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FANTASY ISLAND; As women, we know we all have sexual fantasies, it's just whether or not we come clean (or talk dirty) about them. Here are some women who did...

Byline: Edited by: Lara Kilner

Forty years ago, Cosmopolitan magazine ran an article which claimed 'Women do not have sexual fantasies, period. Men do'. Really? We're confident that in the 1970s, women did think about sex. And not just the sex they were hoping to have, but the sex they didn't even necessarily want (that is the nature of a fantasy - were it presented to you, chances are you'd run for the hills).

But it was taboo to talk about it then. Now, Ann Summers, Madonna, Sex And The City and 50 Shades have happened. So we women are more open about what really gets us going.

So much so, sexpert Emily Dubberley, founder of, has written a book about fantasies. 'Women's sexuality does not fit into a neat little box: we are diverse, with different libidos, fantasies and realities,' she says. As this little lot prove.

'My fantasy is going to visit my ex and having kinky sex with him - being tied up and whipped. I feel guilty about fantasising about my ex although I'd never actually sleep with him.'

'It's about my history professor. He's so attractive. I want to rip his clothes off. In my fantasy he's doing me hard and he's unbelievably big. It's like classic porn.'

'Most of my fantasies have to do with power. Being taken advantage of, being humiliated and called names. Sometimes I get a thrill for coming up with something so naughty, that would shock most people who know me.'

'I go to a lesbian bar and stand at the bar making eye contact with a woman. It's clear to her it's my first time and she takes me home to give me my first lesbian experience. The build-up in the taxi and hallway to her flat is the best.'

'Being on stage having sex with the lead singer of a band in a glass ball suspended above the stage. Occasionally the audience get glimpses inside the ball when it's lit up from inside.' 'Sex on a car bonnet in a full moon while it's pouring raining'

'I'm caught cheating by my husband and spanked and forced to give him oral sex as a consequence.'

'Mine's a threesome with tradesmen in my kitchen. I'm in a flimsy dressing gown, they're in overalls with big, rough, work-hardened hands and I have the most amazing breasts over which they spend inordinate amounts of time.'

'I love to think our neighbours are watching us having sex, and that they'll come over and join in. I've told my husband, so he vocalises that he can see people watching us. My neighbour's wife has offered her services once after a few drinks if I ever feel like experimenting.'


'I used to worry I was wrong to think about the things I did and beat myself up. I felt I was betraying feminism to imagine female submission. Now I'm aware the things in my head are not reality (most of them shouldn't be). I've come to enjoy the sheer outrageousness of my more extreme fantasies. Many things I am aware I would not find enjoyable are some of the highlights in fantasy and many things I enjoy enormously are never the subject of fantasy.' Suzanna, 34

What women really fantasise about...

8% fantasise about being seduced by a stranger

30% of women fantasise about having sex

70% admit to watching or reading porn

50% of women fantasise about having sex with other women

70% fantasise about group sex

29% of women have dominant fantasies

' My current favourite involves being a serving maid in a big Victorian house and being used as a sex toy by the entire household ' 'I fantasise about controlling a man, dictating when he can'
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2013
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