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LLANRWST, Tues, Nov 27 Remarks: Increased lamb entry with the best in demand, selling to 212ppk and PS94ph!

Lambs: 879 entries. Superlights (24) to 134, av 130; Lights (132) to 175, av 160; Standards (407) to 212, av 174.9; Mediums (254) to 198, av 181.4; Heavy (45) to 200, av 177.8; Overs (17) to 158, av 157. Ewes & rams: 77 entries. Xbred ewes to PS93; Welsh to PS26; Welsh rams to PS45. Beef: 8 entries. Lim x strs to 205; Lim x hfrs to 190; BB hfrs to 195; OTM Char x hfrs to 188.

Top prices: Lambs (ppk) - R & M Roberts, Pantllin Mawr, Llanddoged; Lambs (ph) - G & EW Davies, Fferm, Trofarth; Ewes - J & AJ Davies & Son, Trelan Fawr Farm, Cilcain, Mold; Beef - (ppk) - KW Lloyd, Caerddinen, Llanelian; Beef (per head) - RM Mathews, Carneddau, Llanrwst GAERWEN, Tues, Nov 27 Remarks: Fewer cattle this week due to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair with store cattle selling to a firm trade and OTMs steady. Store cattle: 10 entries. Steers: Overall av PS949; 16m Char to PS985; 23m Char to PS1,040; 18m Lim to PS1,035; 23m Lim to PS700. Heifers: Overall av PS947; 16m Char to PS1,040; 21m BB to PS1,000. OTM: 6 entries, 50-148, av 102.

Top prices: Steers (PS1,040ph) - E T Evans, Llwyn Impiau, Pontllyfni; Heifers (PS1,040ph) - ET Evans, Llwyn Impiau; OTM (ppk) - WA Owen, Pentre Bwlw, Llanfaethlu; OTM (PS932.40ph) - H & D & CL Owen, Pentre Bwlw, Llanfaethlu.

RUTHIN, Tues, Nov 27 Lambs: 2,051 entries, to 234.8 (PS108), av 178.4; Lights to 183.3, av 163; Standards to 215.8, av 177.9; Mediums to 225, av 182.4; Heavys to 234.8, av 171.6; Overs to 173.6, av 161.4. Cull sheep: 728 entries, to PS115, av PS44.01; Tex ewes to PS102; Tex rams to PS100; XBred to PS80; Mule ewes to PS80; Lleyn ewes to PS70; Welsh ewes to PS32. Cattle: 14 entries. Heifers to 208 (PS1,007.48), av 206.5; OTM to 113.

Top prices: Lambs (ppk& ph) - GW & HLL & DW Roberts, Cil Llwyn; Cull ewes - RE Roberts & Co, Parc; Heifers - H Roberts & Co, Plas Dinam.

BRYNCIR, Mon, Nov 26 Remarks: Strong trade for the store lambs forward.

Store lambs: 103 entries. Xbred to PS55; Welsh to PS38.

Top prices: Lambs - TR Hughes, Porth yr Hirfaen.

WELSHPOOL, Mon, Nov 26 Remarks: Smaller number of OTM cattle on offer this week.

Similar number of lambs forward, with a slightly stronger demand for export weight lambs and better shaped, better meated lambs.

Also in good demand were smaller further finishing lambs/ leaner lambs. slightly stronger demand for lightweight hill lambs too.

Cull ewe average was up PS5 on last week. Ewes were sharper across the board. Bigger, well fleshed ewes were very much in demand.

Store lambs sold to a good trade with tup lambs in best demand.

OTM: 28 entries, av 100.36. OTM cows (18) to 120 (PS948), av 89.06 (PS576.43); 48-72m cows (1) to 104 (PS692.64); U48m hfrs (6) to 140 (PS967.40), av 123.05 (PS800.02); U72m bulls (3) to 130 (PS593.67). Fat lambs: 4,247 entries, to 202, av 174.38; Lights (487) to 185, av 162.97; Standards (864) to 196, av 173.45; Mediums (1557) to 202, av 177.30; Heavys (984) to 202, av 166.24. Cull sheep: 1,553 entries. Ewes (1,495) to PS112, av PS44; Rams to PS128. Store lambs: 1,073 entries, av PS53.23. Ewe lambs av PS53.83; M&C to PS72, av PS53.95; Wethers to PS64, av av PS51.07; Ram lambs to PS70, av PS52.45; Mixed & tups av PS46.92. Top prices: OTM - ECP Jones, Manor Farm; Lambs (ppk) - CW Smith & Co, Uwchyllan; Cull ewes - P & CE Davies, The Crest; Cull rams - AG Williams & Son, Plassau Farm; Store lambs - E Gethin & Co, Ty Coch.

