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Eye/lens care tablets/accessories.

EYE/LENS CARE TABLETS and ACCESSORIES' poor showing can be turned around, say industry experts, with some revision of planogramming, selection and promotions. Not too long ago 12-foot sections had been de rigeur for eye care. Now most chains allocate less, and frequently the space includes such items as distilled water, reading glasses and ear care items. That just adds confusion in a segment that already befuddles many consumers. Ease of shopping is critical to fueling sales. Retailers should reassess their planograms with an eye to making them consumer-friendly. Sections should feature new launches and offer the convenience of second sizes (smaller sizes promote trial, while larger sizes attract heavy users). Despite the disappointing performance, it pays to stay current with trends in the segment. Innovative products can still drive sales, creating potential for future profits.

Eye/lens care tablets/accessories

                                      % change     Unit      % change
                       Dollar sales   vs. year     sales     vs. year
Trade class             (add 000)       ago      (add 000)     ago

Total mass
  markets ([dagger])     $55,579       -11.8%     15,206      -12.6%
Drug stores               31,348        -6.3%      9,155       -3.8%
Supermarkets              13,636       -10.8%      3,503       -6.8%

Best-sellers in drug stores *

                                Dollar   Dollar sales   Unit sales
Brand         Manufacturer      market    (add 000)     (add 000)

Optic Shop    Pro-Optics         7.1%       $2,239        1,054
Magnivision   Magnivision        5.7%        1,784          538
Aosept        Ciba Vision        4.8%        1,518          220
Flents        Flents Products    4.7%        1,469          533
Ultraxyme     Allergan           4.7%        1,468           90
Renu          Bausch & Lomb      4.5%        1,409          197
Ocusoft       Ocusoft            4.5%        1,402          131
Coverlet      Beiersdorf         3.9%        1,230          181
Ultra Care    Allergan           3.8%        1,192          109
Lami          Lami Products      3.7%        1,161          599

* Private label brands account for 19.4% of dollar sales and 32.4%
of unit sales.
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Title Annotation:O-T-C Report/Best-Sellers In Key Categories; Sales and market share data
Comment:Eye/lens care tablets/accessories.(O-T-C Report/Best-Sellers In Key Categories)(Sales and market share data)
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Date:Jan 5, 2004
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