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The Lies Women Tell About Sex and the Truths They Reveal


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During the U.S. election three years ago, Republican candidate Donald Trump told lies repeatedly. And yet it was Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton who was slammed as dishonest, shady, unworthy of the trust of the American electorate.

So, why do women have a reputation for being deceitful? Since the book of Genesis and the tale of Eve in the Garden of Eden, the notion that women are not to be trusted has been deeply ingrained in Judeo-Christian societies. Humans, male and female alike, lie quite regularly, yet it is women who are believed to be intrinsically dishonest--especially when it comes to sex.

In Faking It: The Lies Women Tell about Sex and the Truths They Reveal, Lux Alptraum doesn't set out to counter the idea that women are liars. Instead, she seeks to reveal the elements of society that make it so difficult for women not to lie if they want to succeed--or even just survive--in a misogynistic culture. So really, the answer to the question, why do women lie? is quite simple: patriarchy. What is more complex is what happens when you dig into the elements of Western culture--American culture more specifically, but applicable elsewhere--and examine how the lies women tell reflect the experience of being a woman in the world.

Alptraum looks at many of the lies you might expect--lies about orgasms, about sexual experience, about birth control and even about the experience of trauma. And what is revealed is not so much the individual ways that women feel under pressure to be dishonest to sexual partners, but the paradox that lies at the heart of it all: women are supposed to be virginal, yet experienced, to look natural but to try harder to look their best, to be available but not easy. It is digging into these contradictions that makes Faking It more than a takedown of a stereotype and makes it worth a read for anyone frustrated by the limitations many women still encounter every single day.


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Title Annotation:FEMINISM & POLITICS; Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex and the Truths They Reveal
Author:Troska, Amber
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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