DOLGELLAU, Mon, Nov 26 Fat lambs: 368 entries, av 162.1; Lights (255) av 155.8; Standards (73) av 182.8; Mediums (10) av 172; Heavys (6) av 161.8.

MOLD, Mon, Nov 26 Remarks: Good number of cattle forward. Trade remains firm for the right types, but out-of-spec cattle were more difficult.

Fewer cows about with the trade reasonably firm.

Lambs met a brisk trade with an SQQ of 179.30.

Highlights: Top 10 beef av 220 (PS1,426.36); Top 20 beef av 216.45 (PS1,391.15). Prime heifers: 49 entries. U30m heifers: Hvy Cont to 220 (PS1,452), av 196.92; Med Cont to 221, av 196.13; Lgt Cont to 214, av 185; Hvy Natives to 186, av 175.20; Med Natives to 186, av 186; Lgt Natives to 158, av 138. 30-36m heifers: Hvy Cont to 200, av 189.50; Med Natives to 185, av 162.67. O36m heifers: Lgt Cont to 110, av 110; Med Natives to 139, av 139. Prime steers: 72 entries. U30m steers: Hvy Cont to 215 (PS1,416.45), av 188.67; Med Cont to 231 (PS1,432.20), av 200.59; Hvy Natives to 186, av 160.75; Med Natives to 186, av 183.75; Lgt Natives to 175, av 175; Hvy Fries to 169 (PS1,106.95), av 147.75; Med Fries to 161, av 141.75; Lgt Fries to 160, av 150. 30-36m steers: Hvy Cont to 175, av 165; Med Cont to 189, av 189; Med Natives to 185, av 177; Hvy Fries to 156, av 138.50; Med Fries to 161, av 161. O36m steers: Hvy Natives to 132, av 132. Prime bulls: 9 entries. U30m bulls: Hvy Cont 186 (PS1,536), av 173.67; Lgt Cont 175, av 175; Lgt Natives to 148, av 148; Lgt Fries to 120, av 113.75. Cull cows: 44 entries (26 dairy, 18 beef). Cont cows to 146 (PS1,014.70), av 112; B&W cows to 108 (PS864.45), av 91.4. Cull bulls: 1 entry. HF to 82 (PS820). Lambs: 245 entries, av 179.30; Standards to 182, av 177.80; Mediums to 188, av 179.80; Heavys to 178, av 172.40. Ewes: Ewes to PS35, av PS33.75.

GAERWEN, Mon, Nov 26 Remarks: Store lambs sold to a firm trade.

Store lambs: 68 entries, av PS40; XBred to PS52.50; Suff to PS48; Tex to PS40; Wilt to PS37.

Top prices: Lambs - BJ & BW Hughes, Treangharad, Bodedern.

NEWARK, Sun, Nov 25 Remarks: Multi-breed "Winter Warmers Sale.

Report: Best of the prices was the 1,200gns achieved for a Texel gimmer from Richard Wilson's Eden Valley flock.

This Knock Yankee daughter sold to R Mawr & E Benge, Lincs.

Following her at 700gns was one from Iolo Prys Jones' Llangwm flock, Corwen. This was the best of the Texel aged ewes, a 2015-born ewe by Knap Vinnie Jones out of Kelso Picasso.

She was sold AI'd to Milnbank Brisbane to Chris Beck, Suffolk.

Beltex topped at 600gn for a ewe lamb, Blue Texels at 600gns, Suffolk at 380gns and Charollais at 440gns.

Averages: Texels: 59 Texel gimmers (59) av PS391.70; Ewes (5) av PS432.60; Ewe lambs (4) av PS241.50. Beltex: Gimmers (4) av PS349.12; Ewe lambs (2) av PS431.25. Bleu Du Maine: Ewe lambs (3) av PS343. Blue Texel: Ewe lambs (5) av PS259.66; Ewes PS392.70; Gimmers (8) av PS346.50. Suffolk: Gimmers (8) av PS337.31; Ewe lambs (6) av PS273.

