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Eye Candy, Inc. Now Uses Digital Vision's DVO Image Enhancement and Restoration Camera Tool Set.

Houston, TX, April 12, 2013 --( Eye Candy, Inc., Houston's premier post & mastering facility for digital cinema, acquires DVO Image Enhancement and Restoration Camera Tool Set, for Film Master. DVO is the highest quality purchasable solution for the features listed herein. All features of the DVO set are applicable in the raw state, i.e to all supported Film Master ingestion files. For example, RED EPIC footage (.R3D) files, filters are applied before commitment to a master format.

DVO Flicker - Image flickers are brightness fluctuations that could be caused by many things; varying exposure time, non-synchronized light sources and high-speed shooting. With the addition of DVO Flicker, Eye Candy[TM] now has the ability to correct these issues, producing a flicker-free viewing experience.

DVO Steady - Two of the main causes of unsteady pictures are long lenses and camera shakes during capture. With DVO Capture, Eye Candy has the capability to correct this issue using an automatic two-pass solution for a better separation between the unwanted instability and any unwanted movements from the original capture.

DVO Clarity - A noise reducer equipped with noise characteristics analysis for automated noise reduction, new motion estimation engine and a spatio-temporal filter. By including this tool in their video editing tool box, Eye Candy can increase the clarity by providing stunning images that are virtually artifact free while still retaining the original sharpness.

DVO Sharpen - Sharpening without the side effect of amplifying noise on images that are already sharp. Eye Candy's addition of this new tool allows them to give realistic pictures using adaptive picture analysis and processing. The tool includes advanced adaptive controls that enable the user to match the processing to the picture detail such as lowlights, highlights, foreground, etc.

DVO Re-Grain - Eye Candy can set up and generate a natural looking film grain that matches almost any type of film stock. This is achieved with the use of intuitive controls to set grain size and sharpness, and match the characteristics of the highlight and lowlight intensities and saturation.

DVO Alias - With the addition of DVO Alias, Eye Candy can now cure the side effects of out-of- band vertical frequencies that show up on-screen as line flicker.

DVO Brickwall - This tool enables the user to create an accurately defined spectral content of material for various types of compression pre-processing.

DVO Aperture - Included in this new tool set at Eye Candy studios is DVO Aperture. This new tool makes pictures appear sharper by using a high-quality spatial filter. This tool is great to use when working with film scans, which tend to lose a great deal of high-frequency information.

DVO Grain - Eye Candy can now remove the electronic noise generated by any video camera. The DVO Grain has advanced motion estimation that prevents lag, smear and softening of the picture- even with aggressive settings. DVO Grain utilizes Digital Vision's Emmy Award - winning PHAME motion estimation technology.

Eye Candy continues to increase and improve their already superior post capacity with the industries top grading and mastering softwares and tools. Eye Candy currently boasts Digital Vision's Film Master 2013 rev2 grading and mastering suite, along with the infrastructure to support a 64-bit color pipeline to monitor and 4K projection.

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Date:Apr 12, 2013
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