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GAERWEN, Tues, Apr 11 Remarks: Store cattle sold extremely well as a ring full of buyers battled to secure cattle for the grazing season ahead. Best cows and OTMs also sold well. Store cattle: 396 entries. Steers: Overall av PS824; 12m Char to PS1,000; 18m Char to PS1,230; 24m Char to PS1,300; 12m Lim to PS840; 18m Lim to PS1,285; 24m Lim to PS1,280; 12m BB to PS800; 18m BB to PS1,080; 24m BB to PS1,145; 12m Sim to PS820; 24m Sim to PS1,280; 18m Hfd to PS975; 12m Fries to PS575; 18m Fries to PS790; 24m Fries to PS900; 18m AA to PS910; 24m Saler to PS1,185. Heifers: Overall av PS820; 12m Char to PS980; 18m Char to PS1,060; 24m Char to PS1,150; 12m Lim to PS985; 18m Lim to PS1,000; 24m Lim to PS1,020; 12m BB to PS860; 18m BB to PS1,075; 18m Hfd to PS940; 24m Hfd to PS1,015; 12m S'horn to PS580. OTM: 36 entries, av 127; Best cows 140-186; Aged cows 55-136; Others to 186. Top prices: Steers -TO, ME & IO Jones, Pengroeslon; Heifers -WE, EW & M Harper, Llanllibio Fawr; OTM (ppk) -IG Jones, Ynys Acen; OTM (PS1,337ph) -A Hughes, Plas Newydd.

WELSHPOOL, Tues, Apr 11 Remarks: Mid-monthly entry of store cattle met an excellent trade to back up that seen a fortnight ago. Competition was good for everything on offer, levelling at 228.17ppk (PS983) for steers, and 218.14ppk (PS887.86) for heifers. Store cattle: 300 entries. Steers (ph): Overall av PS983; 590kg BB (1) to PS1,350; 605kg Char (1) to PS1,350; 555kg Char (2) to PS1,275; 615kg BB (1) to PS1,270; 537kg BB (4) to PS1,190. Heifers (ph): Overall av PS887.86; 595kg Char (1) to PS1,300; 595kg Lim (1) to PS1,270; 615kg Char (1) to PS1,240; 590kg Lim (1) to PS1,165; 485kg Lim (1) to PS1,150. Steers (ppk): Overall av 228.17; 305kg AA (1) to 278.70; 310kg Lim (1) to 272.60; 362kg Lim (2) to 268; 382kg Lim (2) to 264.40; 430kg Char (1) to 262.80. Heifers (ppk): Overall av 218.14; 346kg Lim (3) to 264.50; 350kg Lim (3) to 262.90; 370kg Lim (1) to 256.80; 375kg Lim (1) to 256; 360kg BB (1) to 252.80. Top prices: Steers (ph) -JT Francis & Co, Pen-y-Gaer, & A Gittins, Tygwyn; Heifers (ph) -A Gittins, Tygwyn; Steers (ppk) -I Evans & Son, Hendreseifion; Heifers (ppk) -WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn.

LLANRWST, Tues, Apr 11 Remarks: Excellent entries in all sections for the Easter lamb show & sale. This was judged by Llanrwst butcher Arwel Jones, who bought all of his class winners.

Lambs topped at 270ppk, with the best hoggs selling to 235ppk. Lamb prizes: Singles -G Roberts, Carreg y Fran, Rhydlanfair, 38kg lamb at PS102; Pairs -E Wynne, Wern Fawr, Eglwysbach 40kg at PS105; Pens -IE Hughes, Bryn Hafod, Eglwysbach, 44kg at PS105.

