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LLANRWST, Tues, Mar 13 Remarks: Excellent entries, with best hoggets in demand and cull ewes much stronger.

Hoggets: 705 entries. Superlights (106) to 180, av 150; Lights (243) to 200, av 175; Standards (203) to 247, av 209; Mediums (115) to 265, av 222.8; Heavys (35) to 229, av 205. Ewes/rams: 202 entries. Welsh ewes to PS55; Xbred to PS115; Rams to PS117. Beef: 7 entries. BB x strs to 180; Sal x strs to 190; Fries hfrs to 128; Char x hfrs to 200; Lim x hfrs to 190. OTM: 2 entries. Fries cows 99-111, av 106.

Top prices: Hoggets (ppk) -M Williams, Ty Gwyn, Llanrwst; Hoggets (ph) -A Wynne, Bryniau Pair Isaf, Pandy Tudur; Ewes -G & EW Davies, Fferm, Trofarth; Beef -JG Edwards, Tyn Bryn, Rhyduchaf, Bala; OTM cows -C & G Owen, Ty Gwyn, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay. RUTHIN, Tues, Mar 13 Remarks: Fewer supplies but trade remained very brisk, especially in the medium and heavy weight categories. Hoggets: 1,661 entries, av 218.6; Lights to 194, av 173; Standards to 255, av 207; Mediums to 277, av 231; Heavys to 258, av 231; Overs to 213, av 193. Cull ewes: 391 entries, av PS55.36; Xbred av PS52.77; Tex ewes to PS109; Xbred ewes to PS110; Suffewes to PS92; Char ewes to PS87; Mule ewes to PS80; Welsh ewes to PS43. Cattle: 10 entries. Heifers to 219.5, av 202.1. Steers to 218.5, av 212.5. OTM: Hfd bulls to PS1,326; Hols/Fries cows to PS1,003. Top prices: Hoggets (ppk) -M & S Jones, Lower Forest Farm; Hoggets (PS133ph) -R Whittingham, Bron y Felin; Cull ewes -J Roberts, Fedw; Heifers -HJ & FJ Williams, Maes Gadfa; Steers -Coleg Cambria, Llysfasi.

GAERWEN, Tues, Mar 13 Remarks: Tremendous show of cattle of the prize sale, with an abundance of local and distance buyers present attempting to secure cattle.

The day's top price went to a 19m BB steer from RA Elias, Hendre Cennin, Garndolbenmaen, bought for PS1,370 by Ross Towers, Lancaster.

Not far behind at PS1,360 was JG Hughes, Blaen Y Coed, Bodffordd, who saw Mr Towers buy his 23m Char steer.

Also among the top prices was Messrs Roberts, Derwin Fawr, Bryncir, who topped at PS1,280 for a pair of 20m Lim steers.

The top heifer price went to Mr Hughes, Bron Eifion Farm, Criccieth, with a 23m Lim hfr achieving PS1,270.

Close behind were Williams & Corrigan, Parciau, Marianglas, with a PS1,220 heifer.

Messrs Jones, Pengroeslon, Llanddeusant, achieved an excellent run of prices for his heifers, averaging PS1,183. Store cattle: 460 entries. Steers: 12m Char to PS950; 18m Char to PS1,265; 24m Char to PS1,360; 12m Lim to PS900; 18m Lim to PS1,280; 24m Lim to PS1,260; 12m BB to PS890; 18m BB to PS1,180; 24m BB to PS1,370; 18m Sim to PS1,190; 24m Sim to PS1,12; 18m Hfd to PS1,000; 24m Hfd to PS1,200; 12m Fries to PS585; 18m Fries to PS790; 24m Fries to PS1,000; 12m AA to PS750; 18m AA to PS955; 24m AA to PS1,230; 24m WB to PS890; 12m Sal to PS940; 18m Sal to PS1,185; 24m Sal to PS1,130. Heifers: Overall av PS870; 12m Char to PS880; 18m Char to PS1,180; 24m Char to PS1,220; 12m Lim to PS865; 18m Lim to PS1,160; 24m Lim to PS1,270; 12m BB to PS600; 18m BB to PS800; 24m BB to PS1,070; 18m Hfd to PS800; 12m AA to PS570; 24m AA to PS950; 18m SH to PS550. OTM: 36 entries, av 120; Best cows 117-183; Others 65-115. Cow & calves: 1 entry, to PS1,060. Top prices: Pair of strs -JG Hughes, Blaen y Coed, Bodffordd; Bunch of strs -AW Davies, Bronallt, Morfa Nefyn; Pair of hfrs -TO, ME & IO Jones, Pengroeslon, Llanddeusant; Bunch of hfrs -AV & OE Roberts, Derwin Fawr, Bryncir; OTM strs/hfrs -Archer Farms Anglesey Ltd, Llwydiarth Fawr, Llanerchymedd; Cow & calves -DT Peacock, Carreg yr Alltwen, Llangristiolus; Strs -RA Elias, Hendre Cennin, Garndolbenmaen; Hfrs -HE Hughes, Bron Eifion Farm, Criccieth; OTM (ppk) -Archer Farms Anglesey Ltd, Llwydiarth Fawr, Llanerchymedd; OTM (PS1,203ph) -MW, EW & M Harper, Llanllibio Fawr, Llanfachraeth. GAERWEN, Mon, Mar 12 Remarks: Ewe and lamb couples sold to a firm trade. Numerous couples were forward, with plenty of buyers present, representing a strong demand.

