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Eyebrow enhancers Urban Decay; Brows are your best accessory, so dress them well with these four powders and pencils...

Urban Decay Brow Beater, PS15 , Beauty editor: A new double-ended pencil with a micro-fine tip on one side and a taming brush on the other. With four shades, ranging from an ashy blonde to a deep brown, you'll find the right colour.

7 out of 10 But when they say the pencil is fine, they mean it - the colour took a bit of working onto my brows and I'm just not sure it was sturdy enough to handle the pressure. R y eader tester says: 'I have dark eyebrows, but I've been looking for something to fill in little gaps, and this did the trick.

It was easy to get between the individual hairs - on the downside though, it was very thin and I snapped the end once and then was afraid to use it again out of fear of it doing the same.' Stephanie Gould, Co Antrim 7 out of 10 Kiko Shape & Shimmer Eyebrow & Highlighter Pencil, PS8.90 , Beauty editor: This chunky duo stick is the latest launch from Kiko's Midnight Siren range. There are three shade choices, with a shimmery highlighter on one end and a thick-tipped pencil on the other. I loved the highlighter - great for accentuating arches - but the pencil h effect, which works great on the eyes, but is a li smudgy on the brows. Colour with cau R y eader tester says: 'The brow pencil was easy use, and it didn't take much pressure for it to apply The formula seemed a little wet, though. It stayed put all day, but it didn't go on in neat strokes, it went a bit smudgey. I think it would be good if you wanted a really defined look, but it was too bold for me.' Emma Welford, Londo WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel, PS19.95 Beauty editor: OK, you could get your brows waxed and tinted for this price, but this is good. The formula is made out of hair-like fibres that cling to your brows and the skin beneath. If you're careful with washing your face, they'll last a good few days - and the effect is great. I'd recommend defining the edge of the brows with a pencil first, to get a good shape, but this did a good job of filling them in. R y eader tester says: 'It was hard to believe this would work - but it did. It wasn't messy to apply, although I did find I had to remove excess product off the brush before brushing on (it gave a neater finish that way). It was quite a wet formula - but my eyebrows looked really full. Great, though I'm still not sure it justifies the price tag.' Angela Pruce, Dorset 8t of 10 bareMinerals Brow Powder, PS14 , Beauty ed: It's back - with a bang. bareMinerals discontinued their brow powders a few years ago, but they've just re-launched two new shades for the autumn. It's amazing how one tiny pot can last so long, but it does. You only need a little bit, it takes seconds to comb nd the results are almost Cara-Delevingne-good. The side is you have to buy your own brush.

R y eader tester says: 'I've used this every day since I got , and I've even had compliments from my friends. The light shade works well on giving some colour to my barely-there brows, and it didn't give me a "drawn on" look like some pencils have. I love it, but I didn't love buying the brush they recommended (an 9t of 10 EYEBROW SOS Over-plucked? Don't fret, bareMinerals' internat artist, SJ Froom, has all the inside tips to get the * If you've over-plucked, try not to pull out any more strays. Let them all grow as much as possible then find a good therapist to shape them for you.

* If you want to change the shape of your brows, you can do this with make-up or with clever plucking/threading. But remember, once removed, they might not grow back the same. Think about the style you want carefully, then get a professional to do them.

* I love to use coconut oil on my own hair, it leaves it in a silky, soft condition. It's full of ingredients that are good for you - like vitamin E, so if you're trying to re-grow your brow hair, it's worth a go!

* Eyebrow tattooing is an option, but they often look too dark, so I prefer to use make-up and work with the natural brow. Pick a pencil or powder that's slightly lighter than the actual brow hair colour to ensure your brows remain looking natural.

* When adding colour, use a light stroke pencil to fill in the gaps then use a powder and an angled brush so that you can make brows look neater as well as fuller.
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 18, 2015

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