Lambs: 50 entries. Lights (6) to 266, av 260; Standards (24) to 270, av 255; Mediums (20) to 263, av 250. Hoggets: 837 entries. Lights (440) to 190, av 176; Standards (249) to 235, av 185; Mediums (71) to 215, av 180; Heavys (77) to 180, av 164. Cull sheep: 184 entries. Welsh to PS40; Xbred to PS86; Rams to PS82. Beef: 9 entries. AA hfrs to 186; Lim x hfrs to 200; BB hfrs to 190; OTM hfrs to 170; Sal x strs to 190; OTM WB strs to 185; OTM Hfd x steers to 170. OTM cows: 4 entries. Fries bulls to 109; Fries cows to 116.

Top prices: Lambs (ppk) -G Roberts, Carreg y Fran; Lambs (ph) -IE Hughes, Bryn Hafod, & E Wynne, Wern Fawr; Hoggets -R Jones, Glyn; Ewes/rams -DS Edwards, Penbryn; Beef -(ppk) -G Roberts, Carreg y Fran; Beef (ph) -DA Royle, Tyn Coed; OTM -MO & IG Hughes, Rhiwlas.

RUTHIN, Tues, Apr 11 Lambs: 330 entries, to 312 (PS131), av 259.8; Standard to 292.9, av 270.5; Medium to 298.6, av 261.8; Heavy to 311.9, av 257.3; Overs to 235.4, av 234. Hoggets: 2,013 entries, to 276.5 (PS117), av 186.8. Lights to 177.8, av 156.3; Standards to 228.2, av 178; Mediums to 276.5, av 200.6; Heavys to 228.3, av 181.6; Overs to 180, av 148.8. Cull ewes: 434 entries, av PS44.21; Tex ewes to PS100; Sufframs to PS98; Suffewes to PS106; Welsh ewes to PS38; Welsh rams to PS64. OTM: Lim cows to 114.5. Top prices: Lambs (ppk & ph) -GJ Walton & Partner, Llyn Tro; Hoggets (ppk & ph) -Mrs C Evans, Tan y Gaer.

BRYNCIR, Mon, Apr 10 Remarks: A quality entry of 264 store cattle for a sale sponsored by Haydn Jones of Pennant Finance, Glan Conwy. More young stock were forward and prices did not disappoint.

Heifers included 79 10-12-monthold entries, giving an overall average of PS955.80, which tells its own story. Leading the way was D H Jones, Maes Mawr, who topped at PS1,290 and averaged PS1,254.

This was followed by Alan Williams, Garnedd Hir, who averaged PS1,198, while a run of yearling heifers averaged PS1,040 for WH & MA Roberts, Gwrych Dryw.

In the steers, the top 15 prices exceeded PS1,200, with an average of PS1,068. The leading three calls went to Glyn Williams, Garnedd Hir, while WO Jones, Betws Fawr, had 5 bids from PS1,190 to PS1,285. WH & M Roberts, Gwrych Dryw, saw their 14 yearling steers average PS1,014, peaking at PS1,075. Store steers: 100 entries, av PS1,068.11; 21m Char to PS1,205; 19m Char to PS1,285; 17m Char to PS1,350; 14m Char to PS1,190; 11m Char to PS1,098; 9m Char to PS1,075; 18m Lim to PS1,205; 17m Lim to PS1,295; 14m Lim to PS1,105; 11m Lim to PS945; 24m Stab to PS1,240; 22m Stab to PS1,150; 12m Stab to PS840; 22m BB to PS1,155; 16m BB to PS1,000; 12m BB to PS925; 18m Hfd x to PS1,040; 16m Hfd x to PS925; 19m Hols to PS825. Store heifers: 164 entries, av PS955.80; 23m Char to PS1,290; 21m Char to PS1,270; 17m Char to PS1,250; 14m Char to PS1,190; 12m Char to PS1,115; 8m Char to PS925; 20m Lim to PS1,195; 16m Lim to PS980; 12m Lim to PS900; 18m BB to PS1,200; 15m BB to PS1,045; 12m BB to PS840; 19m WB to PS895; 12m WB to PS840; 11m WB to PS980; 18m Hfd x PS800; 14m Stab to PS800. Couples: 75 entries. Xbred singles to PS132, doubles to PS145; Welsh singles to PS75, doubles to PS100.

