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Eye wash stations.

Over 50% of the emergency eyewash stations I looked at this year were not operable, accessible, could not flush both eyes simultaneously or failed to deliver the required amount of water.

This is significant!

Possible disability awaits our next Sailor who gets something in his/her eye(s) and is not able to flush correctly! What are the requirements for the eye wash station per OPNAVINST 5100.19E?

1. Make sure there are no physical obstructions that would prevent you from placing your eyes over the eye wash station eye caps. Remember, a person needing to use the eye wash is going to have their eyes closed, or at least experience difficulty seeing.

2. Eye and face wash units must be installed/available, in good condition, and near chemical hazards (acid/alkaline) such as battery wells, O2 generators, CO2 scrubbers, sample sinks and refrigerant plants. Submarines are authorized to have emergency eyewash bottles in Nucleonics and Secondary Sample Sink in lieu of plumbed eye wash stations and may install additional eye wash bottle stations when desired.

3. Eye and face wash stations must:

(a) Flush both eyes simultaneously.

(b) Deliver not less than 0.4 gallons of water per minute for 15 continuous minutes.

4. Eye wash stations and personal eyewash bottle locations must be distinctly marked with highly visible

signs. (NSN 9905-01-345-4521)

5. If the eyewash facility is not available near the battery well hatch, two plastic squirt-type bottles (32 oz capacity each) must be placed in the vicinity of the hatch. This would also include situations where potable water is secured or the eyewash station is not operable.

HMC(SS) Harris
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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