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TERRI NORELLI: The House speaker, uner pressure from the governor's office to focus lawmakers' attention on a proposed constitutional amendment on school funding, opts to put the spotlight on education aid.

MARJORIE SMITH: The chair of the House Finance Committee once again takes on the Sisyphean task of getting a school-funding amendment compromise to the House floor.

JAMES CONRAD: The former New Hampshire state trooper, arrested at headquarters last year, fired last November after being accused of threatening to shoot co-workers, says he wants his job back. The reason: The incident occurred because command staff restrained him while he was trying to resign.

CAROL SHEAPORTER: The 1st C.D. congresswoman continues to say "thanks but no thanks" to help from the Democratic National Congressional Committee.

WAYNE SEMPRINI: The former New Hampshire chairman of Rudy Giuliani's botched presidential campaign endorses John Stephen in the 1st C.D. GOP primary against Jeb Bradley.

COLIN VAN OSTERN: A veteran of several Dem presidential and gubernatorial campaigns decides to put his MBA studies on hold to take the helm of the Democratic Party's "coordinated campaign."

JOE KENNEY: The onlye GOP gubernatorial candidate gets no respect from most of his fellow Republicans, who are still scurrying for another candidate to take on John Lynch.

CHARLIE ARLINGHAUS: With each passing headline, the president of the Josiah Bartlett Center looks downright prophetic with his $200 million budget shortfall prediction.
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Date:Apr 11, 2008
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F&J tote board.
F&J tote board.
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F&J tote board.
F&J tote board.
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