Top prices: Steers -Glyn Williams, Garnedd Hir; Heifers -DH Jones, Maes Mawr; Singles & doubles -RG Lewis, Coed Tyno.

WELSHPOOL, Mon, Apr 10 Remarks: A good show of Otm cattle this week.

Couples met a good trade for what was on offer -the majority were again full-mouth or as-found ewes, with only a dozen pens of yearlings that made good money.

Best twins traded for PS160-PS200, with others at PS120-PS150. Best singles went for PS100-PS129, with others at PS70-PS90.

The Easter lamb show was judged by Wyn Ellis.

LAMB SHOW: Up to 36kg: 1) C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; 2) HI & LJ Lloyd, Weirglodd-Deg; 3) C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm. Over 36.5kg: 1) C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; 2) IL & OG Roberts, Y Ddol; 3) J & J Beavan & Sons, Winsbury. Suffolk x (over 36.5kg): 1& 2) J & J Beavan & Sons, Winsbury; 3) EG & AW Pugh, Cefn. Charollais x (up to 36kg): 1 & 2) J A Gwalchami, 5 Minffordd; 3) JH Jerman & Co, Wernddu. Charollais x (over 36.5kg): 1, 2 & 3) N Oughton, Lymore Farm. Champion pen: Ch -C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm; Res -J & J Beavan & Sons, Winsbury. Suffolk Ch -J & J Beavan & Sons. OTM: 32 entries, to 148 (PS1,121.84), av 123.14; Cows (11) av 108.59 (PS720.81); 48-72m cows (3) av 131.66 (PS812.77); U48m heifers (16) av 132.58 (PS751.41); U48m steers (1) to 138 (PS972.90); U72m bulls (1) to 117 (PS1,050.66). Hoggets: 4,370 entries, av 178.86; Lights (119) to 183, av 159.82; Standards (438) to 199, av 176.23; Mediums (1,827) to 253, av 180.21; Heavys (890) to 228, av 168.36; Overs (1,068) to 202, av 145.21. Lambs: 715 entries, av 267.18; Lights (42) to 275, av 246.64; Standards (367) to 300, av 270.32; Mediums (233) to 308, av 265.53; Heavys (62) to 237, av 209.22; Overs (11) to 181, av 177.42. Cull sheep: 2,068 entries. Ewes to PS127, av PS52; Rams to PS132, av PS77. Couples: 140 entries. Suffx yrlgs + twins to PS200; 3-4yr Tex + twins to PS197; Tex yrlg + twins to PS190; Mule yrlgs + twins to PS191, av PS181; 3yr Tex x singles to PS121; FM Suffx ewe + singles to PS121. Cade lambs: 117 entries, to PS26, av PS11.

Top prices: OTM -J & B Vaughan, Sychtyn; Hoggets (ppk) -JA Gwlachmai, Minffordd; Lambs (ppk) -J & J Beavan & Sons, Winsbury; Cull ewes -JR, RM & JP Andrew, Bronheulog; Cull rams -M Owen, Glantre; Couples -EW Howells & Son, Oakwood. MOLD, Mon, April 10 Remarks: Nice to see increased numbers of cattle, with a fast trade for all types.

Cows continue to meet incredible demand with an increase in numbers easily absorbed.

Decent show of spring lambs met a pleasing trade. Hoggets met firm competition too.

