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FAMILY ALBUM OF ACCUSED TOT DEATH NANNY; snaps of doting aunt and sister Home-town friends shocked by charges.


SURROUNDED by family and friends on her hen night, baby death accused Aisling McCarthy Brady looks excited about the new life ahead of her.

But just four months after her wedding to Don McCarthy, a painter and decorator from Co Cork, she would face the nightmare scenario of being the main suspect in causing the death of a one-year-old girl in her care.

Our exclusive picture shows Aisling enjoying a few drinks at the Grand Canal - one of her favourite Irish pubs and restaurants in her adopted home of Boston.

Homesick Aisling, 34, was particularly delighted her mum Margaret and sisters Michelle, Joanne and Edel flew from Cavan to the US for the happy occasion after she had been unable to come home for a decade because she had no long-stay visa.

This image of a warm, familyorientated young woman couldn't be further from the grim picture of a rage-fuelled illegal immigrant currently being painted by a US prosecution team.

According to them, Aisling was aggressive and anti-social with two restraining orders and four official noise complaints filed against her.

Her ex-boyfriend, Dave Furey, filed a restraining order in 2005 - three years after her move to the US - claiming she flew into a jealous rage and threw an empty beer bottle at one of his female friends.

Two years later prosecutors claimed she was arrested, accused of brawling with a female housemate, biting and scratching her, but she was released without charge.

It was also alleged that last year Olive Scanlon filed a second restraining order against Aisling for posting false claims that Olive was abusing children, and for making calls to set up funeral arrangements for her. But those who knew Aisling in Lavey, Co Cavan, when she was growing up said she was just an ordinary polite girl who doted on her family.

One local revealed: "Aisling was brought up in a very traditional way, just like her brothers and sisters. They're a big family with 10 children so they all had to get on with it. They added: "As Aisling was the fourth eldest and her older siblings were all involved in different activities like GAA, she often helped her mum Margaret look after the little ones."

The Bradys grew up in an isolated bungalow in Moher, New Inns, about 100 yards from the closest neighbour, and over a kilometre from a tiny corner shop and Upper Lavey's St Dympna's Church.

The primary school Aisling went to, Aughadreena National School, is another kilometre away towards Lower Lavey. The primary school that Aisling went to, Aughadreena National School, is another kilometre away towards Lower Lavey where a couple of shops, The Lavey Inn and a petrol station provide for the locals.

In such a quiet rural area, residents are shocked Aisling is at the centre of a high profile scandal.

One said: "There was never a lot to do in the area for young people besides spending time with their friends and family, going to Church and playing GAA. The town is so secure you can leave your front door open without worrying about burglaries or any damage being done to your house.

t y e.

In many ways it can be ideal for a child to grow up in a safe and communityorientated environment.

In many ways it c to grow up in as orientated enviro "Aisling went to school - Loreto C even though that from home she w environment. She a very polite yo Margaret and A away four instille "Aisling went to an all-girls Catholic school - Loreto College - in Cavan, so even though that took her a bit away from home she was still in a very good environment. She was brought up to be a very polite young girl. Her parents Margaret and Aidan Snr, who passed away four years ago, would have instilled in all their children the value of hard work.

"That's why it came as such a shock. They are such good people, no one had ever a bad a ar no word to say against them." The close-knit family was devastated in 2000 when 18-year-old Aidan Jnr was killed in a car crash days before Christmas.

A year later, Aisling left to join her siblings Raymond and Sharon in Boston where they took her under their wing.

They offered her a place to stay and helped her find employment.

The local revealed: "They are very much a clan, they always put family first and would do anything for one another.

"They are all very kind and used to children - Aisling would have minded her sister's babies - so this has come as a shock to all of them."


Family home... in Lavey, Co Cavann

Blushing bride... Aisling

Grand... at Irish pub with brother Kevin

sisters... with Aisling's mum Margaret

Caring... doting aunt

Carefree... before the nightmare began in US

Brady clan... at a family christening

In the pink... happy on her hen night

US life... Aisling's apartment in Boston
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jan 27, 2013
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