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FAIR committee calls for improving intergovernmental partnerships.

Members of the Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) Steering Committee focused on intergovernmental partnerships and Hurricane Katrina during their recent meeting in Portland, Maine.

The meeting was hosted by Councilor Patrick O'Reilly of Scarborough, Maine, who decided to hold the actual meetings in nearby Portland.

Councilmember Marty Jones of Conyers, Ga., presided over the policy meetings.

Committee members were anxious to discuss their experiences and concerns relating to the events of Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, members expressed their disappointment in the obvious breakdown in the intergovernmental partnership.

"All levels of government deserve blame in their response to this disaster, however moving forward it is critical that elected leaders work to repair the relationships between local, state and federal government--it has become a matter of life and death," Jones said.

During the meeting, committee members received an update on recent legislative activities that included details on congressional proposals responding to the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the status of regulation reform relating to the tax-exempt bond market and state and local government securities,

The steering committee also concluded a two year project, streamlining the FAIR policy chapter. Lastly, the committee reviewed all existing resolutions to determine whether they should be renewed and voted to recommend five new resolutions to the full policy and advocacy committee.

All of the policy and resolution recommendations will be discussed with the full FAIR Policy and Advocacy Committee on December 7, 2005, in Charlotte, N.C., as part of the NLC Congress of Cities.
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Title Annotation:Steering Committee on Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations
Author:Young, Nicole C.
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
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Date:Sep 26, 2005
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