Prime cattle: 124 entries (60 hfrs, 50 strs, 14 bulls). Top 10 beef av 222.20 (PS1,455.50); Top 20 beef av 217.10 (PS1,393.65); Top 30 beef av 213.76; Top 40 beef av 210.75. U30m heifers: Hvy Cont to 217 (PS1,314.45), av 192.77; Med Cont to 227, av 200.76; Lgt Cont to 218, av 202.50; Hvy Native to 198 (PS1,168.20), av 192; Med Native to 206, av 196.80; Med Fries to 161; Lgt Fries to 121. U30m steers: Hvy Cont to 224 (PS1,489.60), av 191.14; Med Cont to 221 (PS1,423.50), av 198.42; Lgt Cont to 213, av 211.50; Hvy Native to 185 (PS1,286.25), av 177.25; Med Native to 199, av 193.25; Hvy Fries to 184 (PS1,242), av 167.67; Med Fries to 170 (PS1,105), av 156.37; Lgt Fries to 165, av 145.67. U30m bulls: Hvy Cont to 219 (PS1,604.40), av 198.67; Med Cont to 225, av 201; Med Native to 185, av 184.50; Lgt Native to 160; Lgt Fries to 148, av 146.50. 30-36m heifers: Hvy Cont to 175 (PS1,295), av 174.50; Med Cont to 200, av 190.25. 30-36m steers: Hvy Cont to 197 (PS1,359.30); Med Cont to 202, av 190; Med Native to 191; Hvy Fries to 129 (PS1,057.80), av 129. O36m heifers: Hvy Cont to 140 (PS1,043), av 140; Med Cont to 175, av 159; Lgt Cont to 125, av 125; Med Native to 160, av 152; Lgt Native to 143, av 143; Med Fries to 115, av 115. O36m steers: Med Cont to 123; Lgt Fries to 126. Cull cows: 83 entries. Cont cows to 140 (PS1,048.80), av 120.60; Top 10 Cont av 130.40; Fries cows to 139 (PS1,085.50), av 107.30; Top 10 Fries av 126.60 (PS916.20); Foreign tagged cows to 118 (PS908.60). Cull bulls: 2 entries. Sim to 130 (PS1,183); AA to 110 (PS1,177). Lambs: 147 entries, av 269.50; Standards to 292, av 267.50; Mediums to 298, av 276. Hoggets: 204 entries, av 189.14; Lights to 172; Standards to 201, av 200.70; Mediums to 204, av 189.90; Heavys to 191, av 167.60. Ewes: Ewes to PS60, av PS52.10.

GAERWEN, Mon, Apr 10 Remarks: Couples sold to a steady trade, maintaining recent trends, topping at PS220.

Couples: 70 entries. Singles: Overall av PS95; Tex to PS202; Dorset to PS110; Beulah to PS105; Mule to PS104; Southdown to PS90; Llanwenog to PS88; Suffto PS86; Welsh to PS74. Doubles: Overall av PS150; Tex to PS220; Mule to PS180; Suffto PS166; Dorset to PS161; Chev to PS131; Char to PS120; XBred to PS114; Southdown to PS106.

Top prices: Singles & doubles -Osian Rhys, Hendy, Caernarfon. ST ASAPH, Sat, Apr 8 Remarks: Excellent trade with old season lambs, selling to PS71 (182p). Hoggets: 252 entries. Superlights to 178 (PS40), av 136.27; Lights to 182 (PS51), av 157.63; Standards to 156 (PS58), av 152; Mediums to 143.12 (PS60); Heavys to 142 (PS71), av 128.43; Overs to 109.23 (PS71). Old ewes: 40 entries. Ewes to PS76, av PS46.69; Rams to PS61. Couples: 249 entries. Char doubles to PS140, singles to PS120; Lleyn doubles to PS134, singles to PS97; Easycare doubles to PS142; XBred singles to PS108; Tex doubles to PS130, singles to PS100; Suffdoubles to PS126, singles to PS93; Speck doubles to PS115, singles to PS88; Mule doubles to PS125, singles to PS95; Welsh singles to PS54; Badger doubles to PS120, singles to PS58; Llanwenog doubles to PS100, singles to PS59; Southdown, singles to PS97; Portland singles to PS41. Pet lambs: 8 entries, PS2.50-PS8, av PS4.31.

