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 WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 ~PRNewswire~ -- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today outlined a comprehensive series of actions designed to reduce the impact of aircraft noise in the densely populated New York metropolitan area.
 Reporting to Congress on the results of its Aircraft Noise Mitigation Review, the FAA said the review identified changes in air traffic procedures and patterns that could lessen aircraft noise without compromising the safety or the efficiency of the air traffic system.
 FAA Administrator Thomas C. Richards said, "The FAA is committed to being a good neighbor to those individuals under aircraft flight paths. Today's action plan, coupled with our accelerated phase-out of noisier aircraft, will bring further relief from aircraft noise."
 These are some of the measures that have been identified:
 -- Raising helicopter flight altitudes over New York's Westchester County.
 -- Amending flight patterns to allow more flights bound for LaGuardia Airport to remain over the Long Island Sound on approach and landing.
 -- Conductie?sts to determine procedures to disperse or modify aircraft departures or approaches at Kennedy international and LaGuardia.
 -- Charting a new visual approach procedure for the Westchester County Airport to put flights over the Long Island Sound.
 -- Establishing a second instrument landing system at Stewart Airport in Newburgh, N.Y., to allow redistribution of aircraft noise through the use of more than one airport approach.
 -- Increasing noise reduction awareness training programs for air traffic control personnel and system users.
 In response to noise concerns expressed by some residents of New Jersey, the Congress directed the FAA to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS), announced Nov. 12, to assess the impact of the implementation of the Expanded East Coast Plan over New Jersey. New York and Connecticut residents concerned about aircraft noise sought legislative assistance to address concerns. To accelerate implementation of broader solutions in the New York metropolitan area, the FAA worked with Congress to develop this review.
 "This review's recommended actions will be combined with the FAA's ongoing New Jersey noise environmental impact study to mitigate the effects of aircraft noise in the New York metropolitan area," said Richards.
 Congress directed the FAA to conduct the Aircraft Noise Mitigation Review for the airspace within a 55 mile radius of the LaGuardia airport. The FAA, however, decided to extend the review outside the 55 miles to ensure that all residents of the New York metropolitan area were included.
 In conducting the review, the FAA held 18 listening sessions in New York and Connecticut. The FAA team, using information collected from the listening sessions, written comments and information from the New Jersey EIS, concluded that there were a number of alternatives available to reduce noise.
 In addition to the actions recommended by the review, FAA regulations require the phase-out of all noisier Stage 2 aircraft in the United States by the year 2000. The airline industry has started phasing out its noisier aircraft. Between November 1990 and Dec. 31, 1991, the number of noisier aircraft in the airline fleet declined 14 percent, while the number of quieter aircraft increased 11 percent.
 When the phase-out is complete, the number of people exposed to significant aircraft noise will be reduced from 2.7 million to 400,000. In the New York metropolitan area, the population exposed to significant aviation noise would be reduced from approximately 700,000 to fewer than 100,000.
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Date:Nov 20, 1992

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