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Eye spy--St. Lawrence County.

ECO Bret Canary was watching anglers on the Oswegatchie River in Ogdensburg. Canary hid in thick cover and used binoculars to observe the anglers. He watched one man catch two bass, put them on a stringer, and then hide them underneath a bush along the shore. The officer approached the man and asked him how the fishing was going. The man replied, "Horrible, I haven't caught a thing," Canary then pulled the two illegal bass from the bush. The man said, "Wow! Where did those come from? Some jerk probably left them there. You should come around more often; people take bass here all the time." When ECO Canary showed the man his binoculars, the man hung his head and asked, "You saw everything with those, didn't you?" The man was issued tickets for fishing without a license and taking bass out of season.

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Title Annotation:On Patrol: Real stories from Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers in the field
Publication:New York State Conservationist
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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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