DOLGELLAU, Fri, Apr 7 Grazing cows: 3 entries. WB cows to PS700. Store cattle: 238 entries (incl 95 organic). Heifers: OTM Lim x to PS1,128; 26m org ped WB to PS1,030; 24m org Char x to PS1,138; 24m org ped WB to PS1,030; 22m Char x to PS1,115; 20m Char x to PS1,025; 20m AA x to PS875; 20m Saler x to PS858; 20m WB to PS870; 18m Char x to PS1,142; 16m Char x to PS1,080; 18m org Char x to PS960; 16m org Char x to PS1,038; 12m org Saler x to PS870; 12m org Char x to PS1,068; 10m org Char x to PS868. Steers: 26m org ped WB to PS1,252; 24m org ped WB to PS1,190; 24m WB to PS1,130; 24m Lim x to PS1,242; 22m Stabiliser x to PS988; 22m Lim x to PS1,290; 22m AA x to PS1,050; 22m org Fries to PS655; 22m Char x to PS1,122; 20m Lim x to PS1,075; 20m Char x to PS1,080; 20m org BB x to PS1,222; 20m org WB to PS1,105 20m Stabiliser x to PS1,000; 18m Sim x to PS1,115; 18m Char x to PS1,312; 16m org Char x to PS1,155; 14m Saler x to PS945; 12m org WB to PS628; 12m org Saler x to PS1,038; 10m Lim x to PS1,015; 10m org Char x to PS1,128; 10m org Saler x to PS895.

Sheep: 385 entries. Cast ewes: Welsh to PS48; XBred to PS48; Tex rams to PS68. Couples: Strong Welsh + XBred twins to PS150; Strong Welsh + XBred singles to PS136; XBred singles to PS114, doubles to PS144. Hoggets: Welsh to PS61; XBred to PS68; Welsh EH to PS38; XBred EH to PS52.

Top prices: Grazing cows -T & ML Jones, Glanmerin; OTM hfrs -G Lloyd, Bryn Hyfryd; Single & pair of org Char x hfr -EP Jones, Nant y Nodyn; Pair & bunch of org ped WB hfrs -D Jenkins, Tanrallt; Bunch org Char x hfrs -DP Thomas, Rhosgyll Fawr; Single Char x hfr & Char x str -JI Jones, Bryn Golau; | Continued on page 8 | Continued from page 7 Bunch org BB x strs -ER Williams a'i Gwmni, Hendre; Bunch org Char x strs -RA Evans, Tyddyn Mawr; Single Lim x str -AW Evans, Dysryrnant; Bunch Sim x strs -Mri Jones, Dolhaidd; Bunch AA x strs -WT Jones & Co, Caerberllan; Bunch WB strs -EA Davies a'i Gwmni, Dolwerfyl; Bunch Saler x strs -I Jones, Byrdir; Bunch Lim x strs -H Jones & Co, Coed Cae; Cast ewes -JH Townsend, Gwernygigfran; Rams -D Owen & Co, Brwynllynnau; Hoggs -DK Owen, Penrallt; Singles & doubles -AM Jones, Cefn Uchaf.

BEESTON CASTLE, Fri, Apr 7 Calves: 406 entries. Bulls: BB x to PS400, av PS229.63; Sim x to PS375, av PS244.93; Lim x to PS375, av PS253.30; AA x to PS230, av PS105.61; Hfd x to PS258, av PS122; B & W to PS138, av PS82.95. Heifers: BB x to PS355, av PS182.79; Sim x to PS295, av PS178.50; Lim x to PS305, av PS255; AA x to PS245, av PS97.14; Hfd x to PS192, av PS129.41. Weanlings: 285 entries. Steers to PS930; Heifers to PS725; Bulls to PS820. Cull cows: Cows to 162 (PS1,326). Beef cattle: Steers to 232 (PS1,369); Heifers to 235 (PS1,327). Store cattle: Steers to PS1,120; Heifers to PS1,145. Cull sheep: Ewes av PS65.29; Rams av PS96.43.