Couples: 80 entries. Singles: Overall av PS85; Suffto PS126; Char to PS126; Lleyn to PS126; Tex to PS124; Zwartble to PS99; Mule to PS94.

Doubles: Overall av PS110; Char to PS190; Tex to PS190; Suffto PS170; Mule to PS130; Chev to PS104; Beulah to PS93; Welsh Mountain to PS80.

Top prices: Singles -H Williams, Penhwynllys Mawr, Llangoed; Doubles -H Williams, Penhwynllys Mawr, Llangoed.

MOLD, Mon, Mar 12 Remarks: Increased entry of beef cattle with brisk trade continuing.

A nice entry of cull cows with another scintillating trade! More needed each week.

A nice entry of strong Shropshire couples trade met a firm trade. Highlights: Top 10 beef av 222.80 (PS1,578); Top 20 beef av 219.75 (PS1,484); Top 30 beef av 216.93 (PS1,432); Top 40 beef av 214.53 (PS1,392). Prime cattle: 129 entries. U30m hfrs: Hvy Cont to 220 (PS1,328), av 201.55; Med Cont to 228, av 203.27; Lgt Cont to 220, av 220; Hvy native to 202 (PS1,262), av 202; Med native to 203, av 189.75; Med Fries to 174, av 174. U30m strs: Hvy Cont to 219 (PS1,473), av 197.33; Med Cont to 220, av 206.17; Lgt Cont to 225, av 209.25; Hvy native to 218 (PS1,484), av 210.50; Med native to 190, av 190; Hvy Fries to 180 (PS1,239), av 167; Med Fries to 180, av 171.50; Lgt Fries to 186, av 167. U30m bulls: Hvy Cont to 229 (PS1,990), av 215.50; Med Cont to 194, av 194; Lgt native to 200, av 181.25; Hvy dairy to 186 (PS1,227), av 186; Med dairy to 165, av 160; Lgt dairy to 178, av 143.20. 30-36m hfrs: Hvy Cont to 216 (PS1,325), av 209.50; Med Cont to 212, av 212; Lgt cont to 225, av 225; Hvy native to 170 (PS1,275), av 170; Med native to 190, av 190; Hvy Fries to 152 (PS1,026), av 152. 30-36m strs: Hvy Cont to 197 (PS1,359), av 189.33; Med Cont to 219, av 200.80; Hvy native to 184 (PS1380), av 184; Hvy Fries to 148, av 148; Med Fries to 144, av 144. O36m hfrs: Hvy Fries to 138 (PS1,045), av 133.33. O36m strs: Med Cont to 179. Cull cows: 71 entries. Cont cows to 158 (PS1,098), av 150.30 (996.85); 15yo Hfd to 133; B&W cows to 149 (PS1,144), av 120.20; Top 10, av 143.20 (PS1,046); Top 20, av 137.65 (PS974); B&W (9) over 140; B&W (8) over PS1,000; B&W (31) over 120; B&W (28) over PS800. Cull bulls: 2 entries. Sim to 133 (PS1,516); Lim to 139 (PS1,230). Lambs: Overall av 201.10; Standards to 200, av 189.20; Mediums to 210, av 203; Heavys to 200, av 191.30. Ewes: Overall av PS50.03; Ewes to PS80; Rams to PS81. Couples: 35 entries. Singles to 122; Twins to 150.

