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FACEBOOK PIMP SOLD TEEN GIRL, 15, FOR SEX; Three years for 'ongoing threat to young people'.

Byline: JOHN SIDDLE Crime Reporter @jsiddle

A PIMP who sold a vulnerable 15-yearold girl for sex through a brothel he ran on Facebook was jailed.

Lee Lambert, 26, organised the business from his Kirkby flat while advertising sex with the teenager - who was living in a children's home - through Facebook and adult websites.

A jury took just 10 minutes to find him guilty of controlling prostitution for gain and keeping a brothel.

Jailing him for three years, Judge Thomas Teague, QC, said Lambert posed "an ongoing threat to the welfare of young people through his repeated involvement in what is euphemistically referred to as the sex Join the trade."

Facebook Lambert, who appeared in court wearing large sunglasses and had a nasal feeding tube for medical reasons, created an online profile for the girl - whom he claimed was 18 - and posted provocative photos to entice potential clients to his business, which he branded "Swinger Escorts". A trial heard how he outlined the extreme services it was said she would perform for clients, with prices he charged ranging from PS18 to PS168.

Lambert, of Denvers Park, Kirkby, took a small slice of the profits, allowing the girl to keep the majority. He had been previously jailed in 2010 after being convicted of tricking young girls into sending sexually explicit pictures of themselves to his sham "model agency".

conversation on our www.face theliverpoolecho Lambert's fake agency, LML Modelling, promised girls up to PS40,000 a year.

Judge Teague told him: "This is the second time in the last four years in which you have engaged in the exploitation of girls in the so-called sex industry.

"You may not have realised that this girl was only 15 but your culpability remains high."

A jury was told how Lambert sent text messages talking about his business, and one in which he boasted: "Pimping ain't easy".

He also advertised for new girls to come and work for him, prosecutors said, posting adverts for "Escorts wanted - PS500 a week".

There was another woman who was also exploited by Lambert.

Judge Teague said the girl, who cannot be identified, was "groomed" by Lambert and believed he cared for her and "had her best interests at heart". He said: "There was certainly no physical coercion but you manipulated her emotionally and there was most certainly an element of corruption."

Lambert was also handed an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, restricting his access to the internet and banning contact with children.

Neville Biddle, defending, said his client had not known the girl's real age and that the offences were committed during a short period in 2012.


JAILED: Merseyside pimp Lee Lambert, 26
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 5, 2014
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