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Ezekiel 1-20.

Ezekiel 1-20. By Horace D. Hummel. (Concordia, $42.99). Hummel, who once advocated the historical critical method, but utterly renounced it when he rejoined the Concordia faculty after the Preus house-cleaning, has published here the first of a two volume commentary on Ezekiel. His "Lutheran" approach to this Old Testament prophet accents themes such as Christology, the dynamics of Law and Gospel, God's means of grace, his word and Sacraments, and he interprets Christ as the divine speaker throughout the book. He scorns most commentators since C. F. Keil, except for Moshe Greenberg (whose reported death has not yet taken place!) and Daniel Block. He thanks a student for compiling a bibliography, but admits that many of these works were too popular or too "farour" to merit refutation. This apparently includes such well known and highly respected scholars as Nancy Bowen, Katheryn Pfisterer Darr, Ellen Davis, Julie Galambush, Paul Joyce, Jon Levenson, Margaret Odell, Karl-Friedrich Pohlmann, Karen Schoplin--and the author or this review. The bibliography does find room for Martin Chemnitz and Francis Pieper! Hummel does display his well known expertise in biblical Hebrew throughout the commentary.

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