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While the rest of his family watched a woman making balloon animals at the festival, Caleb drifted over to the next booth. He watched as the man sketched, drawing the woman sitting in front of him. It looked like her, but different. As the artist handed the finished sketch to the woman, she laughed. "I love it!" she exclaimed as she paid him then walked away.

"Are you drawing cartoons?" Caleb asked the man.

"It's a kind of cartooning," the artist answered. "What I do is called caricature. It's drawing something, usually a person, in a simplified, but exaggerated way. I pick out the most prominent features of the person, then exaggerate them. Most people find caricatures to be funny."

When Caleb arrived home later, he found his sketchpad and colored pencils and went to work. Using photographs of his family, he drew until he felt satisfied with the results. Then he showed his pictures to his family.

Dad stared at a drawing for a moment, then laughed. "That's me!" he exclaimed. "You've made my beard look like a huge bush, but that's definitely me."

"Look at that!" Mom laughed too. "That's me. I never knew my glasses took up half of my face. And look at my lips! That's great, Caleb."

Last, Caleb showed his sister her picture. At first, she just stared, but then smiled. "I have to admit that's pretty cool. You've exaggerated my eyes, and my teeth - wow. You really got me, and it looks funny."

"How did you learn to do caricatures?" Mom asked.

"By watching an artist at the fair," Caleb replied. "I've always liked cartooning, and I really like this. I used your I photographs as my models."

"Would you draw my friends if they posed for you?" his sister asked.

"Sure," Caleb answered. Then he smiled. I must be doing a good job as a caricaturist, he thought. After all, I already have my first customers lined up!

by Heather Klassen * illustrated by Dwane Cude

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Author:Klassen, Heather
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Article Type:Cartoon
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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