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ALDI is celebrating 25 years in Scotland and has long championed local producers, such as the family firm making traditional treats that everyone can enjoy.

Aldomak has been producing tablet, fudge and macaroon for Aldi since 2010, bringing a taste of nostalgia for many Scots as well as a great alternative to chocolate this Easter.

Handmade in Glasgow using traditional methods, these sweet treats instantly evoke childhood for many Scots and are part of Aldi's Specially Selected range, sourced by their dedicated Scottish buying department.

"It's one of those nostalgic products that conjures up nice memories," says Dario Riccomini, who took over Aldomak from his father more than 10 years ago.

"When I joined the company, it was literally a pot on stove business. Since then, we've scaled up the process, but it's still essentially a big pot and a machine that stirs it for us."

Research among customers highlighted how much Scots love traditional handmade treats - but they are firmly split on their favourites, with each delicacy winning equally favour amongst sweet-toothed fans.

"We still use traditional cast iron cooling tables, pouring it out and letting it cool," says Dario.

"Our ingredients are measured by hand, poured by hand, cut by hand and we pack by hand."

But some things have moved on, and they no longer wrap in traditional parchment paper, tied It's just good, honest confectionery and we are extremely proud to see it in Aldi stores DARIO RICCOMINI, ALDOMAK with string.

In an era of mass-produced confectionery, Aldi are delighted to give customers a taste of the good old days while supporting a small family company.

An Italian-Scottish firm, Aldomak have retained traditional methods and still consult old recipe books for inspiration.

In line with Aldi's environmental ethos, they also use local ingredients where possible, including ethically sourced British sugar.

"We were a clean label before it was a term," adds Dario.

Tablet contains sugar, condensed milk, butter, milk and water, while fudge has the addition of golden syrup.

"Sugar is a carbohydrate and great for a quick energy boost," says Dario.

It's great if you're hillwalking - or training for this years Kiltwalk, which is supported by Aldi -or if you're doing something active that requires a quick boost, or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

The fudge, tablet and macaroon, are delicious eaten on their own or added to your favourite puddings. "It's just good, honest confectionery and we are extremely proud to see our product in Aldi stores," adds Dario.

Specially Selected Handmade Scottish Tablet Handmade in small batches the recipe dates back to the early 1900's. 150g.

PS1.29 Scottish Fudge Slow cooked to really bring out those rich caramel undertones, it's soft, with a fine grain and flavoured using a touch of Madagascan vanilla pods. 150g.

Handmade Macaroons balanced with a sweet hard fondant centre, drizzled with delicious rich chocolate and finished with with well fired toasted

DARIO RICCOMINI, ALDOMAK It's just good, honest confectionery and we are extremely proud to see it in Aldi stores


HANDMADE The sweet treats produced by Dario and his Aldomak team

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 18, 2019
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