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F.X. Matt moves up its wage schedule.

F.X. Matt moves up its wage schedule

In a joint statement last week, F.X. Matt II, chairman and Nicholas Matt, president of the F.X. Matt Brewing Co., along with Victor Olivadoti, Teamsters Local 182 president, announced an unprecedented agreement to raise wages of union employees at the brewery four months in advance of the schedule provided in their labor contract.

According to F.X. Matt, this is a way of acknowledging the employees' unselfish efforts in assisting the turnaround of the fortunes of the 103-year-old landmark brewery in Utica, NY.

"Our company could not have survived for all these years without the diligence, cooperation and caring attitude of our employees," F.X. Matt said. "We've had to ask our employees to make sacrifices and we're grateful for their loyalty."

According to Nick Matt, the brewery had experienced a string of losses in the late 1980s that almost resulted in closing.

"We fought back with new products, acquisitions, joint ventures and intensified marketing efforts resulting in a substantially improved financial picture," Nick Matt explained.

"Throughout some very uncertain times, we have had to call upon our employees to make sacrifices in both their personal and professional lives to get to a position of stability and growth," Nick Matt continued. "While we're not exactly there yet, we see lots of positive signs that this venture is most definitely going to succeed. Our brewery has been blessed with some good and loyal people, and they have truly earned this early consideration of their contract."

Anthony DeBella, business agent for the 80-person bargaining unit, stated, "We're happy to play an important role in revitalization of this company which is considered a central-New York institution. Around here, the Matt Brewing Company stands for tradition and quality, so we have worked hard to save something more than jobs. We're pleased that the company has recognized the membership's effort."
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Title Annotation:F.X. Matt Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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