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F-Y-I. has added a Teacher's Store, accessible online through its Teacher Channel. The new online store offers instructors 300 unique teaching products, all correlated with national education standards. These products, organized by core curriculum topics, include Discovery's award-winning original videos and CD-ROMs, along with flexible A-Z teacher resource books, Internet guides and student activity books, all of which are designed for supplemental classroom use. All products are available for purchase either individually or in sets, and every video comes with a lesson plan, comprehension questions, extension activities and links to complementary Web sites. Visit the Teacher's Store at

AdvanTG Web allows schools and lenders to access student loan data online, making it easier to update records and make corrections to loan applications and financial records. The tool's Web-based operation also eliminates the need for software or hardware updates. In addition, new features are automatically added. The new tool also permits users to manage loan/disbursement changes using a common file layout rather than proprietary layouts, allowing for increased communication with other lenders, schools, services and guarantors. This is beneficial to the financial aid offices because it empowers them to make changes electronically without contacting the lender directly by fax or phone. The new tool will be incrementally introduced in student financial aid offices and lending institutions over the next few months in a pilot phase to be completed by fall 2001. For additional information about AdvanTG Web, visit

Tutor Time Learning Systems, Inc. has upgraded its Web site to include an interactive "Talk to Tutor Time" feature. By logging on to, parents can talk to Tutor Time representatives and have their questions answered instantly. The site also offers parents information ranging from Tutor Time curriculum and center locations to potty training and safety issues. "Talk to Tutor Time" is available Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. Visit the site at

Imagine Tomorrow, a developer of Internet technology and communications software for K-12 education, has announced the wireless component of its Instructional Management System. Acting as a sole source product in many U.S. school districts, this set of tools can accommodate various levels of access to effectively meet the needs of all education stakeholders from teachers and administrators, staff developers and curriculum coordinators, to parents and students. The system's wireless capabilities give teachers access to their own personal plans, a calendar, mentors and instructional strategies from wireless devices such as cell phones and PDAs. School administrators also have access, enabling them to keep tabs on curriculum and student-related information. Parents are able to access their child's homework and classroom progress from a wireless device, such as a cell phone, and students can use the wireless Web for accessing classroom-relevant information related to their progress. For more details, go to www.imagine

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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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