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There's a battle brewing between Lenny and Alex over Chrome. The former is furious when he discovers the latter is trying to muscle in on the club. So when lawyer Erin makes an offer to try to scupper Alex, Lenny quickly jumps on board with the plan.

However, it looks like it might be something he comes to regret in the future.

There's also trouble ahead for Kirsty and Alan. She's upset that he's spending so much time with Grace and that's not the only relationship in trouble as Will tries to avoid Robbie.

EASTENDERS Accusations fly as police continue the hunt for Lucy's killer.

Surprise, surprise, the Walford police have got the wrong man. They've never been the most competent of coppers, so it was fairly inevitable. Their arrest of Ben Mitchell for Lucy Beale's murder has sent shockwaves through the Square though, leaving residents struggling to come to terms with the news.

However, this one is set to play out over a long time yet as there are more truths spilling out which threaten to tear certain families apart.

There's particular tension between the Mitchells, Beales and Brannings and the three families come to blows as the police continue their investigations and people begin to question their own loyalties in the messy situation.

With all the revelations coming out, one resident even begins to doubt their own account of what happened on Good Friday, forcing them to make a shocking decision.

Finally, on Friday, things reach breaking point when accusations begin to get thrown around by all and sundry and some people in the Square start to question their future in Walford.

But the big question remains - will the police finally find out the truth? NEIGHBOURS When Brennan arrested his brother, he didn't think it would end up with Tyler being offered a deal to go undercover. However, that's what happens this week and despite Brennan's attempts to talk him out of it, Tyler accepts, doing his best to get Michelle talking about Dimato at the garage.

He's not the only one in danger though, as Imogen goes through Forrest's bag and finds his dodgy supplements. However, he catches her in the act and attacks her in retaliation.

HOME AND AWAY Nobody would want to meet their child for the first time in a prison visiting room but that's what Brax must suffer through as, after returning home from hospital, Ricky brings their young lad to see his dad. It doesn't all go well but they do eventually manage to agree on a name for him - Casey.

Matt's also facing jail but Nat tells him he could avoid it if he gives up the other people who were in on the robbery. This being Summer Bay, we're not holding our breath for a sensible decision.

HOLLYOAKS If ever there was someone in Soapland you didn't want to get on the wrong side of, Sienna would be high on the list.

That's exactly what Reenie has done though, with Sienna worrying about her friendship with Dr S'Avage. The situation comes to a head at Cleo's party, with the women locked in confrontation when Sienna pushes her off the City Wall.

The McQueen ends up in hospital but will the truth about what happened come out? There's also drama for Lockie and John Paul as the latter finally admits his true feelings for the former, but will Lockie be brave enough to tell Porsche about them? CORONATION STREEET Leanne finds herself in trouble this week when she's confronted by Dan on her way home from work. He tells her she's ruined his life and forces his way into her flat.

Liz and Simon are there but of little help as they're scared witless. Liz tries to talk sense into Dan, but he's having none of it and reveals to Simon that Leanne used to work as a prostitute.

He's visibly shaken by the news and later, when Leanne sits down in an attempt to talk to him about it, he launches into a verbal and physical attack on her.

EMMERDALE It looks as if the other foot has finally dropped in Home Farm.

Paddy, fearing that Robert and Aaron are getting close again, stirs things by telling Lawrence about Aaron's criminal record, leaving Lawrence alarmed.

When Aaron finds out, he confronts Paddy about it, but he is shocked when he's told about Robert's attempts to kill him. Aaron agrees to go away with Robert but only so he can exact his revenge. He tries to get a confession on tape but the night turns violent. Aaron swings a punch then Robert knocks him out with a beer bottle.

He panics and decides to tie the unconscious Aaron to a radiator, but when he returns with food and water, their argument ends as he pulls out a gun on his hostage.


TROUBLES For dad Ian


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