Charollais: Gimmers (10) PS386.40; Ewe lambs (6) av PS163.33.

ST ASAPH, Sat, Nov 24 Remarks: Excellent lamb trade, topping at 213ppk.

Prime lambs: 842 entries. SuperSuperlights to 120 (PS24), av 105.96; Superlights to 144 (PS35), av 133.31; Lights to 213 (PS64), av 150.32; Standards to 184 (PS67), av 159.31; Mediums to 176 (PS70.50), av 160.99; Heavys to 152 (PS73.50), a 143.35; Overs to PS79, av 143.64. Old ewes: 6 entries, to PS10, av PS8.67. In-lamb ewes: 2 entries. Impr Welsh to PS52.

Top prices: Lambs - EG Jones. Efail y Gro.

BEESTON CASTLE, Fri, Nov 23 Calves: 321 entries. BB x bulls to PS392, av PS260.09; BB x hfrs to PS350, av PS129.68; Sim x bulls to PS375, av PS303; Sim x hfrs to PS235, av PS162.71; Lim x bulls to PS370, av PS260.31; Lim x hfrs to PS275, av PS170.17; Char x bulls to PS380; Char x hfrs to PS235, av PS162.71; AA x bulls to PS235, av PS95.94; AA x hfrs to PS165, av PS59.46; Hfd x bulls to PS175, av PS64.13; Hfd x hfrs to PS115, av PS74; B&W bulls to PS155, av PS49.01. Cull cows: 105 entries, to 128 (PS1,176). Beef cattle: Steers & heifers to PS1,211; Bulls to PS1,100. Store cattle: 157 entries. Steers to PS1,095, heifers to PS895. Sheep: Lambs to 218, av 185.2; Cull ewes to PS75, av PS41.16.

MOLD, Fri, Nov 23 Remarks: A decent show again for the time of year. Demand is remaining strong.

Trade for calves improved further with more buyers ringside.

Fewer buyers for dairy but trade was in line with previous weeks.

Store cattle: 158 entries. Steers: 24m Sim to PS1,060; 22m Hfd to PS1,040; 18m AA to PS1,030; 22m Lim to PS940; 19m BB to PS920; 23m BF to PS720; 20m BS to PS680; 21m HF to PS640. Heifers: 23m Hfd to PS880; 21m Char to PS865; 20m BB to PS850; 21m Lim to PS800; 22m AA to PS760. Stirks: 138 entries. Steers: 11m Lim to PS700; 12m BB to PS680; 10m Hfd to PS590; 9m WB to PS580; 6m AA to PS510; 11m BF to PS420.

Heifers: 10m Lim to PS700; 11m BB to PS670; 9m WB to PS650; 12m Flec to PS580; 13m Hfd to PS560. Dairy: 12 entries. Hol hfr to PS1,550, others to PS1,540; HF 2nd calvers to PS1,580; HF 4th calvers to PS1,400. Calves: 61 entries. Sim bulls to PS298, hfrs to PS248; Lim bulls to PS280, hfrs to PS200; BB bulls to PS235, hfrs to PS220; Hfd bulls to PS212, hfrs to PS135; AA bulls to PS192, hfrs to PS100; BF bulls to PS130.

BALA, Thurs, Nov 22 Fat lambs: 824 entries, av 159; Lights (371) av 153.5; Standards (300) av 162.1; Mediums (148) av 166.3; Heavys (2) av 145.5.

MACHYNLLETH, Wed, Nov 21 Fat lambs: 798 entries, av 158.5; Lights (398) av 148.5; Standards (307) av 170.3; Mediums (30) av 171.5; Heavys (7) av 155.3. Cull ewes: 43 entries, av PS31.1.

BRYNCIR, Wed, Nov 21 Remarks: Lambs were much sharper, especially the standard weights, which topped at 195p.

Lambs much sharper, especially standard weights, topping at 195p/kg.

