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FAKEBOOK; EXCLUSIVE Nightmare for telly star as internet thief steals her identity to grill rest of show's cast about storylines.

Byline: By Simon Houston

WATERLOO Road's Shabana Bakhsh has revealed how she's living in fear after a sick fan stole her identity on the internet.

Cast and crew members on the hit BBC drama were taken in by the impostor who spent hours chatting on a fake Facebook page, pretending to be the Scots actress.

Some people from the programme discussed secret storylines with the impostor and one crew member arranged a date, thinking former River City star Shabana, 26, was coming on to him.

She said: "It's so worrying because this person seemed to know everything about me and was really very plausible.

"They even managed to get their hands on pictures of me on nights out with other cast members to post on the page.

"To be able to talk online for so long without raising too much suspicion means this person is very clever.

"And I'm also very concerned because I have a young nephew in Glasgow who would jump at the chance to chat to me online if he thought I had my own Facebook page.

"This whole episode has left me quite spooked and a little anxious."

The deception came to light when Shabana and her colleagues were discussing Facebook pages.

She added: "The conversation came round to me and how I always seemed to be chatting on Facebook and asking lots of questions about forthcoming storylines, even though I should know the answers because I'm involved in them.

"That's when I said, 'Hang on a minute - I don't even have a Facebook page. It's not me.'

"I was stunned when one of them told me she had had a four-hour conversation withme the previous day.

"Then, one by one, other crew and cast appeared to tell me they had also been chatting to me several times during the previous weeks.

"Friends didn't think twice about it because she had loads of pictures of me and seemed to know a lot about me.

"One of the guys then said we had arranged to meet for a coffee. He logged on to his profile and showed me the conversation and it left me feeling quite sick.

"One of the boys at work said he was worried I would get a reputation because I was flirting so much online.

"They were all talking about how hot my online chat had become."

Shabana said the impostor had also been flirting with her old colleagues from the BBC drama Doctors.

The fake was caught out by one of Shabana's female co-stars.

She claimed to be a 14-year-old girl who had been egged on by friends. But Shabana and her colleagues don't believe that.

Shabana, who rose to fame in Ken Loach's Glasgow-set romance Ae Fond Kiss, is currently filming the fourth series of Waterloo Road.

She plays English teacher Jasmine Koreshi, starring alongside Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey.

Show bosses have warned other cast members to be on the lookout for similar internet oddballs.

Shabana added: "Everyone has been great - although the guy who thought he was meeting me for coffee might be a bit disappointed."

A Waterloo Road spokesman said: "We've been made aware of this situation and have asked staff to be vigilant."


SOLD A DUMMY: Shabana, wearing foootball kit, in Waterloo Road
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 14, 2008
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