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EyeGate reports data from study evaluating OBG in patients after PRK surgery.

EyeGate announced top-line data from its study evaluating the potential of EyeGate's Ocular Bandage Gel, or OBG, to help clinicians better manage corneal epithelial defects in patients following photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, surgery, compared to current standard of care. The PRK study enrolled 45 subjects undergoing a bilateral PRK procedure. The trial was designed to assess safety and efficacy by comparing two dosing regimens of EyeGate's OBG to the current standard of care, a bandage contact lens plus artificial tears. Both of the OBG dosing regimens outperformed the standard of care in the number of eyes healed at day 3 and day 4 post-surgery. At day 3, 73% and 87% of eyes receiving the two OBG treatment regimens were completely healed compared with 67% for standard-of-care. At day 4 post-surgery, 100% in both OBG treatment groups were completely healed, vs. 87% in the standard-of-care comparator group. Additionally, the maximum wound size was 67% and 49% smaller at day 2 post-surgery for the two OBG groups compared to the standard-of-care. Importantly, there were no safety concerns observed in any group.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Nov 13, 2018
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