BRYNCIR, Mon, Mar 12 Remarks: A seasonal entry of store cattle saw an exceptional trade for all classes forward. All vendors went home delighted with their trade.

Steers: Overall av PS1.030; 20m Char to PS1,295; 22m Sim to PS1,295; 20m Lim to PS1,200; 18m Char to PS1,260; 13m Char to PS1,100; 13m Lim to PS990; 21m BB to PS1,010; 17m BB to PS995; 12m BB to PS910. Heifers: Overall av PS1.015; 20m Char to PS1,260; 18m Char to PS1,225; 16m Char to PS1,130; 20m Lim to PS1,055; 16m Lim to PS950; 20m BB to PS1,200.

Top prices: Char strs -RE Griffith, Llwyn Mafon Ucha, Criccieth; Sim strs -AW Davies, Bronallt, Morfa Nefyn; Lim strs -E Hughes & Son, Eithinog Wen; Dairy-bred strs -DT & MA Jones, Bryn Rhydd,Edern; Yrlg strs -GL Williams, Gilwern Uchaf, Groeslon; Char hfrs -RE Griffith, Llwyn Mafon Ucha, Criccieth; Lim hfrs -E Hughes & Son, Eithinog Wen, Pontllyfni; Yrlg hfrs -RW Owen, Rhwngddwyryd, Garndolbenmaen. WELSHPOOL, Mon, Mar 12 Remarks: A good show of OTM cattle saw a flying trade.

Overall a slightly reduced entry of ewes met a strong trade. Continental ewes of good conformation achieved premium prices.

An increased entry of couples sold to a much faster trade, which was put down to the prospect of better weather and a buoyant spring lamb market.

A small entry of store lambs again sold to a scorching trade as the fat hogget price continues to stand firm.

OTM: 27 entries, av 138.68; Lim cow to PS1,414 (179); 770kg Lim to PS1,201 (156); 859kg Char cows to PS1,486; 844kg Char cow to PS1,333 (158); 615kg U48m Sal hfrs to PS977.85 (159); OTM cows (22) av 134.08 (PS904); 48-72m cows (3) av 161.03 (PS1,289); U48m hfrs (2) av 152.34 (PS802); Lim strs (2) av 249.34. Hoggets: 3,189 entries, av 213.72; Lights (373) to 212, av 191.56; Standards (743) to 251, av 208.75; Mediums (957) to 267, av 222.77; Heavys (829) to 240, av 220.96; Overs (170) to 213, av 199.03. Cull sheep: 1,411 entries, av PS64; Ewes to PS128. Cull rams: 61 entries, to PS130, av PS70.

Couples: 79 entries. 2& 3yo Tex x ewes + str Tex lambs to PS178; 3yo Suffx ewes + twins to PS170; AF mules & 4yo ewes + twins to PS161; 4yo mule + Tex lambs to PS130. Store lambs: 259 entries, av PS54.43; Char x M&C to PS92.50; Other M&C to PS66.50; SF Beulah to PS70.50; Char x Tup to PS75. Cade lambs: 87 entries, to PS36, av PS12.82. Store cattle: 238 entries. Steers (ph): Overall av PS980.90; 610kg Char (1) av PS1,300; 562kg Char (2) av PS1,280; 570kg Lim (1) av PS1,265; 610kg Lim (1) av PS1,220; 665kg BB (1) av PS1,220. Heifers (ph): Overall av PS828.85; 710kg Lim (1) av PS1,335; 505kg Char (1) av PS1,190; 605kg AA (1) av PS1,180; 500kg Char (1) av PS1,160; 560kg Char (1) av PS1,150. Steers (ppk): Overall av 221.54; 345kg Char (2) av 252.20; 370kg Char (2) av 251.40; 467kg Lim (6) av 248.40; 370kg Lim (1) av 245.90; 358kg Char (5) av 245.80. Heifers (ppk): Overall av 201.45; 280kg BB (1) av 292.90; 322kg Lim (2) av 245.30; 355kg Lim (1) av 245.10; 400kg Char (1) av 240; 505kg Char (1) av 235.6. Cows & calves: 10 entries. BB x 2nd calver + BB bull calf to PS1,850; Lim x 2nd calver + Lim hfr calf to PS1,650; 2013 Lim x cow + Lim bull calf to PS1,620; AA cow + Blonde x hfr calf to PS1,270; Ped Lim bull to PS1,800.

