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FACE IS LEFT NUMB AFTER BOTCHED OP; Mum gets PS23k compensation after 'disastrous' dentist visits.


A MUM was left unable to feel part of her face after claiming to have suffered permanent nerve damage from a botched dental procedure.

Sharon Pope, from Knowsley, was awarded PS20,000 in compensation after a procedure to have a tooth taken out at Tower Hill Family Dental Centre in Kirkby went disastrously wrong.

The 40-year-old was treated between 2009 and 2015 by dentists Dr Gavin McManus and Dr Octavian Gheorgheoiu.

Miss Pope said that between 2011 and 2012 she was given three fillings by Dr McManus, after she had been suffering from toothache and decay was found on some of her teeth.

The carer said the fact she needed fillings "didn't worry her" but said she became "slightly concerned that something wasn't right" due to the short space of time in which she needed them.

But months later, in 2013, Dr McManus told Miss Pope that one of the fillings needed replacing.

In 2014 Miss Pope said she returned to see Dr Gheorgheoiu after complaining of severe sensitivity and toothache.

The dentist prescribed antibiotics but they made no difference and she was soon back with Dr Gheorgheoiu with even worse toothache than before.

She claims his solution was to prescribe more antibiotics, until he eventually performed root canal treatment on one tooth.

But unfortunately the worst was yet to come for Miss Pope when in 2015, she was experiencing severe toothache again and was back with Dr Gheorgheoiu who told her one of her teeth needed to be extracted.

But soon after the procedure, her jaw muscles began to spasm.

She said that she had numbness in her lip and chin and X-rays taken at the hospital revealed the tooth extraction had caused nerve damage.

Miss Pope also had tooth decay on another tooth and part of the root of her tooth that had been extracted was still in her gum.

She has since had to have an operation to have the roots removed but the feeling has never returned to her lip and chin.

She said she is still coming to terms with the life changing trauma.

"To think this is all down to the dentists' poor treatment is soul destroying, because I trusted them," she added.

Miss Pope contacted the Dental Law Partnership who claimed analysis of her dental records revealed that Dr McManus had failed to spot and treat decay as far back as 2009 and had placed inadequate fillings, which was the cause of her sensitivity and toothache.

They claimed the records also revealed that Dr Gheorgheiou had failed to spot and treat decay, and had not used due skill and care when extracting Miss Pope's tooth.

The Dental Law Partnership took on Miss Pope's case in September 2015 and the case was successfully settled in December 2016 in an out of court settlement. The dentists did not admit liability.

The ECHO contacted Tower Hill Family Dental Centre, in Kirkby, but a spokesman said it "did not wish to comment".


|DENTIST WOE: Sharon Pope was awarded PS20,000 in compensation

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 7, 2017
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