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ExxonMobil Chemical.

ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC has licensed its proprietary tubular tail technology to Thai Polyethylene Company (TPE), a subsidiary of Siam Cement Group (SCG). Under the license, ExxonMobil Chemical's tubular tail technology will de-bottleneck and retrofit the autoclave reactor at TPE's low-density polyethylene plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand. This is the first installation of tubular tail technology on an autoclave reactor developed by ICI to produce polyethylene.

"Our innovative tubular tail technology increases the ethylene conversion of autoclave reactors, expanding capacity with lower energy and operating costs," says Jennifer Dunphy, vice president of ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing, LLC. Following installation of the technology, production capacity at the plant is expected to increase from 100 KTA to 152 KTA (kilotons per annum), with energy consumption reduced by up to 20%. Engineering and design is underway, and construction is expected to be completed in 2016.

"We selected this tubular tail technology based on the excellent support and results of working with ExxonMobil Chemical," says Somchai Wangwattanapanich, vice president, operations, SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. "During the past decade, we have continuously implemented process improvements at Map Ta Phut, resulting in an overall capacity increase of 10%, better efficiency and safety, and lower operating costs."

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY NEWS; ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC build plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Jan 1, 2014
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