Top prices: OTM -FW Humphreys & Sons, Brook House Farm; Cull ewes -DTA Williams, Upper Bolbro; Cull rams -JC Davies & Son, Gelli Gethin; Couples -RM Jones, Tanyffridd; Store lambs -E Jones, Carters Close; Steers (ph) -EI Meddins, Pennant Isaf, Pennant; Heifers (ph) -JRS Hughes & Co, Lower Munllyn, Forden; Steers (ppk) -JE George & Son, Upper Penarron, Kerry; Heifers (ppk) -GP Vaughan & Son, Dolcorsllwyn, Machynlleth; Cows & calves -WG Jones, Cwmduggan. ST ASAPH, Sat, Mar 10 Remarks: Steadier trade on the hoggs.

Store lambs: 444 entries. SuperSuperlights to 161 (PS29), av 149.86; Superlights to 160 (PS40), av 143.54; Lights to 198 (PS58.50), av 166.51; Standards to 193 (PS74.50), av 171.66; Mediums to 199 (PS79.50), av 185.46. Old ewes: 41 entries. Ewes to PS53, av PS23.93. Couples: 27 entries. Xbred doubles to PS152; Singles to PS112. In-lamb ewes: 75 entries. Welsh brokers to PS50; Llanwenog to PS46; BF to PS30; SF to PS30. Pet lambs: 9 entries, PS10-PS25, av PS19.

DOLGELLAU, Fri, Mar 9 Grazing cows: 3 entries. Lim x to PS845. Store cattle: 252 entries. Heifers: 26m Lim x to PS1,000; 29m WB to PS1,050; 24m Lim x to PS1,220; 24m WB to PS952; 22m Lim x to PS1,130; 20m Lim x to PS1,012; 20m Char x to PS1,248; 20m WB to PS722; 18m Char x to PS1,200; 18m Lim x to PS1,052; 18m pure Lim to PS1,105; 18m Stab x to PS752; 16m Lim x to PS955; 16m Sal x to PS800; 12m Char x to PS790; 24m org WB to PS1,115; 24m Lim x to PS1,132; 24m ped WB to PS1,218; 22m org WB to PS1,030; 22m Lim x to PS1,205; 22m org BB x to PS1,118; 20m Char x to PS1,200. Steers: 20m Lim x to PS1,210; 18m Lim x to PS1,115; 18m Char x to PS1,340; 18m ped WB to PS1,075; 16m Char x to PS1,198; 14m Char x to PS1,192; 14m ped WB to PS975; 14m Sal x to PS1,068; 12m Char x to PS902; 12m Lim x to PS1,010; 10m org WB to PS800; WB hfr + Char calf to PS1,300. Sheep: 557 entries. Welsh cast ewes to PS38; SF cast ewes to PS24; Xbred cast ewes PS50; Welsh rams PS42; Xbred rams to PS71; Welsh In-lamb ewes to PS48; Welsh ewes hoggets to PS36.40; Welsh hoggets to PS58; SF hoggets to PS41.40; Easy Care hoggets to PS57. Top prices: Grazing cows -AL Jones & Co, Brynllech, Llanuwchllyn; Char x hfr -RV Jones & Co, Caethle, Tywyn; Char x str -I & GM Jones, Ty Gwyn, Aberhosan; Cast ewes -LR Williams a'i Gwmni, Tyddyn Bach, Llanfachreth; Rams -SJ Owen & Son, Ty Mawr, Cynllwyd; In-lamb ewes -G Williams, Dwynant, Bontddu; Hoggs -Davies Bros, Cae Iago, Llanwrin. BEESTON CASTLE, Fri, Mar 9 Calves: 388 entries. BB x bulls to PS395, av PS311.41; BB x hfrs to PS360, av PS204.22; Sim x bulls to PS390, av 262.89; Sim x hfrs to PS250, av PS186.05; Lim x bulls to PS298, av PS242.75; Lim x hfrs to PS250, av PS163.50; Char x bulls to PS322; Char x hfrs to PS255; AA x bulls to PS255, av PS214.74; AA x hfrs to PS210, av PS136; Hfd x bulls to PS335, av PS195.52; Hfd x hfrs to PS255, av PS150.54; B&W bulls to PS188, av PS71.05. Cull cows: 135 entries, to 176. Beef cattle: 25 entries. Steers & heifers to PS1,346.40; Bulls to PS1,263. Store cattle: 199 entries. Steers to PS1,270; Heifers to PS1,190. Pigs: Baconers to 142; Cutters to 146. Sheep: Butchers lambs to 260, av 223.1; Cull ewes to PS146, av PS75.85.

| Continued on page 8 | Continued from page 7 MOLD, Fri, Mar 9 Remarks: Excellent numbers of cattle forward, demand still very strong for all types.