BISHOPS CASTLE, Thurs, Apr 6 Remarks: More store cattle needed, just 150 entered. Steers (ph): Overall av PS920; Blonde x (1) to PS1,050; BB x (1) to PS800; WB (3) to PS830; Char x (1) to PS1,075; Lim x (1) to PS1,215. Steers (ppk): Overall av 230; Blonde x (1) to 261; BB x (3) to 210; WB (3) to 189; Char x (1) to 244; Lim x (5) to 286.

Heifers (ph): Overall av PS880; Blonde x (1) to PS1,070; BB x (2) to PS925; Saler (4) to PS1,000; Hfd x (1) to PS710; Char x (2) to PS860; Sim x (1) to PS1,050; Lim x (2) to PS1,125. Heifers (ppk): Overall av 216: Blonde x (5) to 236; Saler (4) to 227; Hfd x (1) to 171; Char x (2) to 217; Sim x (1) to 210; Lim x (2) to 242. MOLD, Fri, Apr 7 Remarks: Another excellent show of cattle, with 394 stores and stirks forward on the day. Trade keeping up, with plenty of buyers ringside.

Dairy trade in line again with previous weeks.

Another good show of calves, in demand again. Stirks topped at PS845, while stores topped at PS1,230.

Store cattle: 254 entries. Steers: 25m Char to PS1,230; 24m Lim to PS1,165; 23m Sim to PS1,120; 25m AA to PS1,110; 22m BB to PS1,090; 22m Blonde to PS1,060; 23m Hfd to PS1,035; 23m BF to PS955. Heifers: 23m BB to PS1,105; 22m Sim to PS1,100; 22m Lim to PS1,100; 22m Char to PS1,060; 22m AA to PS975; 21m Blonde to PS960; 17m Hfd hfrs to PS785. Stirks: 140 entries: Steers: 11m WB to PS845; 10m Lim to PS835; 11m Char to PS800; 12m BB to PS780; 12m Sim to PS760; 13m Hfd to PS740; 11m Blonde to PS720; 9m AA to PS705; 11m Sal to PS660; 13m HF to PS560. Heifers: 12m Lim to PS790; 13m BB to PS760; 11m WB to PS740; 12m Hfd to PS700; 12m Sal to PS660; 9m Char to PS650; 12m AA to PS590. Dairy: 16 entries. HF hfrs to PS1,700; BF hfrs to PS1,650; Hol hfrs to PS1,520; 35m AA ped brdg to PS1,320. Calves: 87 entries. Bulls: BR to PS460; Lim to PS435; Char to PS372; Sim to PS335; Baz to PS220; Hfd to PS210; HF to PS185. Heifers: BR to PS305; Lim to PS280; Char to PS262; Baz to PS232; Sim to PS220; Hfd to PS210; AA to PS155. ST ASAPH, Thurs, Apr 6 Remarks: Easter Show & Sale. Hoggets were judged by Philip Smith, Caernarfon, lambs by James Coleman of Randall Parker Foods and beef cattle by Denbigh butcher John Williams.

PRIZES: Hoggets: Belt x hoggs -Simon Husk, Church Farm, Lyddon Dover, 43kg at PS124, bought by David Jones for Bowland Foods Preston; AOB hoggs -J Roberts, Fedw, 39kg at PS81, bought by Trevor Head for Messrs Moerbeko Belgium. Lambs: Single Beltex lamb -C Tomlinson, Dairy Farm, Agden, 40kg at PS185, bought by the judge; Pairs - E Davies, Groes Fawr, 36kg at PS128, bought by David Jones Stansty; 4 Beltex x -E Davies Groes Fawr 31.5kg at PS94, bought by Randall Parker Foods; 4 AOB lambs -JB & E Evans, Faenol Broper, 36kg at PS114, bought by Gerallt Roberts, Hafod Dre. Cattle: Steer - Owen Bros, Bron Feriath, 540kg at 231p, bought by the judge; Heifer -DG Jones, Tyddyn Mawr, 570kg at 220p, bought by Emrys Roberts, Conwy Valley Meats. Champion -Owen Bros, Bron Feriath.