Quality cull ewes and cows were awarded premium prices. Sheep: 923 entries. Lambs: Lambs to PS86; Lights to 177; Standards to 195; Mediums to 191; Heavys to 170. Cull ewes: Suff to PS90; Tex x to PS88; Xbred to PS86; Welsh to PS35; Cull rams to PS80. Cull cows: 25 entries. Fries clean cattle to 144 (PS1,108.80); Lim to 127; Hfd x to 121; WB to 118; Stab to 118; Dairy cows to 104; Cull bulls to 143.

Top prices: Lambs - GH Lloyd, Castellcoed; Cull ewes - Aron Owen, Maes Gwyn; Cull rams - Meistri Owen, Bryn Bychan; Cull cows - JC Owen, Cwm Cloch.

RUTHIN, Thurs, Nov 22 Remarks: The breeding ewes keep coming. Good trade.

Another good entry of store lambs. Strong entries forward and these were in keen demand. Store cattle: 129 entries.

Heifers: 29m Char to PS1,200; 27m Char to PS1,080; 19m Char to PS950; 25m BB to PS960; 17m BB to PS900; 23m Lim to PS940; 27m Lim to PS920; 15m Lim to PS880.

Steers: 15m Lim to PS1,265; 25m Lim to PS1,260; 13m Lim to PS1,240; 16m Lim to PS1,055; 27m Char to PS1,245; 23m Sim x to PS1,190; 19m Blonde x to PS1.050. OTM: 2 entries. Lim cow to 132. Calves: 3 entries. Lim hfrs to PS380; BB bulls to PS230; BB bulls to PS35. Breeding ewes: 47 entries. Suff FM to PS75; Tex to PS70. Store lambs: 1,669 entries, av PS43.21; Tex to PS74.50; Mules to PS67; Chev to PS61; Zwartbles to PS60; Welsh to PS52. Rams: 10 entries. Tex to 130gns; Lleyn to 140gns.

Top prices: Heifers - J & D Hughes, Hendwr; Steers - DJ & MJ Hughes, Ty Cerrig, Prion; Calves - IP Jones, Ddol Fawr.

OSWESTRY, Wed, Nov 21 Remarks: A firm trade on all fat cattle types forward, with some nice runs forward.

A good trade still for strong ewes with that spreading into a bit better trade for well-meated Mules. Trade still difficult in welsh and plainer ewes.

A larger entry of store lambs were present this week.

Generally the strength of the lambs were not as strong as in previous weeks but yet again they sold to a solid trade.

Numbers of calves & weanlings just marginally better than last week on the good Continentals, little demand for those calves of poor confirmation or too young for presentation.

Fat cattle: 29 entries, av 200. Young bulls: 2 entries, av 181.5; Heavys (2) to 186, av 181.5 (PS1,110). Steers: 11 entries, av 177.5; Lights (6) to 204, av 174.5 (PS730); Mediums (2) to 194, av 189 (PS885); Heavys (3) to 186, av 175 (PS1,070). Heifers: 16 entries, av 216.5; Mediums (4) to 263, av 228.5 (PS1,064); Heavys (12) to 261, av 213.5 (PS1,140). Fat lambs: 3,099 entries, av 167; Lights to 188, av 152; Standards to 195, av 168.5; Mediums to 204, av 171.5; Heavys to 185, av 160.5; Others to 157, av 149.5. Fat ewes: 837 entries, to PS90.50, av PS37. Rams: 12 entries, to PS190, av PS68.50. Store sheep: 214 entries. Xbred tup to PS66; Ewe lambs av PS33.50; M&C lambs av PS40.35; Tup lambs av PS38.39. Calves: 31 entries. BB bulls to PS298; Hfd bulls to PS235; Lim bulls to PS184; AA hfrs to PS194; AA bulls to PS183; BB hfrs to PS180; Hfd hfrs to PS178; WB hfrs to PS160. U72 & cull cows: 11 entries, av 88. Cows: BB to 118, av 116; Fries to 82, av 71.

Heifers: Char to 160. Top prices: Fat cattle - H&E Powell, Llwyngwilym; Fat lambs - RS Jones, Tybrith; Fat ewes - TI Morris, Maesybwch; Rams - S Jones, St Martins; Store sheep - JP Franklin, Penybont Hall; Calves - Evans, Wern Farm.

Reports compiled by Jo Roberts
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Nov 29, 2018
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