Dairy cattle met a flying trade with a packed ringside of buyers.

Increased numbers of calves met good demand for all types.

Store cattle: 223 entries. 21m Lim strs to PS1,165; 20m BB strs to PS1,135; 23m Hfd strs to PS1,095; 20m AA strs to PS1,090; 25m Hols/Fries strs to PS965; 19m Sim strs to PS960; 23m BB hfrs to PS1,110; 23m Lim hfrs to PS1,100; 24m Sim hfrs to PS1,055; 23m Blonde hfrs to PS1,030; 23m Hfd hfrs to PS980; 18m AA hfrs to PS825. Stirks: 145 entries. 14m BB strs to PS945; 13m Lim strs to PS930; 13m Sim strs to PS890; 13m AA strs to PS830; 12m Blonde strs to PS810; 13m Char to PS770; 13m BB/Fries strs to PS635; 11m Char hfrs to PS750; 12m Lim hfrs to PS730; 11m BB hfrs to PS725; 13m Sim hfrs to PS675. Dairy: 24 entries. Heifers: Hols hfrs to PS1,850; Others to PS1,820; Hols/Fries hfrs to 1,820; Others to 1750; Fries hfrs to PS1,800; Others to PS1,650. Cows: Hols/Fries 3rd calvers to PS1,600; Hols/Fries 4th calvers to PS1,480. Calves: 114 entries. BB bulls to PS400, hfrs to PS335; Lim bulls to PS380, hfrs to PS330; Hfd bulls to PS380, hfrs to PS140; Blonde bulls to PS352; Baz bulls to PS342; Sim bulls to PS330, hfrs to PS308; AA bulls to PS282; BB/Fries to PS190.

RUTHIN, Thurs, Mar 8 Remarks: More couples about even with the adverse weather. Store cattle: 104 entries. Heifers: 21m Lim to PS1,210; 20m Lim to PS1,190; 32m Lim to PS1,150; 19m Lim to PS1,065; 24m Hfd to PS1,075; 14m Char to PS1,040; 18m Char to PS990; 23m Sim x to PS985; 18m Blonde x to PS985. Steers: 21m Lim to PS1,310; 24m Sal x to PS1,280; 17m Char to PS1,270; 24m BB to PS1,190; 21m Blonde x to PS1,040; 22m AA to PS970; 21m Hfd to PS980; 20m Hols/Fries x to PS890. Calves: 11 entries. Lim bulls to PS355; BB bulls to PS300; Lim hfrs to PS255. Stirks: 11 entries. 9m BB hfrs to PS480; 7m BB bulls to PS440; 10m BB hfrs to PS420. Bulls: 2 entries. 8yo to PS1,732; 9yo to PS1,627. Cows & calves & In-calf cows: 20 entries. Lim aged cow + Lim x hfr calf to PS1,380; Lim in-calf hfr to PS1,210; BB in-calf cow to PS1,020; Lim in-calf cows to PS1,040. OTM: Sim x aged cows to 146; BB/SH cows to 154; Char cows to 154; AA cows to143; Lim cows to 141. In-lamb ewes: 67 entries. Welsh to PS68. Pet lambs: 66 entries, to PS22, av PS13.06. Store lambs: 186 entries, av PS58.13; Xbred to PS104; Suffto PS94.50; Tex to PS89.50; Mule to PS72; Welsh to PS55. Couples: 158 entries. Singles: Tex to PS160; Suffto PS145; Mule to PS134; Xbred to PS112; Welsh to PS88. Twins: Tex to PS205; Mule to PS164; Xbred to PS195; Welsh to PS110.

Top prices: Heifers -RM & HL Owen, Nant y Geifr; Steers -GD Hughes, Bryn Mulan.