PRICES: Hoggets: 516 entries, av 184.71; Lights to 344 (PS110), av 285.71; Standards to 386 (PS139), av 269.88; Mediums to 463 (PS185), av 256.19; Heavys to 250 (PS120), av 224.05; Overs to 215 (PS116), av 210.56. Store lambs: 2,097 entries, av 265.6; Superlights to 174 (PS40), av 153.93; Lights to 194 (PS60), av 170.46; Standards to 284 (PS108), av 181.71; Mediums to 288 (PS124), av 190.02; Heavys to 243 (PS119), av 177.36; Overs to 198 (PS114), av 154.93. Old ewes: 990 entries. Ewes to PS126, av PS 62.83; Rams to PS120, av PS 59.46. Steers: Mediums to 231 (PS1,247); Heavys to 220 (PS1, 302), av 218.32. Heifers: 2 entries. Heavys to 220 (PS1,254), av 199.16.

Top prices: Hoggets (ppk & PS124ph) -S Husk, Church Farm; Lambs (ppk) -C Tomlinson, Dairy Farm, Agden; Lambs (PS138ph) -E Davies, Groes.

BRYNCIR, Wed, Apr 5 Remarks: Plenty of demand in all sections with spring lambs getting offto a firm start.

Lambs: 24 entries, to 254. Hoggets: 284 entries. Lights to 173; Standards to 180; Mediums to 184; Heavys to 164. Cull ewes: Tex to PS100; Suffx to PS96; SuffMules to PS92; Xbred to PS88; Welsh to PS62; Cull rams to PS100. Cull cows: 20 entries. Lim to 141; BB to 131; Hfd x to 124; Dairy to 108.

Top prices: Lambs -IH Hughes, Bryn Eithinog; Hoggets -GE Roberts, Caeau Gwynion; Ewes -Coleg Glynllifon; Cull cows -D Evans, Hendy.

OSWESTRY, Wed, Apr 5 Remarks: Very disappointing show of fat cattle considering the trade we have been having.

More Welsh ewes on show but the trade was holding steady.

Only a small offering of calves, selling to another good trade for best Continental males, and females a fraction dearer than last week.

Fat cattle: 20 entries, av 194.5. Steers: 9 entries, av 174.5; Heavys (9) to 196, av 174.5 (PS1,165). Heifers: 11 entries, av 216; Mediums (1) to 165 (PS585); Heavys (10) to 265, av 219 (PS1,190). Fat hoggets: 2,289 entries, av 167; Lights (222) to 174, av 163.71; Standards (564) to 218, av 169.05; Mediums (902) 149-206, av 173.70; Heavys (329) to PS86, av 165.62; Overs (139) to PS89, av 137.22. Fat ewes: 822 entries, to PS110, av PS49. Rams: 30 entries, to PS135, av PS76. Store sheep: 18 entries. AF sgls to PS70; Twins to PS106. Calves: 27 entries. Char bulls to PS332; Lim bulls to PS332; BB bulls to PS315; Lim hfrs to PS288; BB hfrs to PS275; Fries bulls to PS105. Store cattle: 104 entries. Steers: 69 entries, av PS871 (204); 20-22m Char x strs to PS1,195 (198); 13m Char x to PS790 (251); 8m Lim & Char x to PS830 (237); 19m Lim x to PS1,090 (234). Heifers: 35 entries, av PS868 (197); 20m & 21m BB x to PS1,070 (235); 13m BB x to PS720 (220); 23m BB x to PS1,110 (216). U72 & cull cows: 6 entries, to 145, av of 113.61. Top prices: Fat cattle -GW & BA Haynes, Trefnant Isaf; Ewes -JH Evans & Son, Llanidloes; Rams -F Davies & Son, Llangollen; Calves -Andrew Neuadd Ucha; Store cattle -PR Done & Co, Abenbury.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 13, 2017
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