3; Lights (91) av 187.8; Standards (61) av 193.8; Mediums (34) av 201.5; Heavys (6) av 189.7. Cull ewes: 12 entries, av PS29.8.

ST ASAPH, Thurs, Apr 11 Remarks: Easter Show & sale with almost 800 spring lambs forward which were very well sold, especially the best quality. Judge was Jordan Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge, Wrexham.

Very big show of hoggs, which were a mixed show quality wise, but very well sold with the best in keen demand. Judge was Philip Smith, Caernarfon.

Much larger show of old ewes were again a good firm trade. LAMBS: Single: E Davies, Groes Fawr, 36kg at PS128 to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge; 2) E Davies, Groes Fawr, 41kg at PS145 to John Morris for Vivers Scotlamb. Pair: S Hughes, Claypits Fm, Sontley, 35kg at PS124 to David Jones, Stansty; 2) E Davies, Groes Fawr, 35kg at PS115 to David Jones, Stansty. Tex x: T Lewis, Penycefn, 38kg at PS134 to David Jones; 2) T Lewis, Penycefn, 38kg at PS124 to Glyn Morris for A Birtwistle, Manchester. AO breed: HL Williams, Cefn Gwyn, 36kg at PS96 to Philip Smith for West Scottish Lamb; 2) HL Williams, 34kg at PS85 to RGB Webster, Rhyl.

HOGGETS: Tex: E Davies, Groes Fawr, 41.5kg at PS131 to David Jones, Stansty. AO breed: D Roberts, Cornel y Cae, 55kg at PS94 to Philip Smith for Euro Quality Lamb.

OTHERS: Old ewes: Eynon Farms, Newcastle Emlyn, PS115ph, to Pak Mecca Meats. Top price heifer: EG Wynne, Bronydd Ucha, sold to Conwy Valley Meats for 192ppk. Prime lambs: 800 entries. Lights to 321 (PS94), av 277.15; Standards to 391 (PS140), av 279.62; Mediums to 354 (PS145), av 265.51; Heavys to 261 (PS120), av 238.39; Overs to 196 (PS110), av 181.46. Hoggets: 3,186 entries. Superlights to 196 (PS47), av 192.87; Lights to 233 (PS72), av 223.91; Standards to 240 (PS91), av 212.96; Mediums to 316 (PS131), av 213.56; Heavys to 253 (PS120), av 193.57; Overs to 253 (PS120), av 168.64. Old ewes: 1,653 entries. Ewes to PS128, av PS71.52; Rams to PS125, av PS81.16. Heifers: 5 entries. Heavys to 192 (PS1,001), av 188.39.

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