BALA, Thurs, Mar 8 Store lambs: 402 entries, av 177.3; Lights (180) av 163.8; Stds (192) av 186.8; Mediums (30) av 197.5. ST ASAPH, Thurs, Mar 8 Remarks: Still a strong hogget trade, even though it has eased a little as the improved weather allowed more numbers forward.

More ewes forward and a better trade. Fewer cattle forward but a good trade for the quality entered. Store lambs: 2743 entries, av 220.12; Superlights to 157 (PS40), av 149.08; Lights to 237 (PS72), av 189.61; Standards to 271 (PS103), av 214.35; Mediums to 280 (PS123), av 229.67; Heavys to 238 (PS119), av 215.61; Overs to 223 (PS135), av 197.19. Old ewes: 839 entries. Ewes to PS122, av PS64.91; Rams to PS118, av PS73.29. Steers: 1 entry. Mediums av 198 (PS1,029). Heifers: 2 entries. Heavys to 200 (PS1,240), av 195.44.

Top prices: Store lambs (ppk) -EH Ames; Store lambs (PS135ph) -JM Tudor.

OSWESTRY, Wed, Mar 7 Remarks: Fat ewe numbers were back up to normal levels with the trade finding a new level, especially for the stronger ewes with plenty over the PS100 mark.

A very ordinary selection of calves, with a fair proportion of aged and stale calves, and very few quality fresh ones. As a result the trade was easier, except for the best Continental females.

Some quality store cattle on show were rewarded with an excellent early spring trade. Fat cattle: 17 entries. Steers: 4 entries, av 183.5; Heavys (4) to 210, av 183.5 (PS1,215). Heifers: 13 entries, av 215; Mediums (1) to 213 (PS990); Heavys (12) to 253, av 215.5 (PS1,230). Fat hoggets: 2,629 entries, av 215; Lights to 217, av 198.5; Standards to 234, av 210; Mediums to 256, av 228; Heavys to 240, av 222; Others to 215, av 203.5. Fat ewes: 745 entries, av PS50; Char ewes to PS140. Rams: 24 entries, to PS140, av PS80.50. Calves: 44 entries. BB hfrs to PS335; BB bulls to PS320; Lim bulls to PS300; AA bulls to PS275; Lim hfrs to PS198; AA hfrs to PS175; Fries bulls to PS110. Weanlings: 5m Fries bulls to PS110. Store cattle: 178 entries. Steers: 121 entries, av PS956 (217); 25m BB x strs to PS1,300 (181.8); 9-10m Lim to PS960 (273); 10m Char to PS900 (270); 13m Baz to PS1,030 (237); 23m Char to PS1,025 (223). Heifers: 57 entries, av PS895 (206); 19-21m Lim & BB to PS1,075 (234). U72 & cull cows: 7 entries, av 121.5; BB to 168, av 146.5; MRI to 126, av 103.5. Top prices: Fat cattle -Edwards Bros, Pencraig; Hoggets -HE Pugh, Grove Farm; Calves -Whittall, Lower Maen; Weanlings -Owen, Llwydiarth; Store cattle -GM & D Hughes & Son, Halton; Heifers -JH Williams, Llansilin.

MACHYNLLETH, Wed, Mar 7 Store lambs: 83 entries, av 192.4; Lights (54) av 187.3; Standards (28) av 201.8; Mediums (1) to 205; Heavys (1) to 222. Cull ewes: 56 entries, av PS45.9.

BRYNCIR, Wed, Mar 7 Remarks: A seasonal entry of hoggets and cull ewes and cull cows, with prices exceeding expectations in all sections. Hoggets & cull ewes: 278 entries. Hoggets: Lights to 188; Standards to 238; Mediums to 205; Heavys to 200. Cull ewes: Suffmules to PS111; Xbred to PS108; Welsh to PS50; Cull rams to PS110. Cull cows: 18 entries. Lim to 163; BB to 152; Sim to 148; Sal to 145; WB to 137; Dairy to 138.

Top prices: Hoggets -A Hughes, Cae Lago; Cull ewes -AC & DT Hughes, Brychyni; Cull cows -GG Williams & Sons, Bro Fedw.

Reports compiled by Jo Roberts


| An impressive 497 cattle went under the hammer at Gaerwen livestock market on Tuesday

| Guests at a St David's Day reception in London enjoyed samples of PGI Welsh Lamb as part of an Hybu Cig Cymru initiative
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